Old English Israel, “the Jewish people, the Hebrew nation,” from Latin Israel, from Greek, from Hebrew yisra’el “he that striveth with God” (Genesis xxxii.28), symbolic proper name conferred on Jacob and extended to his descendants, from sara “he fought, contended” + El “God.” As the name of an independent Jewish state in the Middle East, it is attested from 1948. [online etymology dictionary]

Places to Meet People

Places to Meet People

Big things – If you’re here it’s a sign that you are hipsters of the Big Data technologies. [meetup]

Buddy&Soul, Jerusalem – Buddy&Soul is a lifestyle-oriented social platform – to be launched on Q4 2015. It will help its members and visitors gain and maintain personal-development, thereby enabling them to live a healthier, happier, more meaningful life. [meetup]

CMO Confessions Tel Aviv – Marketing Confessions is the marketing meetup for Senior marketing managers and marketing pros. Every event has a specific theme and features insights (or confessions) by a marketing pro. [meetup]

CyberJLM- Jerusalem Cyber Security Community – This group is all about a community of “Cyber”. The group and events are intended for anyone with a passion or involvement in Cyber Security. We welcome information security professionals of all levels of experience as well as enthusiasts and students. We started this group to build a community of cyber security in Jerusalem, and to create a place where people can get together, exchange ideas, create partnerships and provide mutual fertilization to each other. [meetup]

Digital Health – Welcome to the Israeli Digital Health Meetup! As the Start-Up nation and global center of excellence in the Hi-tech and the Healthcare industries, Israel has a significant role to play and the ability to bring the best solutions to support and contribute to the healthcare revolution. [meetup]

Get Together Meet New Friends – The group of people you will meet is small enough to enable easy casual conversations and larger than a “date” style. [meetup]

Go Israel – This is the group for programmers who are interested in the High Performance, Scalable, lightweight, cross platform development tool that also promises ease of programming, agility and the fun you don’t usually get using a low-level language. Welcome to the Israeli Go language Group. [meetup]

Jerusalem BioCity – JLM-BioCity is the non profit forum of bio professionals who love Jerusalem  and want to make Jerusalem as a global bio leader by creating networking opportunities to attract research and  innovation while creating jobs in the bio and life science fields. Our mission is to make Jerusalem a great place for the application of bio opportunities for the benefit of mankind. [meetup]

Lighthouse Community of Entrepreneurs – Lighthouse was designed to understand and supports agility and adaptiveness. It is a start-up development environment that allows you to take control over the growth of your startup. [meetup]

mHealth Israel – mHealth Israel is a non profit organization comprised of entrepreneurs, investors, developers and healthcare professionals applying IT, mobile and healthcare expertise toward connected health innovation. [meetup]

How to Find a Date

How to Find a Date – JDate is an international Jewish dating site that was founded in 1997. The site currently has around 450,000 members, of an even 50-50 gender split. JDate has an international office in Israel, with an all-Hebrew site to go along with it. JDate is a niche dating site that cares deeply about its niche. Beyond bringing Jewish singles together, the site is equally passionate about strengthening and nourishing the spread of the Jewish culture. [visa hunter]

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

BauHaus Center Tel Aviv – The best way to understand the virtues of Tel Aviv’s unparalleled architecture and urban landscape is through a concise guided tour. The center, together with the Israeli National Committee for UNESCO, offers the most professional tours, given by expert guides. [bauhaus-center]

Go Jerusalem – Jerusalem is a city that is made for walking tours. With so many places of interest, be they religious, cultural or historic book your walking tour today to enjoy the unique flavor and style of Jerusalem. [go jerusalem]

Jerusalem Tours – Home of the famous Jerusalem FREE Walking Tour with some of the best guides in the business. [new europe tours]

Tel Aviv Tours – Home of the famous Tel Aviv FREE Walking Tour with some of the best guides in Europe. [new europe tours]

Free Things to Do

Free Things to Do

Akko Old City – Akko’s Old City is a jumble of buildings dotted by minarets and church spires, and encompassed by a great citadel and imposing walls. Crusaders, Ottomans, Napoleon, the British Mandate authorities and Jewish freedom fighters combine to form a colourful past, while today Akko is a lively Arab city, with a bustling market and quaint fishing port. [world travel guide]

Baha’i Shrine and German Colony, Haifa – Taking pride of place in the heart of Israel’s third largest city are the Baha’i Shrine and German Colony. The perfectly manicured Persian Gardens tumble down the hill that characterises Haifa’s topography and into the German Colony below, at their centre the golden-topped Baha’i Shrine of the Bab, founder of the Baha’i Faith. [world travel guide]

Beaches – With four coasts to choose from, Israel has an impressive variety of beaches. Sandy beaches line the Mediterranean Coast, notably Tel Aviv and north of Netanya, while the Red Sea offers access to colourful coral reefs. The Sea of Galilee’s beaches are ideal for picnics and the Dead Sea offers a truly unique experience. [world travel guide]

Dead Sea – Lying 400m (1320 ft) below sea level and spanning the border between Israel and Jordan, the Dead Sea is a natural wonder. It contains more minerals and salt than any other stretch of water in the world, and thus it is possible to float on top of the water. Its natural properties make it a prime centre for spa treatments and relaxation therapies and there are a number of resorts in the area. The Dead Sea has strong Biblical connections: here the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest Biblical documents known to be in existence, were discovered at Qumran were found and King Herod built his palace of Masada. [world travel guide]

Desert tour – A trip into the Negev desert is a must-do. There are tours by jeep, on foot or on horseback from the desert town of Mitzpe Ramon and from the Red Sea resort of Eilat. [world travel guide]

Israel Museum – The Israel Museum in Jerusalem houses the country’s principal collection of impressive archaeological discoveries and ancient art. These include the Dead Sea Scrolls housed within their own grand wing known as the Shrine of the Book. A trip to the museum is crucial to understanding Israel’s long and complex history. [world travel guide]

Jerusalem’s Old City – Jerusalem’s Old City is a living museum of religious buildings and historical intrigue. Be sure to visit the Christian Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jewish Western Wall and Islamic Dome of the Rock – some of the world’s most significant buildings. Explore the bustling markets and narrow lanes of the four Old City Quarters. [world travel guide]

Kibbutz – These intriguing communities can be found all over Israel and many offer accommodation facilities for tourists. They offer a great insight into a local kibbutz life and are unique to the country. Several kibbutz offer workshops or, as with Israel’s first kibbutz, Degania A a small museum. [world travel guide]

Markets – Exploring the traditional markets is a definite highlight of a trip to Israel. Fling yourself into Tel Aviv Shuk HaCarmel, brimming with spices and fresh produce, try the traditional dishes in the Mahane Yehuda food market in Jerusalem or haggle for anything from souvenirs to jewellery along the narrow streets of Jerusalem Old City. [world travel guide]

Masada – The cliff-top palace of Masada was built by King Herod and offers breathtaking views of the Dead Sea and Negev Desert. It also holds an important place in the history books and hearts of Jews as the last remaining Jewish stronghold in of the Roman-controlled land. [world travel guide]

Mount of Olives, Jerusalem – Dominated by church spires and the white tombs of the Jewish cemetery is the Mount of Olives. Christianity, Judaism and Islam meet once again as significant events of our past were played out here. The Garden of Gethsemane, Dome of the Ascension and Tomb of the Virgin Mary are top pilgrimage sites. [world travel guide]

National parks and reserves – Israel’s historic treasures and breathtaking landscapes are protected in over 60 national parks and nature reserves. Remains of once grand cities such as Bet She’an and Caesarea are true archaeological highlights, while the Ein Gedi and Yehudiya nature reserves offer natural beauty and opportunities for hiking. [world travel guide]

Nazareth – Known as Jesus’ childhood home and the scene of Mary’s annunciation, Nazareth attracts scores of pilgrims from around the world. The predominantly Arab Christian city, where tiny, cobbled lanes weave between churches, mosques and a busy souk. The grand Basilica of the Annunciation takes pride of place in the centre of the city. [world travel guide]

Ramon Crater – This unique geological phenomenon is located in the heart of the barren Negev Desert. It was formed as an ancient sea that once covered this region retreated and today measures a vast 45km (28 miles) long, 8km (5 miles) wide and 500m (1640 ft) deep and provides for some astounding views, and a wealth of hiking opportunities. [world travel guide]

Sea of Galilee – The Sea of Galilee is a large lake in Israel’s beautiful Jezreel Valley that is as picturesque as it is historically important. The shores are dotted with churches commemorating Jesus’ miracles and baptism, while Tiberias – one of Judaism’s four holy cities – is a popular tourist destination for young Israelis. [world travel guide]

Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum  The impressive and moving Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum was built in remembrance of the six million Jewish people who perished in the Holocaust. A visit to Yad Vashem is crucial to understanding the history of the country. The museum is extensive and contains many displays and exhibits. [world travel guide]



Hanukkah in Israel 2016 – Hanukkah is a magical time to be in Israel with events across the country. Hanukkah in Israel is widely celebrated and while it isn’t a holiday on which businesses close, schools are on holiday and families are out and about exploring the country and taking advantage of the many events taking place to celebrate the ‘festival of light’. Hanukkah in 2016 begins on December 24 and continues for 8 nights, until January 1. [tourist israel]

Holiday of Holidays, Haifa – The Holiday of Holidays is an annual celebration of the religious and cultural diversity of the city of Haifa in the north of Israel which takes place every December and marks the Channukah, Christmas, and Ramadan holidays, for the Jewish, Christian and Muslim residents of Haifa who live peacefully side by side. The Holiday of Holidays festival takes place throughout the month, with events most days in December, and many more taking place on weekends including concerts, exhibitions, tours, shows, and conferences. [tourist israel]

Hula Valley Bird Festival – The Hula Valley Bird Festival is will return in November 2016 following the great successes of previous years. The Hula Valley is one of the most important stopover and wintering sites for birds migrating south through the Great Rift Valley, and the Hula Valley Bird Festival takes place at one of the most active times for this migration – featuring events, tours, seminars, and much more. The 2016 Hula Valley Bird Festival takes place between November 20-27, 2016. [tourist israel]

International Storytelling Festival – The International Storytelling Festival takes place in the city of Givatayim, next to Tel Aviv, each year during the festival of Sukkot, and has become one of the world’s largest such festivals. Over 100 performances, featuring 800 performers will take place as part of the festival, covering a range of topics and featuring storytellers from Israel and around the world, including prominent performers like Eli Amir, Keren Peles, Gadi Soukenik, Hanny Nahmias, Haim Shapira and more. The festival will host a special guest, originally from Iraq – Issam Arrabo – who will sing from a large repertoire of Iraqi songs. Another special event will be a performance of Ethiopian Jews portraying their music and culture. The International Storytelling Festival takes place at the Givatayim Theater from October 13 to October 24, 2016. [tourist israel]

Red Sea Winter Jazz Festival – The Red Sea Winter Jazz Festival follows on the tradition of the summer-time, was created for the first time in 2011, with a winter weekend of jazz in February, held due to the immense popularity and status of the summer festival as one of Israel’s premier cultural events. In 2017, the festival will take place over the weekend of February 9-11 and it is set to include some amazing jazz from across the world with a great atmosphere, at various hotels and venues in Eilat. The line up features artists such as Luca Aquino, Yasmin Levi, Terez Montcalm, Lola Marsh, Oran Etkin Quartet and many more. [tourist israel]

Public Transit

Public Transit

Buses – Egged is a prime bus company in Israel and provides intercity public bus service throughout the country.  Passengers can obtain information about the various bus lines on the Egged website or by phoning the computerized customer service and information center.  Each central bus station has an information booth and electronic boards displaying the departure times and destinations. [go israel]

Railways – Israel Railways has expanded and improved the train service in recent years.  Trains run more frequently to more destinations, there are more train stations in the major cities, and the trains are more comfortable. Students and senior citizens can receive discounts by showing a student card or ID. [go israel]

Taxicabs – Local and intercity taxi service is available to and from any point in the country.  Fares within the cities are charged according to the meter.   Drivers must operate the meter for trips within the city. Do not let the driver convince you to agree on a price ahead of time if you are not familiar with the rates! [go israel]

Professional Groups & Events

Professional Groups & Events

8200 EISP- Entrepreneurship and Innovation Support Program – Welcome entrepreneurs! This group is for anyone interested in start-ups in Israel, especially early stage entrepreneurs and start-up founders. We are a non-profit accelerator program (, running one cycle per year, with the vision of harnessing the vast network of 8200 alumni to promote and accelerate early stage start-ups and entrepreneurs. [meetup]

Big Data & Data Science- Israel – The group is meant to be a hub for those involved in Big Data and Data Science in Israel. Meetups will be held in Tel Aviv ,Herzilyah or General Gosh-Dan to discuss architecture, challenges, solutions , products and ideas that Big Data companies are facing and to learn from fellow Big Data professionals. [meetup]

DevOps in Israel – This is a meetup group of great devops guys, system administrators, developers and generally technical people. [meetup]

Jerusalem Business Network Forum – JBNF (the Jerusalem Business Network Forum) is focused on developing Jerusalem business. Our vision is to make Jerusalem rival Tel Aviv and Herzliya! [meetup]

Jerusalem Networking Hub – This group is for entrepreneurs, startups, business owners, executives and professionals. We will be hosting monthly events in Jerusalem to help our members start, build and grow their businesses. Let’s collaborate together and help each other succeed! [meetup]

Jerusalem Olim Professionals – This is a group for Olim talents from different professional backgrounds with the aim of enhancing employment, increasing network and learning more about the Israeli job market with a focus on the Jerusalem scene. Israeli professionals from very different backgrounds interested in supporting, networking and sharing knowledge with Olim are certainly also welcome. We will focus on organizing events in Jerusalem. [meetup]

Language Exchange

Language Exchange

Israel China Healthcare Forum – In the last few years China has experienced vast economic growth; living standards have risen and quality of life has grown. These factors and more have sharpened China’s focus on the Healthcare industry. China is facing major issues and challenges in the field. Israel is one of the most advanced places in the world in terms of new technologies and innovation in the field of Healthcare, with an advanced local Healthcare system including public hospitals, HMO, advanced research institutions and much more. [meetup]

Israeli or International-English Speaking Vegan-Raw Members – Israeli/International-English Speaking Vegan-Raw Business Mixers and Business Referrals Network is a group of people who are willing to share their ideas for improving their business or sales techniques and enhancing their corporate and/or professional images, and their personal lives in good health, and in concern for the ecology. [meetup]

Jerusalem Yiddish speaking students Meetup – We call on ultra-orthodox students in the Jerusalem area to unify. We hope to create a group of serious students who will help one another while not compromising on our unique lifestyle. [meetup]

Language Learning in Tel Aviv – This meetup brings together people who want to learn/improve their skills in different languages and who are willing to teach others the languages they know! [meetup]

The Israeli Natural Language Processing Meetup – This group is here to bring together natural language processing enthusiasts from both the industry and academia, in order to share inspiring ideas and practical experience in the field and create new opportunities and connections within the community. [meetup]

LGBT Groups

LGBT Groups

The Gay Center – The Gay Center is the mainly leader and organizer of gay programs and activities in Israel. The Gay center consists of many different departments including: culture, art, live performances, theatre and support group for individuals who identify as Trans, Religious, Gay and Lesbian, etc… In addition, The Gay center offers therapy, legal consultation, medical services, and more. Apart from the offered services at The Gay center, staff members can also provide individuals information about gay-friendly events and entertainment places all over Tel Aviv-Yafo. []



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