The earliest found mention of the Serbs is from Einhard’s Royal Frankish Annals, written in 822, when Ljudevit went from his seat at Sisak to the Serbs (believed to have been somewhere in western Bosnia), with Einhard mentioning “the Serbs, who, it is said, control the greater part of Dalmatia” (ad Sorabos, quae natio magnam Dalmatiae partem obtinere dicitur). De Administrando Imperio, written by Constantine VII in the mid-10th century, tells of the early history of the Serbs, whose polity he called “Serblia” (Σερβλία), and whose ruler he called “Prince of the Serbs” (ἄρχων Σερβλίας). He mentions White Serbia (or Boiki). Furthermore, he says that the town of Servia received its name from the Serbs who once lived there. [wikipedia]

Places to Meet People

Places to Meet People

Blockemon – This will be monthly meetup about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, distributed applications and everything related to it. The whole idea is to spread a word about it what is advantages and how to use it, share knowledge and ideas. Everyone is welcome to attend. [meetup]

Culture Talk Belgrade – This is event for people who know that you can not copy organizational culture.  We will talk about company culture, university culture, culture at all. The idea of “company culture” is many things—call it the recipe to success, the key to retention, the promise of profit or even the secret sauce. [meetup]

Data Science Serbia – This meetup is purporse is to learn and share information about machine learning, artificial intelligence and everything related to data science and analytics in general, including software development in this domain. [meetup]

EcoHub – We wish a warm welcome to everyone whose ideas, like intresovanja coincide with our vision! It’s time for Belgrade to get EcoHub and this meetup group was created with the aim of strengthening eco community in Serbia! [meetup]

Freelancers in Belgrade – This is a group for people who are interested in a new approach towards work and believe that work is no longer a place. If you want to be one of us – very welcome! ​Join us for the presentations and round-table about online work! ​Every few weeks we meet for some drinks to network, hang out and discuss freelancing and more. [meetup]

Mainstream – Mainstream organizes various events, among other things Sysadmin Meetup and mday. Our events bring together all lovers of IT, system administrators, developers, engineers…. [meetup]

Share IT Kragujevac – We are living in times of great changes. New technologies are emerging at an unprecedented rate creating exciting opportunities for businesses, while at the same time presenting numerous challenges. As this trend continues, organizations everywhere are feeling the impact and are learning how to adapt their business model to the new reality. [meetup]

Tech9 – We are Levi9 meetup team from Serbia. We are here to share our experience with you. [meetup]

Thank God It’s Monday, Belgrade! – Our group is dedicated to organizational leaders who want to reimagine the future of work in their organizations into workplaces where people say “Thank God It’s Monday”. Join us if you believe that work is not opposite to life. [meetup]

How to Find a Date

How to Find a Date

Karike – is a social network offering you an opportunity to communicate with your friends, meet new people and find out what others think about you and you become a star. [karike]

Serbian Dating – At, we excel at helping you find your match safely and quickly. Through our extensive profiles, members can learn about each other before meeting in person. Our great quality assurance and customer service means all you have to worry about is looking good in your photo. [serbian dating]

Serbian Love – At, we excel at helping you find your match safely and quickly. Through our extensive profiles, members can learn about each other before meeting in person. Our great quality assurance and customer service means all you have to worry about is looking good in your photo. [serbian love]

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Ace-Adventure Centre – 8 days/ 7 nights walking guided holiday in the Western Serbia and Belgrade from 720eur. Join us for a superb week of walking in the mountains of Western Serbia, whilst staying somewhere a little bit different! Staying in ethno villages (a small complex of houses built in a traditional style of that area) we will immerse ourselves in the local culture and cuisine of Serbia. [ace-adventure centre]

Belgrade Free Tour – We are an independent team of local tour guides, who are truly passionate about Belgrade and it’s life-style. We intend to present you the habits, customs and character of the locals, giving you a deeper insight into everything the city has to offer. Our walking routes cover the most important and amazing sites in the city, making certain that you don’t miss out on anything. We have two thematic walking tours in English , and both are based on the principle of tips. [belgrade free tour]

Free Belgrade Tours – This is the first thing you need to do when you have arrived in Belgrade! The Free Original Belgrade History Tour is the best way to familiarize yourself with the city, AND see some of Belgrade’s infamous attractions. This stroll through the heart of the city shows off some of Belgrade’s amazing history. This city has been attacked some 80 times in its history, and at least partly destroyed a minimum of 45 times. The Romans were here long ago for centuries as well as the Ottomans. [free belgrade tours]

Taste Serbia – Our guided 8-hour tours through Belgrade’s stunning Skadarlija neighborhood take you to 8 foodie locations to sample 12 typically Serbian tastings. Take in fascinating history, unique shops and AMAZING food! Uncover the real Belgrade and eat like a local. [taste serbia]

Walk Serbia – Kevin Shannon is an adventurer, writer, speaker and entrepreneur from the UK. After his initial visit to Serbia 2010 during a cycling expedition across Europe he subsequently fell in love with the country, returning in 2013 to complete the expedition this book is based on. [walk serbia]

Free Things to Do

Free Things to Do

A walk down Knez Mihailova street – Knez Mihailova Street, with a row of villas, is a fine example of architecture of the nineteenth century, where the most influential and richest urban families of the era lived. Knez Mihailova Street was the first regulated and officially named street in Belgrade. Today, Knez Mihailova is the pedestrian zone and the shopping center, protected by the law. [places to see in your lifetime]

Architecture of Golubac – Golubac is a city of the fairytale fortress looks and impressive architecture. Golubac is the city built on a steep, high and inaccessible rock, on the right bank of the Danube. At this point, the Danube is the widest and it looks like the sea. The fortress was built at the entrance to the Djerdap canyon. The fortress dominates this part of the Danube and it can be seen from all sides. [places to see in your lifetime]

Bela Crkva – The charm of a small town kind of Mir-Jam happily described in her novels, a patchwork of thousands of species of flowers, which decorate the private yards, leave passers speechless, two rivers and seven artificial lakes, why it is called the “Venice of Vojvodina” … Bela Crkva has all of this, a small town in the south of Banat, economically one of the poorest in Serbia, but by geographical location, nature and tourism potential – very rich. Undoubtedly, the biggest attractions are artificial lakes of Bela Crkva, which are formed by decades of excavation of gravel from the fields between the city and village of Vračev Gaj. [places to see in your lifetime]

Belgrade City Zoo – Located in the city center, in an area which is known as Letle Kalemegdan, Belgrade Zoo or the Garden of Good Hope was opened in 1936 and was opened by the then Mayor Vlada Ilic. Soon, the garden has become a favorite place among citizens. At the very beginning, the zoo had a surface area of 3.5 hectares, and it has spread to 7 acres, and later to 14 hectares. During World War II the zoo was damaged and the most of the animals died. [places to see in your lifetime]

Drvengrad – festival Kustendorff – Kustendorff is a cultural and film destination that is unavoidable on the tourist map of Serbia and Europe. The creator of this turist miracle is the famous film director Emir Kusturica. Monica Bellucci, Jim Jarmus, Johnny Depp and many others are regular guests of Drvengrad. At this point everything is dedicated art of cinema. A most important event is the Kustendorff Film Festival, which brings together all the known personalities from the world of film. [places to see in your lifetime]

Exit music festival – Novi Sad – A city north of Belgrade, Novi Sad, is the host of one of the most famous music festival in the world – Exit for 15 years, On the several stages, Exit brings together some of the best musicians from almost all known musical genres. Suffice it to mention Sting, Leonard Coen, the Prodigy. They all passed through Exit. The festival gathers thousands of tourists every year, so visit Exit is a big hit. [places to see in your lifetime]

Kopaonik – skiing and enjoying – Kopaonik is known worldwide for its natural beauty that tourists can enjoy during the summer and winter. Due to its favorable climate, with almost 200 sunny days a year, Kopaonik deserves its other name “Sunshine Mountain.” Kopaonik is today a haven for the elite. And not only for elite from Serbia but from all over the world. On the Kopaonik mountain is held every year a business forum that brings together entrepreneurs from all over Europe. [places to see in your lifetime]

Miroc mountain – forgotten heaven – The mountain stretches on over 300 square kilometers, where the Danube twists, while is making its way through rocky cliffs of Djerdap canyon. Since 1974, Djerdap was declared a national park and one requires a permit to climb the highest peak Miroc, Great Strbac (767), above the narrowest part of the Danube. Miroč has mountain peaks: Mali Vis, Visoki Čukar, Čaršija i Glavica, as well as the plateaus: Kiloma, Beljan i Alun. Hotels and private accommodation can be found in Donji Milanovac, Kladovo and Tekije. [places to see in your lifetime]

Tour of Nis and the monument of Constantine the Great – By the citadel bridge in Nis, on the left bank of the river Nisava, there are two monuments that remind of 1.700 and 1.600 anniversary of the Edict of Milan by tetrarchs of the West – Constantine the Great ((272 / 273-337) and tetrarchs of the East Licinius (about 250-325) the legal text from 313. year, which had proclaimed religious equality and ending the persecution of Christians. [places to see in your lifetime]

Viminacijum, town loved by the Roman emperors – One of the largest and best preserved cities of the Roman Empire – Viminacijum, is located in the heart of Serbia. Viminacium archaeological park provides visitors an atmosphere of past times, and in the coming decades should come to life. 18 Roman emperors were born on the territory of Serbia, a fifth of the total number of emperors who ruled Rome. On the territory of Spain, for example, were born two and one on the territory of Germany. [places to see in your lifetime]



Belgrade Beer Fest – Since first taking place in 2003, Belgrade Beer Fest has become the biggest beer festival in the country. It is traditionally held at Ušće (the confluence of two rivers, the Sava and Danube). In 2005 British newspaper the Independent recommended the festival as a must-visit international event. Each year around 500,000 people visit the event, ensuring that it has won numerous awards and is constantly growing. The festival takes place in August, the entrance and all the concerts are free, and visitors can enjoy and sample more than 90 brands of beer. [the culture trip]

European Film Festival Palić – Debuted in 1992, European Film Festival Palić, has quickly become Serbia’s leading cultural event dedicated to the presentation, preservation and promotion of European films. During summer months, Palić – a lake resort near Subotica – becomes a gathering place for numerous film makers, actors and film critics. This festival aims to be a meeting point of cultural variety amid European countries and to track the generation of new ideas originally in the field of cinematography. [the culture trip]

EXIT – EXIT was born in 2000 as a student movement fighting for peace and democracy in Serbia and the Balkans. The idea was to present the life of young people in a different way, through fun and music. The host of this award-winning music festival is the city of Novi Sad and Vojvodina’s prettiest 17th century fortress, Petrovaradin. If you want to spend unforgettable days dancing to the beat of the best local and foreign artists, party till the morning, enjoying the unique atmosphere with your friends, embark on this journey and become part of the famous EXIT adventure. [the culture trip]

FEST – The International Film Festival FEST, held every year since 1971, is one of the most important film festivals, and today is a ten day long cinematic extravaganza attracting numerous movie buffs. With slogans like ‘A Brave New World’ and ‘Erasing Borders’, it’s the meeting ground of a number of carefully selected films and eminent authors, with an exceptional atmosphere. Featuring 110 premier screenings during ten days, The International Film Festival has welcomed big names like Kirk Douglas, Jack Nicholson, Catherine Deneuve, Francis Ford Coppola and Roman Polanski over the course of its history. [the culture trip]

Guča Trumpet Festival – From its humble beginnings back in 1961 as a churchyard concert with only four performers, Guča Trumpet Festival has grown to be a festival that lures thousands of visitors with its unique atmosphere of great sound and fun. The festival is followed by the competition for the best orchestra and the best solo performer, as well as numerous cultural and art programs. The festival plays regular host to internationally renowned Serbian musician and composer Goran Bregovich, who performs almost every year. Even if you’re not a fan of this kind of music, here you can experience Serbian tradition, food and more in a unique and original way. [the culture trip]

Kustendorf – The International Film and Music Festival Film maker, actor and musician Emir Kusturica wanted to create a unique place that connects art, creativity and magical nature. That’s how, in January 2008, Kustendorf – The International Film and Music Festival was born. Despite its relatively young age, it has quickly become one of the best movie and music festivals in Europe, attracting more and more young authors, greats of cinematography and visitors from all corners of the globe. This magical place has welcomed numerous big-screen stars, such as Nikita Mikhalkov, Johnny Depp, Monica Bellucci and Jim Jarmusch, as well as celebrities from Serbia. [the culture trip]

Lovefest – Inspired by a festival that took place in Serbia during the 50s, Lovefest is all about spreading love. Love for electronic music, love for nature and, most of all, love for each other. Across three days in August, the lake and surrounding woodland in Vrnjacka Banja are converted into a vibrant and cultural stage. This year’s festival celebrated a decade of existence with some of the most famous names from the world of electronic music – Sven Väth, techno titan Ben Klock, Kristijan Molnar and Ellen Allien. More than 80,000 people from around the world enjoyed spectacular performances, heightened by impressive visuals, production and pyrotechnics. [the culture trip]

Nišville – Beside Exit, Serbia has one more festival that takes place in a fortress. The Niš fortress dates from the early 18th century and it’s one of the most beautiful medieval fortresses in southern Serbia. Nisville is a jazz festival with a four decades long tradition. The festival lasts for four days during which you can enjoy fusions of jazz, soul, funk and blues. It has hosted over 6,000 musicians, some of the most notable names are Joss Stone, Soweto Kinch, Benny Golson, Solomon Burke, Stanley Jordan, The Rosenberg Trio, Larry Coryell, Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Charles Mingus, Grace Kelly and Al Di Meola. British newspaper the Guardian named Nišville as one of the top 10 jazz festivals in Europe. [the culture trip]

Public Transit

Public Transit

Bus, Trolley, Tram – BusPlus ticket system is new system of tickets and public transport regulation. This project is start on 1st February 2012 and continuing to present days. [virtual tourist]

Taxi – Beware of fake taxi drivers if you just pull over a taxi on the street and pay attention to taximeter. Ask for the approximate price before getting in. [virtual tourist]

Train – I always prefer train transport over buses and it was very convenient for me. As my father was working for Railways of Republika Srpska it was very affordable trip for me. As FIP card discount holder during my study I was able to traveling to Belgrade from Doboj, my hometown for bargain price for return rides that trough years was from 14,90 KM (about 7 euros) to 17,90 KM (about 8,5 euros). [virtual tourist]

Professional Groups & Events

Professional Groups & Events

Belgrade Startup Founder 101 – Startup Founder 101 brings together aspiring and experienced tech entrepreneurs to discuss, meet, and collaborate to build great new startups, and to push the local startup ecosystem forward. In this group you can learn the best practices of starting a company from people who have been there and done that. [meetup]

Episerver Developers in Serbia – A group aimed at Episerver developers based in Serbia, to meet in an informal setting and share tips / tricks and ideas about Episerver, ASP.NET and web development in general. [meetup]

Golang Belgrade – This is initial group of golang enthusiast. [meetup]

GoTech- DevOps Talk Belgrade – DevOps Talk Belgrade meetup is a part of GoTech Global Engineering Community. Meetup is about learning and sharing information on the DevOps movement – culture, practices and tools. This is a group for professionals, hackers, managers, and engineers – from development and operations backgrounds – interested in scalability, high availability, continuous integration, automation and other DevOps responsibilities. [meetup]

iOS Developers Srbija – Whether you’re a veteran iOS programmer or you’re just starting out, this group is for you. Plan is to hold regular Swift lang, Xcode, iOS and OSX development meetups. We do app showcases, tutorials, code-walkthroughs and tech-talks on these topics. [meetup]

ITPro Serbia User Group – ITPro Serbia is a user group that brings together IT professionals and all other people who are professionally or as a hobby or deal with Microsoft and other technologies. The group is open and membership in the User group is free and welcome all who want to learn something new and to share their knowledge with others. [meetup]

JS Belgrade Meetup – JS Belgrade is JavaScript User Group from Belgrade. Our goal is to connect Belgrade’s JavaScript community through monthly meetups. [meetup]

Python Belgrade – This group is for Python enthusiast and practitioners. This group is started to exchange experience for Python development. [meetup]

Serbian C++ User Group – This is the official Serbian C++ user group whose purpose is to support Serbian C++ software developer community and promote using of modern Standard C++. [meetup]

Language Exchange

Language Exchange

Belgrade Expat Meetup – Are you a Belgrade Expat? You are in the right place. This new meetup is all about connecting with fellow expats in Belgrade. We’ll meet up during happy hours, shows, pot-lucks, hikes and anything that gets us chatting in real life. See you soon! [meetup]

Belgrade Spanish Learners Meetup – For everyone who learns or wants to learn Spanish! We will meet and speak about different interesting topics, practicing our Spanish, making mistakes and having fun. [meetup]

Serbian and English Conversation – This is social meetup for expats and locals who want to practice their language skills over a drink or cup of coffee in one of Belgrades many bars and coffee shops. We can help each other with language in a relaxed, informal way. [meetup]

LGBT Groups

LGBT Groups

Belgrade Pride – Belgrade Pride is an association of citizens / which was founded in the fall of 2010, which aims to organize Pride Week and Pride walks. From 2011 to the present association Pride Parade in Belgrade, known as the Belgrade Pride, organized hundreds of events within the Pride Week. []



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