1550s, from Spanish/Portuguese terra de brasil “red-dye-wood land,” from Spanish brasil or Italian brasile, probably connected to French braize (see braize) for resemblance of color to a glowing ember (but Old Italian form verzino suggests a possible connection with Arabic wars “saffron”). Originally the name of a type of wood from an East Indian tree, used in making dye; the name later was transferred to a similar South American species. Brazil in reference to the wood is attested in English from late 14c. Complicating matters is Hy Brasil, a name applied by 1436 to one of the larger Azores Islands, later transferred to a legendary island or rock off the west coast of Ireland (sighted in 1791 at lat. 51° 10′, long. 15° 58′). [online etymology dictionary]

Places to Meet People

Places to Meet People

Brasília Aberta – Brasilia abierta is a meeting of work, study and discussions about open data and civic technologies. The meeting brings together people from different areas and profiles, technical and non-technical, to discuss and create creative solutions to public problems. [meetup]

Brasilia Camping – Camps, tips, camping, survival … Exchange of experiences, places, etc. [meetup]

Brasília Filosofia Meetup – The Philosophical Quintas is an event conceived from the Philosophical Cafes, now a reality in several countries of the world. Always on the third Thursday of the month, it is a meeting where everyone can participate, without restrictions of age or philosophical baggage. [meetup]

Brasília Science Fiction Meetup – Those who admire films and series of science fiction and anticipation are well received here. [meetup]

Calango Hacker Clube – Calango is Brasilia’s first hackerspace! Join us and collaborate. [meetup]

Dragon Dreaming – A group of people practicing the Dragon Dreaming methodology, a collaborative project creation methodology. WHAT IS DRAGON DREAMING? [meetup]

Front in Brasília – This group promotes frontend meetings in Brasilia. [meetup]

Papers We Love – Brasília – What was the last paper within the realm of computing you read and loved? What did it inspire you to build or tinker with? Come share the ideas in an awesome academic/research paper with fellow engineers, programmers, and paper-readers. [meetup]

Polyglot Club Meetings! – Polyglot Club is a non-profit organization with over 450 k members all over the world! In Brasilia, we get together three times a week to speak foreign languages and make friends. Brazilians and foreigners are equally welcome! [meetup]

Puppet-BR – This is a group with a simple goal to exchange experiences on Puppet, MCollective, configuration management, orchestration, DevOps and systems and services management. [meetup]

How to Find a Date

How to Find a Date – Badoo is a third website for online dating in Brazil that you can try if you have found no luck at the sites above. To have any success on this site, you need to send out A LOT of messages as their filtering system for fake profiles is definitely not the strongest. [visa hunter] – BrazilCupid is a member of the prominent Cupid Media network that owns 30+ dating sites around the world. It is my favorite site in Brazil and just happens to be where I met my wife (who is a native of Brazil). [visa hunter] – I have had a decent amount of experience with ParPerfeito (“perfect partner” in Portuguese). I like the site but not as much as BrazilCupid. It is still a good second choice though. You might have seen their banners inside Metro stations if you have ever been to Rio De Janeiro. [visa hunter]

Romantico Brazil – Our site is for single heterosexual adults over eighteen years of age, who are looking for the partner of their dreams. [romantico brazil]

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Brasília City Tour – The city tour will visit the most interesting points of the Brasília including some of the residential neighbourhoods, initially built for government workers then sold off privately. [audley travel]

Free Things to Do

Free Things to Do

Catedral Metropolitana Nossa Senhora Aparecida – The city’s most famous landmark is the unique circular cathedral, designed by Niemeyer and completed in 1970. Its 16 curved concrete columns soar upward to create a crown that surrounds a glass roof. The natural lighting effect inside is spectacular. The four large statues outside the entrance represent the Four Evangelists. [planet ware]

Congresso Nacional (National Congress) – Yet another landmark of modern architecture is the pair of buildings housing the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil (the lower house) and the Senate, along with their offices. For this, Oscar Niemeyer chose two sharply contrasting designs. For the two houses he created dish shapes that have been referred to as flying saucers, separating them by a pair of sharply linear rectangular towers. [planet ware]

Lago do Paranoá – On the east side of the city, the Rio Paranoá has been dammed to form a large lake, the Lago do Paranoá. Along its shore are embassies and consulates, sports clubs, restaurants, the University, the Olympic Center, and the Palácio da Alvorada, official residence of the President of the Republic. [planet ware]

Memorial dos Povos Indígenas (Museum of Indigenous People) – This outstanding collection of native Brazilian art and artifacts not only records pre-colonial native culture but celebrates the living traditions of Brazil’s indigenous peoples today. Historical and present-day implements – pottery, baskets, weapons, paddles, and feather headdresses – join art works created especially for the museum in a collection considered one of the best in South America. In designing the unusual round building patterned after a traditional Yąnomamö round house, Oscar Niemeyer consulted with Yąnomamö shamans and elders for authenticity. [planet ware]

Monumento JK: President Kubitschek Memorial  The dramatic monument on Praça do Cruzeiro is the memorial to President Juscelino Kubitschek, the larger-than-life president of Brazil who is considered the founder of Brasilia. The monument was designed by Oscar Niemeyer, and many consider it among his finest works. Along with Kubitschek’s tomb and a museum devoted to him, the monument contains interesting exhibits on the city he envisioned and saw through to reality, including early plans, construction photography, and other materials that illustrate Brasilia’s history. [planet ware]

Palácio dos Arcos – The Palácio dos Arcos, also known as the Palácio Itamaraty, houses the Foreign Ministry and is one of Oscar Niemeyer’s greatest achievements. A long line of symmetrical arches stand above a reflecting pool, the whole ensemble set in beautiful gardens designed by the noted Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. The lavishly decorated interior surrounds a semi-roofed courtyard with a garden. The building is open to the public. [planet ware]

Parque Nacional de Brasília – Brasília National Park covers 28,000 hectares in the northwest part of the city, protecting a number of different environments, including the low and crooked trees of the cerrado, the bush steppe of the Brazilian interior, expanses of scrub and grassland, swampy palm-scattered plains, and the imposing trees of the gallery forests found on riverbanks and lakeshores. [planet ware]

Praça dos Tràs Poderes – Brasilia’s governmental center boasts some of its most striking landmark buildings and monuments. As the name of the Praça dos Tràs Poderes (Square of the Three Powers) suggests, it is surrounded by buildings housing the executive, legislature, and judiciary: the Palácio do Planalto, the official residence of the President; the Supremo Tribunal Federal (Supreme Court); and the Congresso Nacional. [planet ware]

Santuario Dom Bosco (Sanctuary of Dom Bosco)  The church of São João Bosco is dedicated to the 19th-century Italian priest canonized in 1934, whose vision of the foundation of a Utopian capital city in the New World near the 15th parallel is considered the inspiration for Brasilia. This sanctuary was built right on the 15th parallel. Architect Vasconcelos Naves designed a square building of 40 tall pointed arches that frame tall windows of stained glass in multiple shades of blue, designed by Claudio Naves and made by Hubert van Doorne. [planet ware]

Torre de TV (Television Tower)  The 224-meter-tall Brasilia TV Tower is a good place to get an overview of the city and a sense of its layout. An observation deck at 74 meters is open to the public free every day, and on Sundays, a craft market takes place at its base. [planet ware]



Feast of Our Lady of Aparecida – On October 12, to celebrate three dates, but few remember them all: Our Lady of Aparecida, Brazil’s official patron, Children’s Day and the Discovery of America. Our national holiday, however, is due only to the first date, and although the devotion to the Saint dates back to the eighteenth century gone, was only enacted in 1980. [brazil travel buddy]

Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro – The Brasília Festival of Brazilian Cinema is the oldest cinema show in the country The event brings together established filmmakers and talented newcomers who contribute to the production and development of Brazilian cinema. [brazil travel buddy]

Folias de Reis Meeting – Performed without interruption for ten years by Violeiro Caipira Club of Brasilia, the Twelfth Meeting of Folias de Reis far exceeded the boundaries of the Federal District, bringing together groups of Goias, Minas Gerais and Tocantins. [brazil travel buddy]

Public Transit

Public Transit

Buses – The main bus hub in Brasília is the Central Bus Station, located in the crossing of the Monumental Axis and the Eixão, about 2 km from the Three Powers Plaza. The idea of the original planning was to have a bus station as near as possible of every corner of the Pilot Plan. [about brasilia]

Taxis – Maybe a taxi isn’t necessary; the public bus service in Brasilia is comprehensive, safe and reasonably comfortable; from anywhere in the Pilot Plan, take a bus to the central bus station, and from there you can go to anywhere else. [about brasilia]

The metro – Brazilians refer to underground transportation systems as “metro”. In Brasília, only in the stretch within the Plano Piloto do trains run underground. [about brasilia]

Professional Groups & Events

Professional Groups & Events

Brasília Big Data Analytics & Data Science Meetup – This group was created for everyone who works or is interested in working with Big Data Analytics and Data Science in Brasilia. As the capital of Brazil, we have a special interest in promoting research and especially the application of these techniques in the Brazilian Government. [meetup]

Brasilia iOS Developers – This group is for anyone interested in software development for Apple devices. I started this group to meet people interested in development, exchange ideas, promote projects, lectures and meetings. [meetup]

Brasília Professional Coaching Meetup – This group has formed from a web, which functions as a support network. Powerful people interested in their personal growth, professional development and meeting other Powerful People. [meetup]

CocoaHeads Brasilia – CocoaHeads is a group of developers (professionals and beginners) who organize to bring together people with the same passion: Programming for Apple iDevices (OSX and iOS). [meetup]

DataMeet {Brasilia} – Meeting of professionals focused on information analysis and statistics, panel planning, decision making, value generation, data mining and related technologies. [meetup]

DevOps DF – Find other DevOps enthusiasts from Distrito Federal. [meetup]

Docker Brasilia – I invite all interested parties to share knowledge and experiences about Docker. [meetup]

GitLab BR – GitLab Community Brazil that studies, shares and discusses Gitlab technology, versioning of code, IaC (infrastructure as code and the like). [meetup]

PHP DF – PhpDF is a group that aims to encourage the use of PHP language. Its mission is to encourage studies and share information and knowledge about PHP. [meetup]

WordPress Brasília – With the intention of leverage WordPress in Brasilia, a group of friends who are passionate about technology and mainly WordPress to exchange experiences, teaching and learning, besides information and quite nertwork. [meetup]

Language Exchange

Language Exchange

Brasília English Speakers Meetup – We are a group interested in good food and practicing english in the city of Brasília in Brazil, if you like good food and would like to practice more in the center of brazil, join us!!! We are happy to have you in our home! [meetup]

Torre de Babel Guará Language & Culture Meetup – The Tower of Babel is a gathering of people who want to talk in foreign languages ​​and meet strangers. It is free! You only pay for what you consume. [meetup]

LGBT Groups

LGBT Groups

Elos LGBT DF – It is with great satisfaction that the Organizing Committee composed of Young Leaders and Ong Elos – LGBT Group of the Federal District and Environment thanks.. [elos lgbt]



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