1560s (implied in Canadian), said to be a Latinized form of a word for “village” in an Iroquoian language of the St. Lawrence valley that had gone extinct by 1600. Most still-spoken Iroquoian languages have a similar word (such as Mohawk kana:ta “town”). Canada goose is attested from 1772. [online etymology dictionary]

Places to Meet People

Places to Meet People

20s & 30s Ski & Snowboard Group – This meetup group is all about having fun on the mountains and meeting new friends to ski or ride with. This group is focusing on a younger crowd (or young at heart) that’s outgoing, fun and adventurous. Of course all skill levels are welcome and the more the merrier. [meetup]

40+ and Absolutely Fabulous Social Club – We are a group of like-minded people who want to get out and have fun in a safe, enjoyable environment. The group has grown in membership and range of events since its formation back in 2011 but the ethos remains the same – Inclusiveness, Friendship & Fun. [meetup]

50 + Women Seeking Friendship – If you’re a woman in your 50’s and over (mid forties is ok too), looking for friendship with other women in the same age group, then this is the community for you. It’s probably the age group where women find themselves alone the most and finding friends at this age isn’t always easy. [meetup]

Badminton Montreal – Badminton Montreal is announcing all Badminton events within Montreal and surrounding areas. We also host badminton events in Montreal and surrounding areas. [meetup]

Calgary Board Gaming Events – Like playing board or card games? This is the group for you! The games we play can be easy to teach, easy to learn, fun to play, and focus on strategy rather than luck. Occasionally we delve into the more difficult games too. [meetup]

Calgary Nature Lovers – You will find that we come from many countries around the world. We are a friendly group that enjoys meeting other nature lovers.  A picture is worth a thousand words so be sure to check out our photo albums of the past adventures! Over 2,050 albums now! Welcome to the group! See you at an upcoming event! [meetup]

Collab Space – You’re invited to follow along with the progress of Ottawa’s newest Collaborative Space. We are a business incubator & accelerator that can walk you through the pases from business idea to fully functioning business. [meetup]

Duckling group for sexy but safe adventure evenings & dates – Clinical Sex and Relationship Therapist Sue McGarvie (Sex with her husband Blaik Spratt started this group called the Ducklings out of local sex and relationship workshops over the last few years. [meetup]

HackerNest Toronto Tech Socials – HackerNest is a grassroots nonprofit organization that runs unpretentious community events and epic, meaningful, universally-acclaimed hackathons. Our mission is economic development through technological proliferation. [meetup]

Life After 40 Social Group – A fabulous group of 40++ ACTIVE singles and a wide selection of activities that allow you to meet and mingle with some fabulous and fun people in an interactive environment. [meetup]

How to Find a Date

How to Find a Date – If you are in Canada, eHarmony is the first site I would sign up for. The site was founded by Neil Warren, a professional psychologist and accomplished author of 10 books on love and marriage. eHarmony has around 33 million members worldwide. [visa hunter] – LavaLife is a dating site veteran, originally formed in 1987. This site is based in Canada, and thus available in French/English but is widely international, with more than 10 million members around the world. [visa hunter] – is the second best online dating site in Canada and is where I would go after eHarmony. [visa hunter] – Plenty of Fish started in 2002 and has more than 30 million registered members worldwide, with 3 million active users per day. Plenty of Fish is a free site and keeps itself afloat with lots of advertising. This might sound great, but it is not. As they say, you get what you pay for. [visa hunter]

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Country Walkers – You’ll be amazed by the sounds, scents, and sights that fill the stillness when you explore the world on foot. For more than 36 years, we’ve lead the way in crafting active and immersive Walking Adventures. With knowledgeable local guides, off-the-beaten-track discoveries, and all-inclusive itineraries, we invite you to join us on an unforgettable vacation that invigorates and engages. [country walkers]

Go Tours Canada – Go Tours is an award-winning tour and events company focused on delivering unique products to retail clients, corporate teams, multimedia partners and media.  Detailed below are Go Tours’ accomplishments, ongoing projects, news releases and royalty free media assets. [go tours canada]

Great Canadian Adventure Co – Whether it’s visiting the picturesque Rocky Mountains in western Canada, or departing from the shores of Newfoundland on a maritime cruise through the Atlantic, can help you live your bucket list adventure travel tour. [adventures]

Free Things to Do

Free Things to Do

British Colombia & The Canadian Rockies – The Canadian Rockies are the cathedrals of North America. Be sure to visit the Fairmont Chateau on Lake Louise which gives a taste of old Europe. In addition to visiting Vancouver, it’s worth while to take a ferry to the capital of Victoria. [wandering trader]

Horseshoe Falls (Niagara Falls Canada Side) – Across the border from Niagara Falls, they dwarf the American Falls. The name actually comes from the shape that nature has created. Be sure to eat at the Skylon Tower which provides a 360 degree panoramic view of the area. [wandering trader]

New Brunswick & Nova Scotia – Explore the natural wonder of the Bay Fundy which boasts the most impressive tides in the world. One of the popular Canada attractions they dont tell you about is the lobster meals served in this part of old Canada (some of the best lobster in the world. [wandering trader]

Quebec Province – If you want to experience a uniquely different culture the Quebecois would be happy to oblige. From the art, the food, and even the music, this area of Canada is distinctly French Canadian. [wandering trader]

The City of Toronto – One of the most cosmopolitan and international cities in the world and one of top Canada attractions. You can experience almost every culture in this incredibly diverse city. From the art, cuisine, fashion, and even entertainment. [wandering trader]



Canada Day Celebrations, July 1st, Ottawa & Canadawide – July 1st celebrations in Canada are akin to the July 4th festivities in the US. Marking Canada’s birth as a country, July 1st sees Canadians donning their red and white attire and whooping it up with fireworks and lots of that good Canadian beer. The celebration is nationwide, but Ottawa will show you a particularly good time. [go canada]

Celtic Colours International Festival – Celtic Colours is held for nine days every October on the delightful island of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. This unique Island-wide celebration of Celtic culture and music is the largest of its kind in North America. If you like fiddles and fiddlers, this is your festival. [go canada]

Edmonton Folk Festival, Edmonton – From its humble beginning in 1980, the Edmonton Folk Festival has grown to be one of the world’s premier folk festivals. Held each August, the festival’s lineup is always outstanding and ticket prices reasonable. [go canada]

Montreal Jazz Fest, Montreal – Every June/July, the Montreal International Jazz Festival offers about 500 concerts, of which three-quarters are free of charge, and hosts about 2,000 musicians from over 20 countries. Two million music lovers arrive in Montreal, Quebec, for THE international jazz rendez-vous and launching pad for new talent, Expect to see the biggest names in not just jazz but other types of music. Performing artists have included Diana Krall, Norah Jones, and Aretha Franklin. [go canada]

Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, Montreal – Since 1983, the Montreal Comedy Festival, or, Just for Laughs as it is more commonly known, has been inviting people to get together just for fun, just for entertainment — just for laughs. The festival, held every July, has grown in popularity and reputation and today features some of the world’s greatest comedians and spawned a television show that is broadcast internationally. [go canada]

Quebec Winter Carnival, Quebec City – The habitants of New France, now Quebec, had a rowdy tradition of getting together just before Lent to eat, drink and be merry. Today, the Quebec Winter Carnival is the biggest winter carnival in the world and is celebrated annually at the end of January until mid-February. No sense in fighting the cold — embrace and celebrate it. [go canada]

The Calgary Stampede, Calgary – Don your cowboy hat and spurs and head on over to The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. Each year, more than one million people visit Calgary to partake in this 10-day Calgary Stampede party held every July. [go canada]

Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto – The Toronto International Film Festivals is one of the leading film festivals in the world, ranking closely with Cannes and Sundance. Films such as Hotel Rwanda, American Beauty, and The Big Chill made their premieres at this prominent star-studded event held each September. [go canada]

Vancouver Celebration of Light, Vancouver – The largest fireworks competition in the world is held over several nights every summer in Vancouver. More than just a pyrotechnical extravaganza, the Honda Celebration of Light comprises concerts, food stalls and the Seawall Challenge, a popular urban adventure race. [go canada]

Winterlude, Ottawa – Canadians celebrate sub-zero temperatures and waist-high snowdrifts by staging great winter festivals, such as Ottawa’s Winterlude. For the first three weekend’s every February, the nation’s capital puts on a winter festival that features ice-skating on the world’s longest rink, ice sculptures, a snow playground, concerts and more. [go canada]

Public Transit

Public Transit

Bicycle – Cycling is a popular means of getting around during the warmer months, and many cities have hundreds of kilometers of dedicated bike paths. Bicycles typically can be taken on public transportation (although some cities have restrictions during peak travel times). All the major cities have shops renting bikes. Vancouver, Toronto and Montréal have bike-share programs. [lonely planet]

Bus – Buses are the most common form of public transportation, and practically all towns have their own systems. Most are commuter-oriented, and offer only limited or no services in the evenings and on weekends. [lonely planet]

Hitchhiking – Hitching is never entirely safe in any country and we don’t recommend it. That said, in remote and rural areas in Canada it is not uncommon to see people thumbing for a ride. [lonely planet]

Ride-Sharing – Ride-share services link drivers and paying passengers headed in the same direction. Kangaride ( is a Québec City–based service that is rapidly expanding across Canada. It costs $7.50 per year for membership and $5 per ride (on top of what the driver charges). Allô Stop ( is a similar service operating in Québec; the website is in French. [lonely planet]

Taxi – Most of the main cities have taxis and smaller towns have one or two. They are usually metered, with a flag-fall fee of roughly $2.70 and a per-kilometer charge of around $1.75. Drivers expect a tip of between 10% and 15%. Taxis can be flagged down or ordered by phone. [lonely planet]

Train – Toronto and Montréal are the two Canadian cities with subway systems. Vancouver’s version is mostly an above-ground monorail. Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa have efficient light-rail systems. Route maps are posted in all stations. [lonely planet]

Professional Groups & Events

Professional Groups & Events

Agile Ottawa Meetup Group – Come out and share with local area companies who are passionate about Agile software development. This is where you can share ideas, ask questions, talk shop and network. [meetup]

AgileTO – AgileTO gatherings prize participation, provide insight and are accessible to all with an interest in agile principles and practices. Connect, converse and share. Join us in pursuit of a better way of working. [meetup]

Big Data Montreal – Big Data Montréal’s mission is to make Big Data technologies and concepts accessible to everyone. Big Data Montréal helps the exchange of knowledge and the development of Big Data technology’s documentation and understanding. [meetup]

Biz Assist Networking Empower Your Business – This is an open networking group which is ideal for anyone who is serious about networking and understands the benefit of business to business networking. This group will be very well attended by many business owners, entrepreneurs and like minded people who are interested in Networking, Connecting, materminding, mentoring, and building relationships to grow and support their business. [meetup]

Business Professional Networking Seminars – This group reunites anyone who wants to grow their network and increase job search opportunities while adapting to the culture of Canada. Business Professionals’ Growing Network. [meetup]

Calgary Agile Methods User Group – The group has a local focus and our meetings promote networking within Calgary’s agile community. We encourage members to ask questions, to offer to speak, to propose alternative meeting styles, and to participate fully. Each meeting starts with a half-hour “meet and greet” session where members can socialize and have fun. This is followed by a one hour talk by a distinguished guest. [meetup]

DevOps Ottawa – The future of the software world lies in the co-operation of development, quality assurance and operations. Delivering top-notch products quickly requires integration and co-operation — no more silos. [meetup]

DevOps Toronto – This group is for people who share that vision.  I wanted to create a meetup for like-minded folks to share ideas, complain, layout plans and vision for the future, and generally enjoy great company. [meetup]

.NET User Group of BC – The Vancouver .netBC Users Group is a community organization established on 03/03/03. Our sponsors are Microsoft, BCIT, INETA (, Pacific Online, and We focus on software development. There are no fees for attending and all are welcome. Please invite anyone you know who might be interested. [meetup]

PyData Vancouver Meetup – This is a group for users and developers of data analysis tools in Python. The goals are to provide Python enthusiasts a place to share ideas and learn from each other about how best to apply the language and tools to ever-evolving challenges in the vast realm of data management, processing, analytics, and visualization. [meetup]

Language Exchange

Language Exchange

ザ Japanese Cafe – This is a group for everyone who is interested in Japanese, including both learners and teachers. Our goal is to share conversation and culture while teaching and learning Japanese. [meetup]

Calgary African Community Meetup Group – Hi everyone and welcome to the African community meetup group. I was seeking a meetup group specifically for all africans were we can interact, share ideas, culture, music, food and be there for each other. [meetup]

Calgary French Rendez-vous – Welcome to our new French meet up group. French speakers and learners of all ages and levels are welcome. [meetup]

Conversational English – Our group is a casual and fun way to practice English and to build confidence. It’s also good for socializing, making friends, learning about and exploring the city. [meetup]

English Conversation Café – Meet a safe, fun, social, caring, open-minded group who want to progress further in learning English. We are a fun support group where you can practice English conversation among Canadian-born speakers. We are always interested in learning from your experience and culture. [meetup]

English Conversation Lunch – The English Conversation Lunch’s main goal is to give montrealers the opportunity to enhance their English skills and make new friendships during lunch time. All level of speakers are welcomed. Show up with your friends!! [meetup]

ESL In North York – Practice your English with native English speakers and qualified English teachers. FREE conversation class every Tuesday 1-2:30PM. [meetup]

European Expat Meeting Group – Let’s get together for a European tour without leaving Montreal. This group is intended primarily for people with European origins, for those who stay in Montreal but miss that “European panache” and who would like to share their cultural heritage with the rest of the group. [meetup]

Ottawa Babel – OttawaBabel is a group for people in the Ottawa area who have an interest in practicing/learning foreign languages and also willing to help others with their language goals. [meetup]

Ottawa French Conversation Express Meetup – This group is for learners and aficionados of the French language who want to take their speaking skills to a higher level. We are concentrating on speaking because this is usually the biggest problem for learners.  Activities will consist primarily of workshops where there will be formal guidance under an experienced French teacher. [meetup]

LGBT Groups

LGBT Groups

All Inclusive Ministries – Based at Our Lady of Lourdes’ Parish in Toronto, Canada, All Inclusive Ministries (AIM) is a welcoming, safe, and affirming Catholic community. We serve as a bridge between the Church and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons. [meetup]

Apollo Badminton (LGBT) – Drop-in badminton fun for LGBT and friends in Calgary. All age and skill levels welcomed. [meetup]

Dogs and Their Lesbians – Every one agrees:  dogs are pack animals. If you are one of those dog-devoted lesbians dedicating all of your precious hours to Fido and happily going solo, you might find you enjoy branching out. [meetup]

Kind – Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Trans.  Non-binary. Two Spirit. Queer. Questioning. Intersex. Asexual. QTBIPoC. Youth. Adults. Seniors. Elders. No matter what kind of person a client or member happens to be, they are our kind. We believe everyone on the human sexuality and gender spectrum should be celebrated and supported. [kind space]

Lesbian 50+ Social Group – This is a social meet up group for lesbians who have celebrated the big 50 or BETTER. (Give or take a few years). We get together for walks, hikes, potlucks, outings, games nights, day trips, picnics, dances, kayaking, canoeing, movies, bowling, and more! It’s all about fun and adventure! [meetup]

Montreal – Laurentides Gay Hikers & Friends (LGBTQ) – We are a relaxed “no attitude” group of LGBTQ Hikers & Friends who enjoy being outdoors year-round, whether hiking, snow-shoeing, or at blended events: Hike & Bike, Jazz & Walk (Montreal Jazz Festival), Art Walk & others. [meetup]

Montreal LGBTQ welcoming Christians (Mandarin Chinese 中文為主)– This is a new inclusive Christian group that welcomes LGBTQ and is for anyone who speaks Mandarin Chinese, is interested in being part of a growing community, sharing food and life, learning more about faith and spirituality. [meetup]

People Like Us A monthly Calgarian GLBT Networking Occasion – People Like Us (PLU) provides a monthly meet up for our LGBTQ community in the Calgary area. It’s an opportunity to meet new people in a safe, respectful, and informal setting. [meetup]

Vancouver Queer Asians VQA – Vancouver Queer Asians is a social group for queer Asian single males ( in particular east asians & southeast asians gay males ) where members can come together for support, for all kinds of fun social activities (games nights, potluck dinner nights, movie nights, sports days, hobbies classes, to group travels, etc), to meet cool new friends and to nurture great friendship. [meetup]



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