Sao Paulo City

Sao Paulo City


São Paulo is a city of immigrants, that much we all know. However, a lot of people, even those actually living in the city, don’t know too much about its foundation and how it came to be what it is today. So here’s a quick rundown on the history of São Paulo. It’s not comprehensive but, if a tourist during the world cup asks you for some historical information, it should get you out of trouble. [discovering sao paulo]

Places to Meet People

Places to Meet People

Drink About Sao Paulo – Every sixth night in a different place in São Paulo, SILICON DRINKABOUT is a happy hour format meetup that brings together startups, innovation and creative businesses. The event was born in London and today is present in 18 cities around the world, fostering entrepreneurship and collaboration. [meetup]

Grupo de usuarios de Clojure de São Paulo – In this group we share experiences with Clojure, its libraries, and functional programming in general. We welcome people of all levels of experience and of all the places in Brazil. [meetup]

Grupy SP –  Welcome to Grupy – Grupy-SP is made up of passionate Python language. People of other technologies, from any level of knowledge, from the beginner to the most experienced, are warmly welcomed. [meetup]

Hivelabsaopaulo – Certifying Service Designers (intra and in) preendedores since 2012, we are the School of Service Innovation, formerly Eise. During the last few years we have become the bar of teaching Innovation in Services in Brazil, and now we are positioned to finally be able to do the same throughout the world. [meetup]

Oracle Cloud  SP Brazil – Oracle is a global leader in Middleware, Database and SaaS technologies. Our movement started within Oracle itself with a project called CNS “Cloud Night School”. This project is simply designed to improve and increase the level of knowledge of all Oracle professionals. [meetup]

São Paulo Product Meetup – The São Paulo Product Meetup is a monthly meeting with the objective of fomenting discussions between people who work with product management directly or indirectly. Is the event only for product managers? Of course not! The only requirement is to have at least some interest in the subject. [meetup]

SP Realidade Virtual – Curious about this new platform? Do you still doubt that it will be a success? Do you believe that nothing will be the same after that? Come meet companies that are doing it for real! Latest gadgets, new technologies and awesome designs! Let’s get together the VR community and help São Paulo get to know quality productions! [meetup]

THT – Things Hacker Team – This group aims to share knowledge on topics related to the Internet of Things, Ubiquitous Computing, Robotics, Physical Computing, Pervasive Computing, Vibrating Computers, Residential Automation, System Development and all topics that are leading edge in the information technology market. [meetup]

Unreal Engine São Paulo – Meetup Unreal Engine São Paulo (Official) is a group for developers, artists and enthusiasts in the development of games or digital applications with the use of Unreal Engine technology in the city of São Paulo. [meetup]

Xamarin Monkey Hub Sao Paulo – The Monkey Hub is a regional group for offline gatherings in the Monkey Nights community, where anyone interested in exploring Xamarin as a platform for developing native mobile applications, be it iOS, Android, Mac and Windows written in C #, can find a space For learning, clarifying doubts and networking. [meetup]

How to Find a Date

How to Find a Date – Badoo is a third website for online dating in Brazil that you can try if you have found no luck at the sites above. To have any success on this site, you need to send out A LOT of messages as their filtering system for fake profiles is definitely not the strongest. [visa hunter] – BrazilCupid is a member of the prominent Cupid Media network that owns 30+ dating sites around the world. It is my favorite site in Brazil and just happens to be where I met my wife (who is a native of Brazil). [visa hunter] – I have had a decent amount of experience with ParPerfeito (“perfect partner” in Portuguese). I like the site but not as much as BrazilCupid. It is still a good second choice though. You might have seen their banners inside Metro stations if you have ever been to Rio De Janeiro. [visa hunter]

Romantico Brazil – Our site is for single heterosexual adults over eighteen years of age, who are looking for the partner of their dreams. [romantico brazil]

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Around SP – Around SP is an Inbound Tour Operator that offers a wide range of services within Sao Paulo and its surroundings. With years of experience in the market, we’re specialists in welcoming travelers, and delivering high quality services with excellence. [around sp]

Free Tours Network – It’s a free walking tour around São Paulo, offering a historical, touristic, cultural and local overview of the city! We are the first and the official free walking tour in São Paulo, and we want to offer you the best of this city, through a different, fun and amazing way, for free! [free tours network]

Sao Paulo Free Walking Tour – The SP Free Walking Tour is a brazilian company, that was founded in january of 2011, in São Paulo, Brazil, with the purpose to offer tours that gives a historic, touristic, cultural and local overview of the city, in a different, informative, healthy and fun way. [sao paulo free walking tour]

Free Things to Do

Free Things to Do

Admire the architecture of the Solar da Marquesa de Santos – This 18th-century building is a favourite place of many São Paulo locals. Formerly the residence of a Brazilian noblewoman, it was where great parties for the upper class were held. The architecture is astonishing. The building houses the city museum and stands next to another two historical sights: the Beco do Pinto and the Casa Número Um (House Number One). [like a local guide]

Dive into the night on Augusta Street – “Where the magic happens”, as a friend of mine says. Paulista Avenue divides Augusta Street into two parts. One has bars, clubs and a very, very lively nightlife, while the other has banks, fancy restaurants and boutiques. The former is a nice place to have fun with friends. Of course the bars and clubs aren’t free, but surely you can find something that fits in your pocket. [like a local guide]

Discover Brazilian art at the Pinacoteca – Offering free entry on Saturdays, the Pinacoteca is one of the most important museums in São Paulo, Brazil and maybe even all of Latin America. It’s located in the city centre and is surrounded by a beautiful park. It’s worthwhile combining your visit to the museum with a pleasant walk among the trees. Check out the current exhibitions here. [like a local guide]

Discover the historical buildings in the city centre – Despite Brazil being a relatively new country, São Paulo has an old town that dates back to the 16th century. This is an area you should definitely explore if you like history! [like a local guide]

Get cultural at the São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP) – You can enjoy free admission to this private museum every Tuesday from 10 am to 6 pm. It’s a striking São Paulo landmark located on Paulista Avenue. The suspended glass and concrete box houses very interesting artworks from all around the world. Check out the current exhibitions here. [like a local guide]

Get lost in the bustle of Paulista Avenue – Sometimes locals like to walk just a few metres along this 2.8-kilometre avenue simply to soak up its atmosphere. Although it’s located in the heart of São Paulo’s financial district, you’ll see an incredibly diverse mix of people, from super serious corporate workers rushing by to groups of youths skating and graffitiing. [like a local guide]

Join a guided tour of the Theatro Municipal – Inspired by the Palais Garnier opera house in Paris, the Theatro Municipal is one of the most beautiful buildings in São Paulo. It’s loved by locals and is the setting for many cultural events. [like a local guide]

Learn more about Brazilian diversity at the Immigration Museum – Free on Saturdays, the Immigration Museum is located in one of the most charming parts of São Paulo: Mooca. This neighbourhood is historically significant in terms of immigration, especially for Italians. [like a local guide]

Relax at the scenic Aclimação Park – This wonderful park is located in a residential neighbourhood just a few kilometres from the city centre and is a refuge for many locals. In the past it was an abandoned area with a high incidence of crime, but in the 70s a great revitalisation took place which resulted in the park we know nowadays. [like a local guide]

Take a break at Ibirapuera Park – Ibirapuera Park is one of the largest parks in South America. Its importance to São Paulo is comparable with that of Central Park to New York City. [like a local guide]



Achiropita Festival (Festa da Achiropita) – Festa da Achiropita is a traditional Italian festival. It is organized by the local church “Paroquia de Nossa Senhora da Achiropita”. During this festival, people taste a variety of food dishes selling Italian food, sweets and snacks along two streets in a traditional Italian neighbourhood, Bixiga. [sao-paulo]

Carnival – The carnival of Sao Paulo city is getting a lot more popular amongst locals as well as tourists every year. Though it is less reputed than Rio’s carnival, Sao Paulo still offers a colourful, joyful and crazy atmosphere during the carnival days. The main attraction of the carnival is samba school performances that make the carnival nights more cheerful. [sao-paulo]

Electronic Language International Festival – The Electronic Language International Festival (FILE) organizes exhibitions, debates, lectures, and courses to disseminate and to develop arts, technologies and scientific research. This non-profit cultural organization promotes a yearly meeting in the city of Sao Paulo which is open to the public. The festival includes the events of web and net art, artificial life, computer animation, real time teleconferences, virtual reality, panoramas, interactive movie, e-video, electronic art installations and robotics. [sao-paulo]

Festival for Electronic Art – The festival of electronic art offers art performances, VJ nights, CD-ROM art, internet art and video screenings. The festival authorities organize a competitive exhibition of so-called southern circuit and an extensive parallel programme. Tickets are required for most of the events of this festival. [sao-paulo]

Sao Paulo International Film Festival – Sao Paulo’s International Film Festival is an annual event held in the city that has achieved international status as a premier event. The festival features a lot of movies, short films, lectures and workshops with today’s top filmmakers. A retrospective of one or two film-makers’ works is usually arranged by the organizers. [sao-paulo]

Public Transit

Public Transit

By bicycle – Biking can be the best way to see the city, especially during rush hour. Most of the city is flat or moderately steep, with only the extreme north part of the city being extremely hilly. Most drivers respect cyclists, but many drivers (including bus drivers) don’t. However, many bike paths/lanes existing, including an excellent one on Avenida Paulista. [wikitravel]

By bus – Buses are the most popular way to get around the city. Even though drivers really step on it through the bumpy streets of São Paulo, buses are not the fastest way to get around. In addition, they can get really crowded. However, unlike the metro/train, they do reach every neighbourhood. [wikitravel]

By car – Cars are an important tool in the life of every paulistano. By commuting to and from work, one can spend several hours a day inside a car, stuck in the traffic. Some places can be reached only by car, and if you have to travel long distances in town, it is usually the most convenient means of transport. [wikitravel]

By metro and train – The rail network, composed of metro (subway) and surface trains, is the method of transportation a tourist is likely to use the most while visiting São Paulo. The metro is modern, safe, clean and efficient; the quality of surface trains varies, but those in more touristic areas area as good as the metro. [wikitravel]

By taxi – Taxi ranks in São Paulo are white, with a distinctive luminous green “TAXI” sign on the roof top. Check out for the white color of the taxi rank (unless it’s a radio taxi), the official license sticker with the driver’s name and photo on the passenger side of the control panel, and the red license plate. [wikitravel]

Professional Groups & Events

Professional Groups & Events

Comunidade .NET São Paulo – Want to know more about the .NET platform and other Microsoft technologies? Are you in São Paulo-SP and surroundings? Become part of the .NET São Paulo Community! [meetup]

Developers SP – The São Paulo Developers Group was created to help the developer community. Our goal is to help them learn the latest technologies on mobile, web and internet development of things. [meetup]

IBM Bluemix Brasil – plataforma de inovação digital – Discussion group on the IBM digital innovation platform that enables the creation, management and execution of applications directly in the IBM cloud: IBM Bluemix. [meetup]

Le Wagon Sao Paulo Coding Station – Le Wagon is a coding school for startups, creative people and entrepreneurs in technology. Our program, a 9-week Bootcamp to become a Full Stack developer, was designed for beginners and “semi-beginners” who want to immerse themselves in programming, and above all, change the mind. [meetup]

Machine Learning, Big Data e Engenharia – An event about machine learning for all concerned! Industry and academia speakers sharing their expertise on algorithms, analysis, infrastructure and more. [meetup]

NetCoders – Net Coders is a free study group based in São Paulo (Tatuapé) and currently one of the largest and most active groups in the world. The main focus of the group is to promote networking and disseminate knowledge in software, platforms, technologies and programming languages. [meetup]

Oracle Cloud SP/Brazil – Oracle is a global leader in Middleware, Database and SaaS technologies. Our movement started within Oracle itself with a project called CNS “Cloud Night School”. This project is simply designed to improve and increase the level of knowledge of all Oracle professionals. [meetup]

OriginalDevs – Initiative of Banco Original to empower the Communities of Developers and StartUps, with a focus on disseminating knowledge, ideas and experiences. [meetup]

São Paulo Amazon Web Services AWS Meetup – Group focused on discussions, lectures and networking on AWS. Discussions on all topics involving AWS are welcome. [meetup]

São Paulo Java Meetup –  São Paulo Java Meetup is a group where people are interested in sharing knowledge. Through regular meetings on the latest Java and JVM platform technologies. Join us and meet other developers, discuss and exchange knowledge with the entire Java community. [meetup]

Language Exchange

Language Exchange

Cowein English Conversation Club – For those who want to improve their English through a weekly “conversation class”. The meetup is held every week at the D2W Coworking space in Faria Lima and it is organized by the Commonwealth Institute. [meetup]

English Class Guarulhos – How about a chat to practice and learn English? We will meet in sporadic meetings to exchange experiences and activities that enable us to improve our second language. [meetup]

English Munch São Paulo – We are an English speaking group that practices public speaking and debates. We invite you to join us to practice speaking with others in English. We offer you a friendly and supportive environment, where you can practice and enhance your English skills during a nice breakfast, sharing your opinions and stories, meeting interesting people, making new friends. [meetup]

Foreigners & English Speakers Meetup – In this group, no English lesson or boring stuff, we are here to talk, have a relaxing moment together and meet new friends. [meetup]

Fun + English – Let’s practice conversation in unusual ways and with lots of fun. [meetup]

Inglês no Parque  São Paulo – We invite anyone who has never studied English, who has studied but has difficulty in conversation, who studied much more still have many doubts and quite insecurity. Let’s study practicing a lot, in a dynamic way and outdoors. [meetup]

Language Exchange São Paulo – Like learning languages? Or teaching them? Meeting new people from all over the world? Want to learn different accents? Curious about an active language community?
Then join Language Exchange São Paulo! We are São Paulo’s unique community of language enthusiasts, learners, aficionados, fans and all levels of linguists that get together weekly to practice 10+ different languages- all at the same time! [meetup]

The English Room – If you like happy hours, dancing and having fun with the English, you are in the right place. Most meet ups will happen at Vila Madalena and Augusta. You don’t need to be fluent to participate, just be ready to make friends and speak English. [meetup]

LGBT Groups

LGBT Groups

São Paulo Gay Professionals Meetup – I am looking for people to help create a professional networking group in São Paulo for gays seeking to thrive in business or profession. The goal would be primarily to make new business contacts, to improve careers, to seek work, to hire new employees, to help grow businesses, meet people from the same industry, and make new friends. [meetup]



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