There are various theories about the origin of the word Chile. According to 17th-century Spanish chronicler Diego de Rosales, the Incas called the valley of the Aconcagua “Chili” by corruption of the name of a Picunche tribal chief (“cacique”) called Tili, who ruled the area at the time of the Incan conquest in the 15th century. Another theory points to the similarity of the valley of the Aconcagua with that of the Casma Valley in Peru, where there was a town and valley named Chili. [wikipedia]

Places to Meet People

Places to Meet People

Brave Women Travel Santiago – We are a travel club for women and only women, world wide! [meetup]

Club de bares adultos jóvenes – This is an ideal group for all interested in meeting young adults, making new friends and having a pleasant time in relaxed environments. [meetup]

Meetup de Bienestar en Concepción – This is a group for all those interested in wellness, natural health, nutrition, spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, well-being, mind, body, soul, professional development with sense and personal development. [meetup]

Meetup de Spanglish Soccer en Santiago – This is a group to hold events related to sports and languages, bringing together people from different countries with Chileans in the city of Santiago, to practice sports and languages ​​at the same time. [meetup]

Surf & Yoga Meetup – We are a group of friends that started an idea… to have a wonderful experience in Reñaca, it can involve both, Yoga and Surf, join us to have fun! [meetup]

Trekking & Climbing All Cumbres Experience – This is a group for anyone interested in hiking, rock climbing and trekking. All skills levels are welcome. I start this group because to meet other outdoor enthusiasts looking for discover beautiful nature places nearly from Santiago. ¡Trekking and Climbing tours every weekend! [meetup]

How to Find a Date

How to Find a Date – Badoo is a last resort option for Chile. On face value, if you do a search of let’s say, women between 25 and 35 years old, you will turn up a lot of women in your search results. The problem with Badoo though is that you will have to weed through a lot of low quality/fake profiles in order to locate real people. The quality is just not as good as you will find on Latin American Cupid although the selection is a lot larger. Because of my issues with the quality of profiles on Badoo, I would not focus on it as a starting point for my dating search. [visa hunter]

Latin American Cupid – While Dominicans and Colombians seem to dominate Latin American Cupid, it is still pretty good for those looking for love in Chile. A simple search of women 21-35 who live in Chile will turn up a considerable number of profiles. The selection of women and men on this site is not near what you will find at the site I mention below, but the quality is much better. I also really like the easy-to-use interface. [visa hunter]

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Eco Tours Chile – Let us know how many days you’ll be in Chile and the regions you want to visit and we’ll send a preliminary email with our thoughts and recommendations. As a small boutique tour operator, we’ll reply in 2-3 days, depending on how busy we are. Since 2006, our goal has been to plan and operate unique tours along our beautiful country, exploring regions like The Atacama Desert, Patagonia, Easter Island, Wine country, Central Valley and The Lake and Volcano District of Chile. [eco tours chile]

Free Tour Santiago – With our FREE TOUR you will discover Santiago: its cultural-historical heritage and the modern cosmopolitan city. We will show you the highlights of Santiago through our unique style of combining history with pure entertainment, which has made us the most popular walking tour company in Chile. We want everyone, regardless of their budget, to experience Santiago and that`s why we work on a tips-only basis. This means our guides always give you their best. [free tour santiago]

Spicy Chile – Tired of crowded buses with life­less com­men­tary? If you want a unique expe­ri­ence in San­ti­ago, let our “San­ti­aguinos” tour guides show you their city, through their eyes. We are an inde­pen­dent com­pany, founded by back­pack­ers, that after trav­el­ling in more than 50 coun­tries real­ized that tourists in Chile wheren´t get­ting what they deserved. That was the gen­e­sis of Spicy Chile, where we believe that every trav­eller has the right to take full advan­tage of the city, no mat­ter what his bud­get is. [spicy chile]

Tours 4 Tips – In Valparaiso, San Pedro de Atacama, Viña del Mar and Santiago to the walking tour you put the price! —— A tip-based walking tour company. [tour 4 tips]

Tours by Locals – Enjoy a flexible tour of the Valparaiso region of Chile with a friendly personal guide from ToursByLocals. Your private guide knows Valparaiso as only locals do, and is eager to give you an unforgettable tour that reflects your travel interests. [tours by locals]

Walks Worldwide – The south of Chile is a hiker’s dream – experience the wonders of Torres del Paine, Patagonia and the Chilean Lake District, inhabited by pumas, flamingos and guanacos. Trek amid dramatic mountain scenery, lakes and glaciers in stunning national parks and ascend Villarrica Volcano. [walks worldwide]

Free Things to Do

Free Things to Do

Cerro San Cristobal – Cerro San Cristóbal is a hill in northern Santiago with a beautiful view over the city and, on a clear day, the Andes. At the peak, there is a church and a 22 meter (72 feet) statue of the Virgin Mary. The summit can be reached by cable car or a long hike. Cerro San Cristóbal houses the Parque Metropolitano, Santiago’s largest public park. [touropia]

Chiloe Churches – The Chiloe archipelago is an isolated group of islands, best known for a number of unique churches that boast a particular architectural style called Chilota. This style is a very unique combination of aboriginal and European Jesuit influence, and was reflected in more than a hundred wooden churches in these islands that were created in the seventeenth century. [touropia]

Easter Island – One of the most isolated islands on Earth, Easter Island is located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Officially a territory of Chile, it lies thousands of miles off the coast roughly halfway to Tahiti. The island is famous for its 887 extant monumental statues, called moai, created by the early Rapanui people centuries ago. Not surprisingly, the well-publicized moai have overshadowed the island’s other tourist attractions. But Easter Island also offers some great diving and surfing as well as two volcanic craters and several sandy beaches. [touropia]

Lauca National Park – Lauca National Park is located in Chile’s far north, in the Andean range and is one of the top tourist attractions in Chile. The most spectacular feature in Lauca is the beautiful Lago Chungará, one of the world’s highest lakes. Looming over it is the impossibly perfect cone of Volcán Parinacota, a dormant volcano with a twin brother, Volcán Pomerape, just across the border with Bolivia. [touropia]

Los Pinguinos Natural Monument – The largest penguin colonies in southern Chile, Los Pingüinos Natural Monument is home to more than 120,000 Magellanic penguins. Located on the small Magdalena Island, just one square kilometer and topped by a pretty red lighthouse, it lies 35km (22 miles) northeast of Punta Arenas. [touropia]

Pucon – Pucón is a small touristy town in the middle of the southern Lake District. The unrivaled location by a beautiful lake and imposing volcano makes it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chile. Pucón offers a variety of sports and recreational activities including water skiing, snow skiing, white water rafting and kayaking, horseback riding, natural hot springs and climbing the Villarrica volcano. [touropia]

San Rafael Glacier – Located within the Laguna San Rafael National Park, the San Rafael Glacier is a giant glacier that calves into the Laguna San Rafael. The glacier is accessible only by boat or plane. The journey by boat is a spectacle in itself, passing through the narrow channels of the isolated Aisén region. What you can see from the boat is in fact just the end of the glacier’s, which extends some 15km (9 miles) from its source. [touropia]

Torres del Paine – Torres del Paine is a national park in the Extreme South region of Patagonian Chile and features mountains, lakes and glaciers. The centerpiece of the park are the three Towers of Paine, three spectacular granite peaks shaped by the forces of glacial ice. The highest peak is about 2,500 meters (8200 feet). [touropia]

Valle de la Luna – Valle de la Luna is located in the Atacama Desert. This breathtaking desert landscape is the result of centuries of winds and floods on the sand and stone of the region. The large sand dunes and stone formations mimic the surface of the moon, giving the region its name, which translates to “Valley of the Moon”. [touropia]

Valparaiso – Located on the Pacific coast of the central region of Chile, Valparaíso is known for its brightly colored houses, bohemian culture and beautiful seaside views. Built upon dozens of steep hillsides overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Valparaíso boasts a labyrinth of streets and cobblestone alleyways, embodying a rich architectural and cultural legacy. [touropia]



Fiestas Patrias – Chile celebrates its independence through the Fiestas Patrias on September 18 each year. Street stalls and temporary thatched armadas are erected from tree branches and other materials to house dance floors, bands and tables. Celebrations include parades, music, dance competitions, traditional Chilean food, and rodeos where two horsemen attempt to correctly coral a calf in an arena for points. [iexplore]

Festival of the Virgen del Carmen – From June 12-17 every year, the small town of La Tirana in the Atacama desert hosts the Fiesta de la Tirana, also known as the Festival of the Virgen del Carmen. One of Chile’s most anticipated events, it is characterized by musicians playing drums, flutes and whistles while dancers clad in macabre carnival style masks and costumes enact the diablada (dance of the devils) to exorcise demons [iexplore]

Grape Harvest Festival – The last weeks of March harvest see a proliferation of festivals paying homage to Chilean wine. Curico’s Grape Harvest Festival is one of the most impressive, involving a religious ceremony to bless the first pulped batch of grapes, a colorful parade, the crowning of a harvest queen, and stomping competitions. [iexplore]

Tapati Festival – Easter Island has been holding its ten day Tapati Festival at Rapa Nui in February every year since 1975. The celebration of local culture involves teams of youth engaging in traditional body painting, swimming and canoeing competitions to crown a festival queen. Young men demonstrate physical strength in a Haka Pei competition which involves tobogganing over banana tree trunks at great speeds downhill. [iexplore]

Public Transit

Public Transit

Bus – Chilean bus routes are numerous and fares run cheap (around CH$500 for a short trip). Since many identically numbered buses serve slightly different routes, check the placards indicating their final destination. On boarding, state your destination and the driver will tell you the fare and give you a ticket. [lonely planet]

Colectivo – Handy taxi colectivos resemble taxis but run on fixed routes much like buses: a roof sign or placard in the window indicates the destination. They are fast, comfortable and not a great deal more expensive than buses (usually CH$500 to CH$1000 within a city). [lonely planet]

Commuter Rail – Both Santiago and Valparaíso have commuter rail networks. Santiago’s modern metrotren line runs from San Fernando through Rancagua, capital of Región VI, to Estación Central, on the Alameda in Santiago. Valparaíso’s rail connects Viña del Mar and Valparaíso. [lonely planet]

Hitchhiking – Thumbing a ride is common practice in Chile, and this is one of the safest countries in Latin America to do it. That said, hitchhiking is never entirely safe, and Lonely Planet does not recommend it. [lonely planet]

Metro – Santiago’s superefficient subway is the metro. Try to avoid peak hours, which can get very crowded. [lonely planet]

Taxi – Most Chilean cabs are metered. In Santiago it costs CH$300 to bajar la bandera (lower the flag), plus CH$130 per 200m. Taxi placards indicate authorized fares. [lonely planet]

Professional Groups & Events

Professional Groups & Events

Housenovo – We are a group of entrepreneurs who have the conviction that through the associated work we generate companies with high social, human and economic impact. To achieve this purpose we organize weekly activities that enhance our business and allow us to associate. [meetup]

iOSLove – We are a Santiago, Chile-based group with +300 members that gathers to share our thoughts on the state of the art in iOS development. [meetup]

Javascript Chile – Javascript is the most popular language on the web, and now … out of it! This group is focused on arming and being a space the different meetups of Javascript, NodeJS, and all its flavors in Chile (Typescript, JSX, and the rest are all welcome). [meetup]

Javascript y NodeJs Viña del Mar – We are also interested in Javascript! Web applications are dominating the world and the workhorse is Javascript. Join our group of pilgrims of this new world order And in Vineyard! [meetup]

Programadores e Informáticos Chile “ProinChile” – We are one of the largest networks and communities of technology lovers in Chile; We like to share, learn, teach and enjoy, no matter if you are new or an expert. [meetup]

Puppet User Group Chile – Join us for everything to do with Infrastructure as Code, configuration management, Sysadmin and DevOps practices, etc… using Puppetlabs’ Puppet and Puppet Enterprise This group is about you and for you. Please suggest a meetup topic or just come along to talk to fellow users. [meetup]

Salud Digital en Viña del Mar – Entrepreneurship for digital health. For those who want technology to improve the lives of patients and doctors. [meetup]

Santiago GraphLab Users – This group is for developers and data scientists using GraphLab Create product from Turi, as well as anyone interested in applied machine learning. [meetup]

Language Exchange

Language Exchange

Chile Languages & Friends – Languages & Friends is about meeting new friends in town and practicing both English and Spanish as a second language. It is also a great opportunity for those who are new in town to get insider’s info on the city, find cool places to go or simply socialize for a night. [meetup]

Meetup Inglés Conce – All people who want to maintain their level of English. Meetings in a bar / cafe in Conce where we can talk in a relaxed atmosphere in English and Spanish. [meetup]

Santiago Practiquemos Inglés ( Let´s Exchange Languages ) – We practice English in bars, restaurants, talking about wines, on a trekking, on a barbecue, we go to a park or the square, we go to the stadium or the theater, we comment on film or reels, we go to the supermarket or the vega, Party or dance, let’s get together to ride a bike or skateboard, but let’s live English in Santiago. [meetup]

Santiago Spanish and English Language Exchange Meetup – The language exchange is the place to learn and practice Spanish or English in a friendly and informal atmosphere! Also to make new friends, share experiences, learn about other cultures and have a fantastic time! [meetup]

Viña del Mar Spanish and English Language Exchange – Hello everyone!! The objective of this group is to exchange English and Spanish with native speakers so we can improve our level and meet new people, besides having a fun time. Join if you are a local or foreigner, resident or visitor. [meetup]

LGBT Groups

LGBT Groups



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