The name Pakistan literally means “land of the pure” in Urdu and Persian. It is a play on the word pāk meaning pure in Persian and Pashto while the suffix -stān is a Persian word meaning place of, cognate with the Sanskrit word sthāna (Devanagari: स्थान [st̪ʰaːnə]). [wikipedia]

Places to Meet People

Places to Meet People

Boulevard Mall Hyderabad – Boulevard Mall offers different national and international brands, a state of the art cinematic experience with Cinepax and a large play area for kids. [facebook]

Empower Pakistan – Empower Pakistan has been much aware of the fact that KPK is not talent deprived; rather it is filled with great potential. The only issue prevalent in that region is the lack of awareness about the digital industry and online money making. This is the reason; Empower Pakistan decided to plan something so that the relevant awareness could be created. [empower pk]

Lahore Hiking Group – Lahore Hiking Group which is also known as “Concordia Trackers”, the Lahore originated tour operator adventure tourism club which offers a vast variety of activities like trekking, hiking, climbing, bushwalking camping, paragliding, ski along with cultural and historical sighting for their members. [meetup]

Let’s play Football – Soccer in Lahore – The goal of this group is to organize weekly football events. [meetup]

MCT Community Pakistan – MCT Community Pakistan. In collaboration with Microsoft Pakistan. [meetup]

Micronix Lab – This is a group for anyone interested in electronics, robotics, microcontroller projects, Mikro C for PIC, electronics students, Mikroelektronica (mikroc), Arduino, programming and development etc. All skills levels are welcome. I started this group because to meet other outdoor enthusiasts. Looking forward to exploring the skills and experience with everybody. [meetup]

Pearl Continental Rawalpindi – The Pearl-Continental Hotel Rawalpindi enjoys the status of the only deluxe hotel in the city. [facebook]

Quetta Online – Quetta Online Volunteer Group is a great practical idea to bring change i.e How to use Social Media for positive activities like Knowledge sharing, E learning, Social work and Youth awareness and talent promotion programs, Jobs, online education programs, Blood Bank , Sports and Health Tips. [facebook]

How to Find a Date

How to Find a Date

Karachi Dating – Karachi Dating is the No. 1 free online dating site! The site boasts a community of quality single men and women serious about finding real love, romance, soulmates, friendships and fun in this city. Still wasting your precious resources on other sites and places that don’t seem to find you a date or love? Guess what, your perfect single in Karachi is only a click away on Karachi Dating. [karachi dating]

Muslima – is a specialist Muslim matrimonials and matchmaking website that assists Muslim men and women to find their perfect match anywhere in the world. We offer friendly service combined with sophisticated search and messaging facilities that will make your search for true love fun and enjoyable. [muslima]

Pakistani Lounge – Welcome to, your compatible Pakistani singles & friendship community. We offer a site that excels for a number of reasons. We’ve developed an extensive list of questions… over 100 questions on topics ranging from leisure activities to politics to the personal domain. [pakistani lounge]

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Hinterland Travel – We have extended our travels in Pakistan and established our South Pakistan and the Indus tour. Beginning in Islamabad and journeying through via Lahore to that very atmospheric City Multan with its Sufi traditions, down the the Indus river, visiting parts of the Cholistan Desert, covering Mohenjo-daro, that slightly mysterious ancient Indus Valley Civilisation city and completing in Karachi. [hinterland travel]

Hunza Adventure Tours – All of us at “Hunza Adventure Tours” have realized a common dream, to explore the unspoiled and less traveled areas and to visit and learn from the diverse and wondrous culture of the world. We are a group of experienced young staff, speaking various foreign languages like English, Japanese, German, French and Spanish etc. [hunza adventure tours]

Pak Tours Limited – Pakistan Tours Limited was established as tour operating agency, wholly owned by PTDC, in 1971 and was incorporated under the Companies Ordinance. Its functions were earlier limited to Karachi being the Head Office. In 1986, it was decided by the PTDC to extend the functions of PTL and its Head office transferred to Flashman’s Hotel Rawalpindi. PTL has its own Board of Directors. [pak tours limited]

Free Things to Do

Free Things to Do

Drive on the world’s highest highway – The Karakoram Highway is the world’s highest paved road, reaching an elevation of 4,693m (15,397ft) as it meanders through the Himalaya, Hindu Kush and Pamir mountain ranges. Following the ancient Silk Road through breath-taking scenery, the highway offers views over the Indus River and of the beautiful Gilgit and Hunza valleys. [world travel guide]

Explore Pakistan’s modern capital – With its cutting-edge architecture, leafy parks and world-class cultural sites, Islamabad is a modern metropolis that likes to surprise. Viewed best from Daman-e-Koh – a terraced garden with excellent panoramas over the city – Islamabad is home to some extraordinary sights, not least the magnificent Faisal Masjid, one of the most unusual looking mosques in all of Asia. [world travel guide]

Feast your eyes on Lahore – The capital of Pakistan’s Punjab province, Lahore is home to some of the country’s finest architecture. Must see sights include the UNESCO listed Shalimar Gardens and the magnificent Badshahi Mosque, which is a beautiful example of Mughal architecture rivalled only by the Taj Mahal. Other must see sights include the Gate of Chauburji, Mughal Jahangir’s tomb and Gawalmandi Food Street, which serves some of the finest fare in the land. [world travel guide]

Follow the iconic Khyber Pass – Travellers are currently not advised to visit the Khyber Pass. Readers have reported lately that they were refused a permit to travel along this iconic route, due to ongoing security fears along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. [world travel guide]

Go on a pilgrimage to Ziarat – The beautiful city of Ziarat is located amongst juniper forests in the province of Baluchistan. Aside from the scenery, the most famous attraction here is Ziarat Residency, the wooded house where Pakistan’s founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, spent his final days. [world travel guide]

Hit the slopes at Malam Jabba – Blown up by the Taliban in 2006, Pakistan’s Malam Jabba ski resort reopened in 2011 – and now it’s better than ever. Perched some 2,804m (9,200ft) up in the Karakoram mountain range, Malam Jabba is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and plans are afoot for a new hotel, cable car and piste. [world travel guide]

Kick back in cosmopolitan Karachi – Situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Karachi is Pakistan’s former capital and its largest city. The bustling port is home to the magnificent Quaid-e-Azam’s Mazar, the mausoleum of the founder of Pakistan, which is made exclusively out of white marble. Other places of interest include the National Museum of Pakistan, Port Grand, Saddar Bazaar and Clifton Beach; Karachi answer to Venice Beach. [world travel guide]

Learn about Buddhism at the Taxila Museum – This museum has an extraordinary collection of art from the ancient kingdom of Gandharan, which incorporated modern day northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Kingdom of Gandharan (1500-500 BC) was a centre of Buddhist and Hindu culture and the museum showcases many fine exhibits from this period including temple friezes, Buddhist sculptures and ancient coins. [world travel guide]

Marvel at Mohatta Palace Museum – In 1927, Shiv Rattan Mohatta, a successful Marwari entrepreneur, commissioned a palatial house in the affluent seaside neighbourhood of Clifton, Karachi. Mohatta made his fortune as a ship handler and enlisted the services of Ahmed Hussein Agha, one of the first Muslim architects of India. [world travel guide]

Peek at Pakistan’s peaks – Pakistan contains five of the world’s highest peaks and several of the world’s largest glaciers. The northern areas are the most popular for trekking, with Gilgit and Skardu being good starting points for trips. [world travel guide]

Roam the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro – Dating back to 2600 BC, Mohenjo-Daro is a fascinating, albeit somewhat dusty, archaeology site in Sindh province. Home to one of the world’s first major settlements before it was abandoned in the 19th century, today only ruins remain and they are in a poor state – this UNESCO World Heritage Site is suffering the effects of erosion and poor maintenance. [world travel guide]

Roam yet more ruins at Takht-i-Bahi – Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the beautiful Buddhists monastic complex of Takht-i-Bahi is located approximately 80km (49 miles) from Peshawar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. [world travel guide]

Stimulate your senses at Anarkali Bazaar – One of the oldest bazaars in Asia, Anarkali is a place that will awaken your senses. Listen to the tinkle of glass bangles, feel the fine silk wares and smell the spices wafting from the traditional food stalls. [world travel guide]

Take in the Chitral Valley – Sitting in the shadow of the Hindu Kush, is Chitral Valley. A wild and beautiful place, most visitors to this rugged region base themselves in Chitral, a laid back, welcoming town that feels quite different to the rest of Pakistan. [world travel guide]

Visit Qila Bala Hisar fort in Peshawar – The ancient city of Peshawar is often overlooked due to on-going problems in the region. However, those travelling to this dusty metropolis will be rewarded for their perseverance by the magnificent sight of Qila Bala Hisar fort, which was used by King Timur Shah Durrani (1773-1793) as the winter capital of the Afghan Durrani Empire. [world travel guide]

Watch a traditional polo match – Polo is a popular sport in the northern towns of Gilgit and Chitral, where they play a wild form of the traditional game: pomp and snobbery is replaced by live music and a lot of bravado from the crowd. The first game of the season tends to be after the Spring Festival, towards the end of March. [world travel guide]



Jashan-e-Larkana – Jashan-e-Larkana is celebrated in the last week of the month of February. The event is organized in Larkana Sindh. It is a three-day festival where different competitions are held and traditional sports like kabaddi are played. A trade fair is also set up where Sindhi handicrafts and traditional dresses and jewelry are sold. A festival in Pakistan not to be missed indeed. [yum to yikes]

Lok Mela – National Folk Festival also knows as Lok Mela is one of the most awaited festivals of Pakistan. This festival is embraced by national and international artisans and performers. In this festival you are provided with a splendid opportunity to experience the variety of tastes, cultures, heritage which Pakistan has to offer and all under one roof. [yum to yikes]

Mela Chiraghan – The festival of Chiraghan (also known as the festival of light) is one of the major events which takes place in Shalimar Garden, Lahore. Mela Chiraghan is also one of the festivals of Pakistan and should not to be missed when it is arranged in March for three consecutive days, every year. History tells us that this particular festival is celebrated to mark the Urs of a Punjabi Sufi poet with the name of Shah Hussain. [yum to yikes]

National Horse & Cattle Show – This particular show is known to take place in the heart of Punjab, Lahore. Horse and Cattle show is held at Fortress Stadium in the beginning of November and continues for five consecutive days. The show brings together the breeders of these horses and cattle from around the country who showcase the best breeds of their livestock. [yum to yikes]

Shandur Polo Festival – Another one of the famous festivals of Pakistan is a Shandur Polo festival, people keenly await every year. The festival takes place from 7th to 9th July annually on top of Shandur Pass which is around 3,700 meters above the sea level. The event marks rivalry between the two teams of Gilgit and Chitral who face off in a polo match, a match thousands of people come to witness. [yum to yikes]

Sibi Festival – The advent of the event took place in the 15th century when the tribes in Balochistan decided to meet together in Sibi, annually. The tradition successfully continued through the 17th century and the event takes place today still. However, today the Sibi festival (Mela in local language) occurs not only to further the discussions of the tribes but to develop camel, horse and cattle breeding, as well as promote handicrafts made by the local Balochi men and women. [yum to yikes]

Utchal – Utchal is a summer festival which is organized by the people of Kalash and takes place from 18th to 21st August in the valley of Kalash, located in Chitral (An area not easily approachable yet through the right arrangements can be visited). This particular festival is celebrated to mark the harvest of wheat and barley in the region, and is an event filled with joy, laughter, dancing and singing and not to forget feasting! Another Pakistani cultural festival you might not want to miss experiencing. [yum to yikes]

Public Transit

Public Transit

Auto Rickshaws – Auto rickshaws are a popular method of travelling in cities and are found in almost every city and town in Pakistan. The fare is usually negotiable before commencing a journey; however, due to the level of pollution contributed by auto-rickshaws, the government has recently begun banning older ones and replacing them with CNG auto rickshaws, which tend to be less noisy, form less pollutants and are much bigger and more comfortable. [wikipedia]

Buses – Within cities, buses provide a significant role in commuting a large number of travellers from one city to another. Recently, large CNG busses have been put onto the streets of various cities, primarily Karachi and Lahore, and recently Islamabad, as the minivans which were originally used were beginning to cause large traffic problems. [wikipedia]

Cars – Over the years, the number of cars on Pakistani roads has tripled. Traffic jams are a common scene in major cities across Pakistan. The most popular cars on Pakistani roads are Suzuki Mehran, Suzuki Cultus, Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Bolan, Daihatsu Coure, Hyundai Santro, Honda Civic, Honda City, Honda Accord, Toyota Corolla and Toyota Vitz. [wikipedia]

Taxis – Another very common sight seen mainly at hotels and airports are yellow taxis. Drivers charge according to a meter located on the dashboard of the car, but fares can be negotiated if there is no meter. The cab drivers are reliable and will take passengers to any destination required. [wikipedia]

Urban Railway – The Karachi Circular Railway, which opened in the early 1940s, is the earliest functioning Mass Transit System in Pakistan. In 1976, Karachi was slated to begin work on an underground metro system, but plans have been put on hold since. [wikipedia]

Professional Groups & Events

Professional Groups & Events

Code for Pakistan – Citizens coming together to create innovative open-source web and mobile applications to spark civic engagement. [code for pakistan]

Docker Lahore – Meet other developers and ops engineers using Docker. Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications. Consisting of Docker Engine, a portable, lightweight runtime and packaging tool, and Docker Hub, a cloud service for sharing applications and automating workflows, Docker enables apps to be quickly assembled from components and eliminates the friction between development, QA, and production environments. [meetup]

Faisalabad Press Club – Association of primarily news journalist, but also includes academics, business people and member of the public services in Faisalabad, Pakistan. [faisalabad press club]

Faisalabad Professional Accountant – Group for Social and Proessional Networking of all Professional Accountnats of Faisalabad. [facebook]

Hyderabad, Pakistan WordPress Meetup – We’re a group of local WordPress developers, designers, and publishers who get together to share our knowledge and experience, and to meet other WordPress users in the area. This WordPress Meetup is open to all who love WordPress. [meetup]

Lahore Salesforce Developer Group – Connect with local developers building on the Salesforce Platform! [meetup]

Lahore Salesforce Users Group – The group provides a networking environment to aid both technical and functional discussion. The group aims to connect Partners and ISVs to potential clients. Salesforce Administrators and Developers will be able to gain new insights and advice and Salesforce-curious IT professionals will be invited to come along and explore a career in the cloud. [meetup]

Meteor Peshawar – Meet other developers using Meteor. Share your knowledge, apps, and get feedback from others. Meteor is an open-source platform for building top-quality web apps in a fraction of the time, whether you’re an expert developer or just getting started. [meetup]

Professional Lawyers Group – This is the page for those professional lawyers who really want to be professional. [facebook]

WordPress Meetup Rawalpindi – Islamabad – We are group of local WordPressians working together for medium to large WordPress projects. I would like you to join, no mater if you are beginner, expert, developer, implementor, blogger, designer or WordPress business owner, this group is for you to learn, share your expertise or just hangout with like minded people. [meetup]

Language Exchange

Language Exchange

Quetta Community – Meet fellow expats in Quetta. [just landed]

ryday Quetta – Fryday Quetta is a community where expats and locals make new contacts and meet friends. [fryday]

LGBT Groups

LGBT Groups



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