From Latin Terra Australis (16c.), from australis “southern” + -ia. A hypothetical southern continent, known as terra australis incognita, had been proposed since 2c. Dutch explorers called the newfound continent New Holland; the current name was suggested 1814 by Matthew Flinders as an improvement over Terra Australis “as being more agreeable to the ear, and an assimilation to the name of the other great portions of the earth” [“Voyage to Terra Australis”]. In 1817 Gov. Lachlan Macquarie, having read Flinders’ suggestion, began using it in official correspondence. The ultimate source is Latin auster “south wind,” hence, “the south country.” [online etymology dictionary]

Places to Meet People

Places to Meet People

50-60’s Social Group – This social group with a limited numbers of members is for those who are over 50 either single or partnered. [meetup]

ACT singles up to 35y/o – This is a group for people aged 35 and under to meet new people, make friends and have fun. New members are always very welcome. [meetup]

Adelaide Bookclub – We are a friendly, diverse, and generally awesome* bunch of people who meet in a cafe on the first and third Sundays of each month to discuss a work of fiction.  We read all genres and periods from the classics to modern novels, although we aim for a choice which will generate an interesting discussion. [meetup]

After Work Social Friends 1 – Welcome to all the Wonderful people who would like to come to any of our Wednesday evening drinks. Friday evening drinks & Saturday Retro Nites around Sydney. Plus many other events!! [meetup]

Bars, Pubs and Clubs (well mostly bars and pubs) – Are you new to town? Are you at that ‘difficult age’ (30s & 40s) where ou’ve had enough of hardcore jumping about until 4 in the morning but aren’t quite ready for the bingo crowd yet? Do you fancy a drink on a Friday or Saturday evening in a lively pub or overpriced cocktail bar where you might meet some decent people and have a bit of a laugh? [meetup]

Befriend Social Network – At Befriend, we’re includers. We live by that thing your Mum always told you; treat others how you’d like to be treated. [meetup]

‘Best of Canberra’ Social Group – New to Canberra, or been here for a while? Maybe you just enjoy meeting new people or trying new things. The BoC is a group is focused on fun, friendship and making the most of living in Canberra. [meetup]

Data Science Sydney – This is a group for all those interested in extracting value from data, using advanced statistical, computational and analytical tools. At Data Science Sydney we discuss advanced machine learning, feature extraction, outlier detection and deep belief learning methods. [meetup]

Gold Coast 20 & 30 Somethings Social! – Are you 20 or 30 something years old and maybe new to the Gold Coast? Or simply want to meet more like minded individuals?? [meetup]

Newcastle 30’s & 40ish Social Group – This is a group for meeting new friends aged in our30’s & 40ish (30-45) and sharing new adventures.Do you want an instant social circle of like minded fun loving people to share nights out, meals, live music and events, theatre and more? [meetup]

How to Find a Date

How to Find a Date – I really can’t say enough good things about the Cupid Media brand (owners of I found my wife on’s sister site To get straight to the point, if I had to sign up for only two sites, it would be this one and (which I will go into greater detail below). This site isn’t as big as RSVP, but I prefer the pricing, which is subscription vs. RSVP’s “stamp” system. [visahunter] – With approximately 33 million members across the globe, eHarmony has established itself as a worldwide leader in the online matchmaking industry. Founded by accomplished author and psychologist Neil Warren, eHarmony offers an array of sophisticated matching elements that enable it to stand out from competing sites. While the price of membership is more costly than many competitors, eHarmony members benefit from an unprecedented level of web design and features. [visahunter] – (i.e. Oasis) is a third option you can try if you are considering online dating in Australia. Oasis is only a site I would try if the fish aren’t biting on any of the sites above. The site is massive and completely free (you get what you pay for of course). This site was launched in 2008, quickly becoming one of Australia’s biggest dating sites. In 2014, Oasis merged with another Australian online dating giant, (which I mentioned above), in an effort to reach more members globally. [visahunter] – OKCupid is a popular site worldwide that I’ve used in both South Africa and Brazil. It resulted in almost no results for me. Looking back on my history with this site, I think I’ve only had 1 date max despite hundreds of messages sent. Man is it super frustrating. I wish they would add some more barriers to make it harder for pretenders to be active on the website. [visahunter] – Founded on Valentines Day 1997, RSVP is the other site that I would definitely sign up for whether you are an expat in Australia or a local looking for love. It is user friendly and has really improved since I first entered the site way back in 2013. RSVP is the giant of online dating in Australia. It has lots of members (2 million+), and the rate of response is surprisingly high for such a large site with so many members. [visahunter]

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Aus Walk Walking Holidays – For the last 20 years we’ve been perfecting Australian walking holidays. We only offer high quality itineraries to destinations we personally love. Our hand picked holidays showcase Australia, the amazing country that we’re lucky to call home. [aus walk]

Australian Walking Holidays – Our adventures are rated not just in terms of the destinations we visit but also by the type of journey we offer. To ensure you select your ideal adventure we suggest you review this section of our website, where we define all of the activities we offer as well as our grading system. If you have any further questions send us an email or give us a call. [australian walking holidays]

Great Walks of Australia – Great Walks of Australia is an exclusive collection of the best premium guided multiday walks Australia has to offer.  Each of these independently owned and guided walking experiences is unique. Together they cover some of Australia’s most iconic landscapes – from the untamed Tasmanian wilderness to the rugged Victorian coastline; to the volcanic plateaus of Queensland;  the rivers and magnificent outback of South Australia; to the coast of Western Australia and right through to the heart and soul, in the Northern Territory. [great walks of australia]

Park Trek – All Park Trek walks are tailored to allow plenty of time to enjoy the natural surrounds so you can relax and settle into the gentle rhythm of walking. No heavy packs required, just a light daypack making walking comfortable and enjoyable. [park trek]

Free Things to Do

Free Things to Do

Alice Springs Desert Park – A must-see to experience and explore the Australian Outback is the Alice Springs Desert Park. This environmental education facility covers 1300ha of land and is home to hundreds of fauna and flora species found across Central Australian deserts. The site is like a botanic garden, a zoo, a centre for Aboriginal culture and an environmental conservation institute, all blended perfectly into multi-faceted enterprise where learning about the Australian Outback is enjoyable and done without effort. [open travel]

Australian Woolshed – The Australian Woolshed will give you a detailed and colorful picture of sheep-farming life served in a typically outback way. This memorable Aussie farm experience, perfect for visitors of all ages, entertains with sheep shearing and wool spinning demonstrations as well as lively performances by eight trained rams depicting the major sheep breeds on the continent. [open travel]

Blue Mountains – Just within 2 hours of the hustling metropolitan Sydney you can discover a tempting combination of breathtaking wilderness, romantic accommodation and perfect unwinding opportunities. The Blue Mountains, although not particularly high, is a renowned natural beauty highland pleasing with majestic scenery of towering sandstone escarpments, plummeting waterfalls and Eden abundant greenery. [open travel]

Bondi Beach – This awesome leisure pleasure beach will surely have you relaxed, tanned and cheerful. Not undeservedly, the Bondi Beach is a popular destination for travelers and residents alike. The perfect surfable conditions, a wide variety of eateries and nightlife followed by scenic walkways act as a real magnet to many a tourist. [open travel]

Flinders Ranges National Park – Rugged mountain ranges, breathtaking gorges, sheltered creeks lined with River Red Gums and bountiful wildlife are just a few of the draws that make this park one of South Australia’s most popular destinations. Renowned also for its geological history, Aboriginal rock art sites, impressive fossil remains and the ruins of early European settlements, the Park makes any a trip worthwhile and unforgettable. [open travel]

Gorge Walk – North Stradbroke Island – Affectionately dubbed as Straddie, the North Stradbroke is the largest of Moreton Bay’s islands with an area of over 27 hectares. The island’s Gorge Walk is a spectacular trail of the magnificent rocky headland, towering cliffs rising up to 40 meters above the sea and a variety of ocean wildlife. [open travel]

Great Ocean Road – For adrenaline-powered motoring enthusiasts and sublime vista hunters, the Great Ocean Road is the one to hit! Some will call it an awesome drive and feel the kicks at the very thought of the twisting and turning, others will praise the windswept drama of the Shipwreck Coast and breathtaking views. Any reason is good enough to start the engine and drive the inspiring coastal B100. [open travel]

Innes National Park – A living showcase of Australian natural treasures, the Innes National Park amazes with its coastal landscapes, a diversity of wildlife habitats and a wide range of recreational opportunities. Located at the southern point of the Yorke Peninsula, the park provides attractions for nature enthusiasts who will enjoy hearing the waves crashing, viewing the rugged coastlines sculpted by the Southern Ocean and observing animals in their habitats. [open travel]

Kakadu National Park – The outstanding natural and cultural values have earned a World Heritage status for this unique reserve. With the million-year-old rocks telling stories of long-extinct creatures, biodiversity one can hardly picture and Aboriginal inhabitants to narrate their 40,000 years of settlement, the Kakadu National Park is a travel jewel to be treasured. [open travel]

Kuranda Scenic Railway – A must-do when visiting Cairns and Tropical North Queensland, the Kuranda Scenic Railway is a charming 1 hour and 45 minute journey up the tropically clad mountainous range. The scenic trip encapsulates the natural wonders and the outstanding engineering feat of the pioneering Australians. [open travel]

Lagoon Beach – Lord Howe Island – A piece of turquoise Eden on Earth mesmerizing with crystal clear waters and beaches to suit even the pickiest of travelers. This is Lord Howe Island in a nutshell. Saying more you might find yourself at a loss for adjectives to praise the unparalleled beauty of this site. The island, with a golden ring of beaches around it, is the place to be if diving, snorkeling or mere sun tanning is what you are after. [open travel]

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary – Feel like snuggling? What about some koala cuddles or petting a kangaroo? And there more in the line like wallabies, emus, lizards and even some creepy crawlers you can stroke. The happy bunch is there for you at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary nestled in the bush land on the banks of the Brisbane River. [open travel]

National Gallery of Australia – Australia’s premier art gallery and museum with a collection of over 120,000 masterpieces, the National Gallery of Australia impresses with both its concrete cubic structure and the finest of exhibits. Established in 1967 by the Government of Australia, the venue consists of 11 main galleries located on three levels and a 2-hectare sculpture garden. [open travel]

Ningaloo Reef – Off the Norwest Cape of Western Australia, the Ningaloo Reef offers an idyllic holiday area and a fantastic opportunity for visitors to view marine marvels at close up. The calm sandy beaches are perfect for swimming and bronzing while the enormous coral reef and a large variety of colorful tropical fish will keep snorkelers and scuba divers amazed with the underwater Eden theater. [open travel]

Nitmiluk National Park – Owned by the Jawoyn Aboriginal people, the 292,800 hectare Nitmiluk National Park is a spectacular dissected sandstone land of broad valleys and numerous cultural sites. Home to the breathtaking Katherine Gorge, a series of 13 sandstone gorges carved over a billion years by the Katherine River, this amazing natural attraction delights its visitors with craggy landscapes, dramatic waterfalls and lush gorges bountiful with flora and fauna. [open travel]

Perth Cultural Centre – Placed in the heart of the city, the Cultural Center is one of Perth’s key public spaces housing the most important cultural and educational institutions including the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the State Library, Western Australian Museum, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and more. [open travel]

Purnululu National Park – Isn’t the name enough to make you want to see it? Should be, for there is a mindboggling landscape behind it, one that will make your eyes roll and camera burn. The Bungle Bungle, or Purnululu National Park as it is officially dubbed, is a relatively recent discovery of 1983. [open travel]

Royal Botanic Gardens – Boasting the status of an internationally renowned botanical garden, the Royal Botanic Gardens comprise more than 34 ha of picturesquely landscaped area close to the Yarra River with a mix of native and non-native vegetation. [open travel]

Shark Bay – A place where the marine mingles beautifully with the land is the Shark Bay. This World Heritage listed jewel of outstanding natural appeal is both a perfect lesson on the water marvels and indigenous Aboriginal life as well as a unique break to calm you down with beautiful beaches, rugged cliffs and charming inlets. [open travel]

Sydney Harbour – Vast, blue and pulsating with vibrant life, the Sydney Harbor is truly the city’s jewel. Often described as one of the most scenic waterways in the world, the port is a magnet for travelers and the inhabitants alike, gasping for some relaxing air. Stretching 20km inland to the mouth of the Parramatta River and crowned by the renowned Sydney Opera House, the site invites with beaches, coves, bays, islands and waterside parks to soothe the hustle and bustle of everyday urban life. [open travel]

Tasmanian Wilderness – Itching to do some trekking into the wilderness and leave it all behind? Tasmania – in all its craggy and tree-clad natural splendor – awaits. Expect some breathtaking vistas and picture ready views for this place must have been created to have you off your feet. The wild Tassie has it all to tickle your explorer’s streak like pink granite mountains, pure white beaches, coastal dunes and dry eucalypt forests. [open travel]

Uluru (Ayers Rock) – Here’s a lesson on Aboriginal vocabulary just in case you’re unfamiliar with the word ‘uluru’. ‘Uluru’ stands for ‘great pebble’ and what we’re talking about here is a gigantic monolith rising up from the middle of a scrubland nowhere in the Uluru National Park. This world largest rock formation is Australia’s icon image mesmerizing with light and color effects to please your traveler eye. [open travel]

Watson’s Bay – Lizard Island – Just 4.5km by 3.5 km in size, the Lizard Island is far more when it comes to awesome views of rugged shores, clear blue waters and the coral fringing. Named after the Gould’s sand monitor lizard by James Cook during his exploration of Australia in 1770, this granite island and its Watson’s Bay lure with beautiful beaches, idyllic snorkeling and diving opportunities amongst the coral reef and in the world renowned Cod Hole where divers can come face to face with the massive Potato Cod. [open travel]

Whitsunday Islands – Aquamarine, serene, pristine. The best of words to illustrate the awesome group of 74 Whitsunday Islands off the coast of Queensland. Outdoor-loving Australians, water fun enthusiasts and mere holidaymakers find them irresistible, deservedly. The Whitsundays are there to sweep you off your feet with secluded island coves, sheltered warm waters and lush greenery. [open travel]

Willie Creek Pearl Farm – About 40 kilometers from Broome, the Willie Creek can make one of your days very relaxing and eye-opening. The relaxing part includes laidback walks along the azure estuary, enjoyable moments at the local café over a light snack and perhaps, if you’re not on a very low budget, some shopping for pearl jewelry. The eye-opening adventure starts at the Pearl Farm that makes use of the creek’s warm blue waters to grow the Pinctada maxima oyster and produce the world renowned South Sea Pearls. [open travel]



Deniliquin Ute Muster – For those playing at home, a ‘ute’ is a truck with a flat bad tray behind it. Deniliquin is, unsurprisingly, the name of a town in Australia. Colloquially known as the Deni Ute Muster, it’s one of Australia’s most uniquely Aussie festivals. This annual celebration of Australia’s most versatile working truck sets Guinness World Records every year for ‘Most Utes in One Place’, but is much more than just a celebration of the popular farm vehicle. [aussie on the road]

Golden Gumboot Festival – As Australia’s wettest town, Tully is so proud of the claim that they hold an annual festival to celebrate the fact. The Golden Gumboot Festival takes its name from the oversized gumboot monument the town erected in 2003 to celebrate their wetness (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d type) and includes live music, cultural performances from the local indigenous people, a parade, and the usual festival bells and whistles. [aussie on the road]

Henley –on-Todd Regatta – Another odd yet iconic race, the annual Henley-on-Todd Regatta is held in the land-locked and very dry town of Henley. As all great things did, it started out as a joke on the British and has since become an institution. Events include a beach sprint, sand skiing, the Tour de Todd, and a number of other nautically themed boat races taking place entirely on dry, dusty land. [aussie on the road]

Skyfire – Australia’s capital gets in on the game with their annual celebration of fireworks, Skyfire. As the only state in Australia in which it is legal to purchase fireworks, the Australian Capital Territory rubs it in the faces of everybody else by blasting several dozen tonnes of the Chinese sky flowers into the air on a cool March evening. [aussie on the road]

The Australian Celtic Festival – If you ever drive the inland route between Brisbane and Sydney, you might notice you pass through quite a few towns with distinctly Celtic names. Names like Glen Innes, Glencoe, Ben Lomond, Armidale, and the inexplicably Welsh, Llangothlin. Every year, Glen Innes plays host to a celebration of the region’s Celtic roots with the Australian Celtic Festival. Each year a different Celtic ‘nation’ is selected, with Wales getting the nod in 2015 and the Isle of Man having had the honour in 2014. [aussie on the road]

The Beer Can Regatta – Another unorthodox race out of Australia’s most famous non-state, the Beer Can Regatta is a fancy name for a competition in which people must construct boats out of beer cans and race them along a picturesque Darwin beach. Competitors construct inventive boats and then pray they’ll stay afloat as they hit the surf. Thankfully, the beaches of Darwin are saltwater crocodile free. [aussie on the road]

The Camel Cup – Horse racing is big business in Australia. Look no further than the way the Melbourne Cup brings the country to a standstill each November for evidence of this. The folk out in dry and dusty Alice Springs (most famous for its proximity to Uluru) do things a bit differently, with the annual Camel Cup featuring (you guessed it) jockeys riding camels and fighting for the right to lift the Camel Cup. [aussie on the road]

The Country Musical Festival – I was torn between including Tamworth’s signature event and the famous Gympie Muster out of Queensland, but the presence of a giant freaking golden guitar gives Tamworth the edge. Aussies might not be quite as crazy about their country music as our American friends, but each year the hot, dry town of Tamworth floods with country music enthusiasts out to celebrate Australian country music. [aussie on the road]

The Elvis Festival – For the life of me, I can’t tell what Elvis Presley has to do with the sleepy little town of Parkes – but each year in January the town’s population literally doubles as people trek to the city for a five day celebration of The King. From humble beginnings as a simple tribute show back in 1993, the Parkes Elvis Festival now draws over 15,000 visitors over five days and features tribute performances, authentic Elvis memorabilia, and a variety of other weird and wonderful Elvis related events. [aussie on the road]

Tunarama – The name might give it away, but Port Lincoln in South Australia is a big tuna fishing town and it’s proud of it. Tunarama is a four day celebration of the region’s tuna fishing industry held each January, but it’s most famous for the Tuna Toss. Brave men and women can try their luck at hurling tuna as far as humanly possible, with the current record standing at an impressive 37m. [aussie on the road]

Public Transit

Public Transit

Bus – Coach and bus travel in Australia is comfortable, efficient and reasonably priced. Long-distance coaches generally have air conditioning, reading lights, adjustable seats and free wifi. Australia’s national coach operator, Greyhound, offers hop on hop off passes for popular routes, short trip passes and flexible passes based on the amount of kilometres you wish to travel. [australia]

Car – Australia has a vast network of well-maintained roads and some of the most beautiful road trips in the world. Follow Victoria’s Great Ocean Road as it hugs our spectacular southeast coastline or experience Australia’s Red Centre in an epic drive across the desert. You’ll find car rental companies at major airports and central city locations; so hire a car, 4WD, caravan or motorbike and hit the highway. [australia]

Ferry – The Spirit of Tasmania operates a nightly passenger and vehicle ferry service between Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, and Devonport in Tasmania with extra services during peak periods. SeaLink ferries connect Cape Jervis in South Australia (approximately 108km/67 miles south of Adelaide) and Kangaroo Island several times a day. There are also ferry services in our capital cities, connecting suburbs around Sydney Harbour, on the Swan River in Perth and on the Brisbane River. [australia]

Train – Train travel is a convenient, affordable and scenic way to explore Australia. TrainLink runs services between Sydney and the regional centres of New South Wales, and along Australia’s east coast to Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. V-Line trains connect Melbourne with regional hubs in Victoria, Queensland Rail covers Queensland and TransWA crisscrosses through Western Australia.  [australia]

Professional Groups & Events

Professional Groups & Events

30+ Professionals with Heart – Do you want a social group that has more meaning than just meeting down the pub and having a drink? [meetup]

Accountants, Lawyers and Finance Professionals – Accountants, Lawyers and Finance Professionals is a group created to foster relationships between like minded professionals. It offers an opportunity for Accountants, Lawyers and Finance Professionals to expand personal networks and discuss business referal opportunities. [meetup]

Canberra Gamedevs – Canberra Gamedevs is for anyone connected to Game Development (or aspiring to be) and located in Canberra, Australia. [meetup]

Canberra Java User Group – CJUG is an informal meeting place for people interested in any JVM language like Java, Groovy, Scala and associated technologies such as Javascript & Android. The CJUG was formed in early 1996, making it one of the oldest Java groups in Australia. [meetup]

Gold Coast Successful Career-Focussed Professionals – Hi everyone,I work as a director in the health sector here at the Gold Coast.Are you a professional looking to meet like minded people? [meetup]

Newcastle Cloud Accountants & Bookkeepers Network Group – Cloud Accounting And Bookkeeping Professionals Come together and learn from people within your industry. Spend time connecting and building new business relationships. Stay up to date with the latest software and add-on offerings. [meetup]

Over 45s Single Professionals with spiritual interest – This group provides a space for like-minded people to meet in the comfortable, relaxed and light-hearted setting of a dinner, with discussion based around everyday matters in the context of spirituality. At the same time as maintaining a fun and relaxed ambiance,  the opportunity would be there to learn from others who have an interest in spirituality. [meetup]

Parramatta Professional Networking Meetup – This is a group for entrepreneurs & business owners who want to network locally in a relaxed environment. [meetup]

Personal and professional development sydney – If you’re interested in maximizing your confidence, success, and build any lifestyle you want, then this is the group for you! [meetup]

Professional Speaking Meetup – As part of the SA Chapter of PSA (Professional Speakers Australia – formerly NSAA) we’re a meet up group for Professional Speakers in Adelaide who want to improve their speaking expertise and build their speaking business. [meetup]

Language Exchange

Language Exchange

Adelaide English as a Second Language Group – This group is aiming to encourage ESL people to practice their English in a friendly atmosphere, to know about others’ languages and cultures, and to make new friends. [meetup]

Cafe Lingua Adelaide – Café Lingua is an international conversation program, when people speaking different languages meet in a pub or a cafe to practice different languages, enjoy international atmosphere and make friends from different countries. [meetup]

Canberra Japanese Language Culture Meetup – This is a group for people with an interest in Japan, that want to learn how to speak Japanese, or practice their skills, and Japanese speakers that want to help them or just socialise! We aim to create regular opportunities for conversation practice and to meet up, socialise and have fun at least once a month. [meetup]

Canberra Portuguese Brasileiro Conversation Meetup – This is a group for anyone interested in practising their Portuguese or Brasilian language skills, or simply indulging in their mother tongue of Portuguese. All skills levels are welcome and we have speakers from Brasil and Portugal. The group is very relaxed and meets just once a week for an hour, with occasional other events. [meetup]

English-Mandarin Chinese Language Exchange – Perth – We are a group of like minded individuals who have a common goal, to practice our English/Mandarin. [meetup]

French Language Skills for Everyday Life – It is a group for all those who are interested in learning French, or wish to improve their practice of the French language. Hello, I’m Marie, barista at Cocoa and Rose. [meetup]

Newcastle Language & Culture Meetup – Italian – Andiamo…let’s catch up and practice Italian. Open to all ages and all abilities; the intention is to meet new people. Open to suggestions about meeting places and activities.[meetup]

Sydney Mandarin and English Language Exchange – Come and Meetup with others who are also interested in all things Chinese particularly the Chinese language. All levels of chinese proficiency are welcome. We hold several for free, Chinese conversation meetings, outdoor activities and BBQ’s. [meetup]

Sydney Spanish and English Language Exchange Meetup – Are you learning Spanish but you don’t know anyone you can practise with? Or Are you from Latin America or Spain and want to meet Australian people but don’t know how or where? The Sydney Spanish & English Language Exchange is the place to be if you are interested in learning and practising Spanish or English in a casual and friendly environment! [meetup]

The Gold Coast Japanese Language and Culture Meetup Group – Would you like to promote your businesses? Currently, our group is looking for sponsors and perks. Please go to ‘Contact Us’ to inquire about our promotion plans. [meetup]

LGBT Groups

LGBT Groups

Adelaide Lez and Bi Girlz Social Group – It’s hard to connect with like-minded people with just the one gay club in Adelaide (and heaven forbid you don’t like clubbing)! This group is for lesbian and bisexual women of any age and background to meet up regularly for dinner, drinks, roller derby, movies and other fun-filled activities. [meetup]

Bi-Curious and Bisexual Femmes (Bifemmes) – This is a group for bi-curious or bisexual girls who just want to get together and hang out. If you want to meet some other Sydney girls who are into or curious about girls then you’ve found the right place. We host a variety of different meet ups form dinners and nights out to lunches and dance classes. [meetup]

Dance Lessons for Same-Sex Couples – This is a group for same-sex couples who may be interested in trying some social dance lessons. All levels are welcome, from complete beginner to more experienced. We meet every Thursday evening at 7.45pm in Hilton, WA. [meetup]

Darwin Book Club Meetup – Gay , Lesbian & Our Mates Book Club. Meeting at the Ski Club 27 Nov at 5pm to talk books & how much we love’m. First book is Stone Butch Blues but no sweat if you haven’t read it & just want to meet other book fans. [meetup]

Femme Lesbians Gold Coast – The Femme Lesbians Gold Coast Meetup – is specifically for femme lesbians on the Gold Coast and the surrounding areas.No men are allowed. [meetup]

Gay Perth Chats and Social Meetup – This group is intended as a brotherhood of like minded gay guys who would like to meet others for chats as well as social outings. There is so much more to do then stick to the dating apps. Lets get together. [meetup]

GLUB – Gay and Lesbian Ukulele Band (Canberra) – This group is for gay, lesbian and other queer-identifying Canberrans who want to get together to play ukulele in an informal, friendly, non-competitive setting, just for the sheer fun of playing uke together. [meetup]

Gold Coast/Brisbane Lesbian Social – Gold Coast/Brisbane Lesbian Social – dinners,lunches,brunches,activities,events for lesbian femmes,lesbian professionals,drinks,coffee,nights out,picnics,anything you can think of etc.This group is also connected to the Professional,In-Bus­­iness,Entrepreneur­i­al Women Meetup in Brisbane. [meetup]

Out There Girls – Are you a same-sex attracted woman keen to get out and about, have fun and meet other women? Are you finding it hard to meet other like-minded women in Canberra? Are there events on that you’d love to attend but you don’t want to turn up on your own?  [meetup]

Newcastle LGBT Bookclub – Love books? Want to meet like-minded book lovers? Then why not come and join the Newcastle LGBT Bookclub! [meetup]



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