Coastal nation in Arabia, supposedly named for its founder. Recorded from Roman times (Omana, in Pliny). Related: Omani. [online etymology dictionary]

Places to Meet People

Places to Meet People

Al – Ayn Arabic Self Study (Beginners) – My personal goal is to try learning some Arabic. However, I don’t think I can do it on my own. The idea is a self study group where we would use the materials from a couple of books and DVDs to teach ourselves Arabic. [meetup]

al-´Ayn Salsa Dance Lessons Meetup – LA Salsa class on Al Ain Rotana ًHotel Followed by social dancing in Trader Vic’s. [meetup]

Belly Dance & Salsa classes – People interested to learn both middle easter and Latin dance. [meetup]

Beach Volleybal 2×2, Muscat – Hello, you know how to play volleyball and you would like to play beach volleyball. I have two net and keen to set up games. send me a message and join the group. It will be every Friday morning around 6:30am. Check
on Meetup for the next event. Talk to you soon ! [meetup]

Health, Wealth And Wellness – This meet up is for those who want a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy financials. Balancing the three so as to live a happy healthy life is the main goal. Exploring opportunities and enabling achievement of the goal. Networking for a better life experience. [meetup]

Muscat Adventures and Social Club – This is a group for anyone interested in socializing and having fun adventures. I started this group to explore muscat with others like minded. [meetup]

Muscat MTB – Anyone enthusiastic about mountain biking/cycling. [meetup]

Oman Social Club – This meet up is for everyone living in Oman willing to connect with others, socialise, be part of adventure trips etc. Please ensure that you have a clear face picture on your profile so that we all know that we are interacting with a real person. [meetup]

How to Find a Date

How to Find a Date

Dating Oman – Thousands of Beautiful Girls in Oman are Online now to find Love, Romance, Dating and Relationship. 100% Free Registration, it will only take 1 minute for you to register. We have More than 1 Million Registered and Active members from around the globe looking for Love and Romance in Oman. [dating oman]

Muscat Dating – Welcome to World Class Dating in Oman. Every day members recommend us to their friends and colleagues to join MuscatDating. This is only because our members have total confidence on our website. We are joined by more than 3000 members every month from Muscat, Oman, Arabian Gulf and other countries. [muscat dating]

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Kudu Travel – Kudu are non-territorial, accommodating visitors to their area and ranging widely themselves. Adventurous browsers, they consume many types of foliage and alter their tastes to suit the locale. Kudu also blend well with their environment. Their stripes making them disappear in the dappling of light through the trees, and are able to live both in the wilderness and partially settled areas. [kudu travel]

Oman Trekking Guides – Oman offers a lot of opportunities for hikers : from one-day gentle walking to several days more demanding trekkings. Walking on old donkey paths, you’ll discover old villages, walk wadis upstream to have a refreshing bath or up the mountain to have breathtaking views over canyons and valleys. [oman trekking guides]

Free Things to Do

Free Things to Do

Admire the grandeur of the Grand Mosque – Encrusted in gold, crystals and Italian white marble, Muscat’s Grand Mosque is dominated by a 10-tonne crystal chandelier, which is lit by no fewer than 1,122 bulbs, and a 21-tonne carpet woven in one piece by 600 Iranian women. [world travel guide]

Climb the battlements of a desert fort – Oman’s long military history comes alive in its desert forts, built to fend off rival sultanates and colonial empires. Muscat’s Al Jalali Fort was founded by the Portuguese, while the Nakhal Fort predates even the arrival of Islam in Oman. [world travel guide]

Cool off in a wadi – The wadis (seasonal stream beds) of Oman are islands of green in the desert landscape, and the most popular escape from the dust and heat of the cities. Wadi Shab near Sur rises to scenic waterfalls and there are dozens of other wadis, dotted with palms and pools. [world travel guide]

Dive into the Arabian Sea – Oman is a stunning destination for watersports, with teeming coral reefs and rich waters for deep-sea fishing further offshore. Elsewhere, you can windsurf, sail, or ride jet skis and speedboats to remote hidden coves. [world travel guide]

Drift on a traditional dhow – At Khasab, the capital town of the Musandam Peninsula, traditional dhows have been used by fishing families for centuries. These iconic Omani boats still ply the waters near Khasab, and some are used for dolphin-spotting tours in the azure waters of the bay. [world travel guide]

Drop into Barka fish market – About 80km (50 miles) from Muscat, the coastal town of Barka is famous for its lively fish market. It’s fascinating to watch locals bidding for fish of all colours, shapes and sizes on the bidding floor, while fishermen land the night’s catches on the huge beach outside, running up the sand with filled crates and fish threaded on lines. [world travel guide]

Explore mosques, museums and markets in Muscat – The capital of Oman is squeezed between the mountains and the sea, with tall minarets rising above its rooftops. Dotted in between the imposing mosques are fascinating museums, royal palaces and markets, or you can always just wander along the Corniche, enjoying the sea breezes, and take in the views from the Al Jalali and Al Mirani forts. [world travel guide]

Find the vision of Arabian Nights in Nizwa – This atmospheric town is renowned for its early-morning livestock market, winding alleyways and silver handicrafts. Nizwa was the country’s capital during the 6th and 7th centuries, but the iconic fort that rises above the rooftops dates from the 17th century, a time of warring tribes and insecurity. [world travel guide]

Gaze at the colours of the Bimmah Sinkhole – This enormous sinkhole is mesmerising, with its wonderful sandstone arch rising over a pool of luminous turquoise water (a result of salt and fresh water mixing together). It’s worth the long climb down (and back up again) to dip your toes in the water and to get a closer view of the 40m-wide (130ft) basin. [world travel guide]

Haggle at Mutrah Souk – This small but labyrinthine souk in Muscat is the place to haggle for gold, silver and other trinkets you thought you could never afford. It’s an atmospheric spot and a good place to pick up frankincense and spices at bargain prices. [world travel guide]

Have a beach picnic – Locals and expats from across the Gulf love to spend the weekends with a picnic and the company of friends on the sultanates’s beautiful beaches. Resorts such as Ras al Hadd offer acres of white sand, where rare sea turtles come to nest each summer, and there are more fine strips of sand at Al Mughsayl, Khalouf, and Tiwi. [world travel guide]

Look out from the walls of Al Rustaq Fort – A vision of desert beauty, the mighty walls of Al Rustaq Fort rise out of a sea of date palms. The complex has been beautifully restored; as you wander the maze of corridors, stairways, and state rooms, remember that this was the former home of Nasir bin Murshid, the Omani king who drove the Portuguese from their castles. [world travel guide]

Meet a genie at Bahla Fort – This is the most impressive fort in a country studded with medieval fortifications. One of Oman’s many World Heritage Sites, the fortress was founded in the 13th century, and many areas have been beautifully restored, while other parts lie in picturesque ruins. [world travel guide]

Ride a camel across the dunes – It’s hard to imagine a more Arabian experience than riding a camel across Sharqiya Sands in the Empty Quarter. On a camel safari, you’ll spend the days rolling across the sands, then make camp as dusk falls, for a barbecue of mutton kebabs and a night under the most amazing starry sky. [world travel guide]

Roll into the Empty Quarter – The largest desert in the Arabian Peninsula, the Rub’ al-Khali, or Empty Quarter, rolls north from Salalah across the peninsula towards Saudi Arabia. Few people have ever crossed the desert from side to side, but you can enter the fringes on exhilarating off-road trips, exploring dramatic dunes that are the living image of Arabia. [world travel guide]

Seek eagles in Al-Ansab – The Al-Ansab wetland near Muscat is a winter roost for migrating eagles, as well as 280 other species of birds. The Omanis have used trained birds of prey for hunting for centuries. To see flamingos, spoonbills and flocks of wading birds head to Barr Al-Hickman, one of Oman’s 16 national nature reserves. [world travel guide]

Take in the views from Jabal Shams – The ascent of 3,028m (9,934ft) Jebel Shams (Mountain of the Sun), either on foot or by 4-wheel drive jeep, offers stunning views over the shadows of Wadi Ghul, the Grand Canyon of Arabia. Dotted around the mountains are traditional villages where you can pause to haggle for goat-hair carpets from wandering weavers. [world travel guide]

Wadi Sahtan – The beautiful ravine of Wadi Sahtan in the Rustaq region is a favourite destination for 4-wheel drive guided jeep tours. En route, you’ll pass ancient villages, beautiful green pools, 14 million date palms, and craggy cliffs, stopping off for a picnic lunch beneath the towering peaks. [world travel guide]

Watch a blowhole blow its top – The Al Mughsayl blowholes near Salalah put on an amazing natural water display during the monsoon, when sea levels rise and currents become more active. Water surges though submerged channels, forcing a gushing geyser of water high into the air. [world travel guide]

Watch nesting sea turtles – Turtles have been nesting on the beaches of Oman since prehistoric times, and the nesting season from July to October is the prime time to see them. At beaches such as Ras Al Jinz and Ras Al Hadd, you can see the awesome spectacle of females hauling themselves up the beach at night to lay their eggs, before slipping back to the sea. [world travel guide]

Watch water surge down Wadi Darbat – Beautiful Wadi Darbat in the heart of Oman’s southern, subtropical region of Dhofar, is famed for its natural mud baths, but it’s just as interesting to stroll along the wadi, particularly in autumn, when water from the mountains forms magnificent waterfalls which cascade from a height of 100m (330ft). [world travel guide]



Cultural Theater Program – The Cultural Theater Program is an arts and culture festival organized by the Ministry of Tourism. Various performances such as folkloric music and dancing are held from December through to March at the Al Flayj Castle Theater and the Al Morooj Theater, both in Salalah. [iexplore]

Muscat Festival – The Muscat Festival is one of the biggest events, perhaps the biggest, in the country’s tourism and cultural calendar. Held every January and February, the festival showcases Omani culture and heritage through artistic and cultural activities. There is also a circus and a large concert featuring local and international musical artists. [iexplore]

Salalah Tourism Festival – While July and August may be too hot for a visit in northern Oman, these months are great for Salalah and the surrounding areas. During this time of the year, the region experiences Khareef season, a time when monsoon rains bring in life to the land, making for stunning tropical landscapes. This high tourist season is the time when cultural celebrations and parades are held in and around town to entertain both locals and tourists. [iexplore]

Sinbad Classic – A much awaited event organized by the International Game Fish Association is the Sindbad Classic. This event sees game fishing enthusiasts from all over the globe battle it out in a deep sea fishing contest in the waters of Oman. [iexplore]

Traditional Boat Races – Also happening early in the year are boat races and sailing competitions to celebrate Oman’s seafaring traditions. A Dubai–Muscat Regatta is held every January which see boats sailing from Dubai through the Straits of Hormuz toward Muscat. Boat races are also held in February wherein traditional boats such as dhows compete for a prize. [iexplore]

Public Transit

Public Transit

Buses – Travelling by small bus is the most popular form of public transport. The buses are called baizas and can be recognized by their white and orange colours. Ticket prices are low and the buses go along all the big roadways, including the metropolitan area of Muscat. You can stop one on the street and ask where they are going. [just landed]

Railway – Oman does not have a railway network yet, however in 2010 development began on the first of three lines, from Muscat to Sohar, expected to be completed in 2019. The other two proposed routes are from Muscat to Daq and Sohar to Al Ain. [just landed]

Taxis – Taxis in Oman have the same white and orange colours as the baizas. Booking a private taxi is relatively expensive, however it is customary in Oman to share your cab with others to bring down the price. Omani taxis do not use a meter, so to avoid getting stung ask locals or experienced expats about average prices and use this knowledge to negotiate with the driver before a ride. [just landed]

Professional Groups & Events

Professional Groups & Events

Coding Dojo (Muscat) – Code Dojo is open to all software craftsmen. Regardless of your job description in Outlook email signature, you are welcome. This includes testers, architects, project managers, analysts, lead programmers, programmers yet to discover the joys of Extract Method refactoring shortcut key and you. Especially you! [meetup]

Masqat Cyber Security for Control Systems – This meetup dedicated to all professionals involved in Cyber Security for Automated Processes and Control Systems including security for Operating Technology (OT), Industrial Control Systems (ICS), SCADA Systems, Transportation Systems, Building Control Systems (BCS), and even emerging Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems. [meetup]

Startup Grind Muscat – Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. We host monthly events in 200 cities and 85 countries featuring successful local founders, innovators, & investors. [meetup]

Language Exchange

Language Exchange

Spanish in Masqat (Muscat) Meetup – This is a group for anyone (young, adult, professional…) interested in Spanish language. We organize encounters where we learn Spanish, we practice Spanish, we read articles and poems, we get to know cool people, …. and we have fun with Spanish language!! [meetup]

Wamd English – This meetup is for people looking to strengthen their spoken English and strengthen their conversation technoques.Each week a member shares interesting stories in English and the group helps each other in filling the missing meanings in Arabic. [meetup]

LGBT Groups

LGBT Groups

Unwanted Same Sex Attraction Support Group – We are emphasising on people who are struggling with same sex attraction, aiming to communicate and support each other, listen and getting exposed to new people and experiences. [meetup]



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