1560s. From Pole +‎ land, from German Pole, singular of Polen, from Polish Polanie ‎(“Poles”, literally “field dwellers”), from Proto-Slavic *poljane, plural of *poljaninъ ‎(“field dweller”), from *polje ‎(“field”) + *-ěninъ. [wiktionary]

Places to Meet People

Places to Meet People

Booklovers Warsaw – Welcome Booklovers !!! I started this group to meet and gather anyone who loves books 🙂 I would like to meet all of you, spend time talking about books of course but also about your other passions, life and everything else that is worth mentioning so that all group members could get to know each other. [meetup]

Design Practice – Design Practice is an event for everyone involved or interested in the practical aspects of digital design, including UI and UX design, graphic design for Web and Mobile, who works and lives around Warsaw. The format is mixed, with meetups ranging from talks over workshops to designer profiles. [meetup]

Gliwice indoor games Meetup – Hi there, if you live in Gliwice and you are interested in playing indoor games like football or volleyball, please check out that group. [meetup]

Human Tech Art – “Technology alone is not enough. (…) The best ideas emerge from the intersection of technology and the humanities.” [meetup]

Katowice Foodsharing – Eating In Meetup – This group’s meetups are to discover and create new tastes, by “meeting up” and hosting cooking events in our kitchens. In other words, to have fun cooking, tasting and eating. Any member of the group can suggest and host Fooding Meetup events, including YOURSELF. [meetup]

Meet @ Table – I was very new in Warsaw when I moved here in Feb 2014. In a few months I thought and came up with this unique idea of meeting at home and making new friends over small group dinners. On 5th May 2014, I founded Meet@Table and we had our first dinner meeting on 30th May 2014. [meetup]

Payments Warsaw – Discussing innovations in payment services. The meetup brings together payment experts from banks, payment institutions, telecoms and developers. Designed for anyone who is passionate about payment services. There are no charges, meetings and membership is for free. [meetup]

Tarnowskie Góry Live Music Meetup – Having fun, concerts, music, party, friendships, party people. [meetup]

How to Find a Date

How to Find a Date

Cafe.pl – Cafe.pl is a free dating site that is part of Gazeta.pl. It has over 100,000 registered users. Because it is a free site, you will need to work a lot harder in order to get dates. What I found is that the higher quality profiles tended to get bombarded with messages. Also, you will see a number of inactive profiles. The way to get around this is to search for only profiles in which the member was active within the last week or month. Otherwise, you will reach out to members who are virtually inactive, and there will be a slim chance you will receive a response from them. [visa hunter]

EDarling.pl – EDarling.pl is the ideal site if you are 35+ years old. The site is owned by Affinitas, who is also the parent company of EliteRencontre and EliteSingles. These three sites are structured in a similar way and have close to the same features. The eDarling website is professional, clean and intuitive so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. With the implementation of a highly detailed personality test, the matches you make here will be of much higher quality. [visa hunter]

Mydwoje.pl – My Dwoje was founded in 2007 by Catherine Bieber. The main driver behind the site is the compatibility algorithm created by psychologist and therapist Andrew Rutowski. The premise behind the algorithm is that there are specific pairs of character and personality traits that gel well and lead to a happy, long-lasting, fulfilling relationship. The site uses your answers from the detailed questionnaire you fill in at sign up to compute a compatibility score between you and every other member on the site. [visa hunter]

Przeznaczeni.pl – Przeznaczeni.pl was established in 2005 and is a dating portal for Catholics and people who value friendship, honesty and faithfulness family. If you are Catholic, and religion plays an important role in your life, I recommend you give this site a try, as well as another dating site, Zapisanisobie.pl. You will find like-minded people at both sites, but Zapisanisobie is smaller and cheaper. [visa hunter]

Randki.o2.pl – o2 Randki – Like Cafe.pl, Randkio2 is a free dating service. The portal is managed by o2.pl and has over 300,000 members, two-thirds of whom are men. Because it is a free service, as you expected, you get what you pay for. You on’t find a lot of the bells and whistles you’ll find at other sites, and you’ll certainly need to work really hard to find any success with this site. Treat it as a numbers game where you will need to send out a lot of messages in order to get bites. [visa hunter]

Sympatia.pl – Sympatia, which means sweetheart in Polish, is the best online dating site in Poland. If you only have the time to sign up for one site, this one is it. The site was launched in 2004, now has over 5.5 million users, and was named Poland’s #1 dating site in an analysis by the magazine ComputerWorld. Sympatia has the look and feel of a brand new website, with a sleek, impressive design, great communication options, and a host of supportive features, like an onsite blog, a mobile app, a regularly updated Facebook page, and sponsored singles events, such as speed-dating, weekend getaways, dance parties, tours and cruises. [visa hunter]

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Break In Warsaw – We are a group of Warsaw City guides who are fascinated by our subject. We organize trips in six languages: Polish, English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish and we aim to show places and buildings of interest to everyone and to help to understand the complicated history of our city; which we think is well worth your while. [break in warsaw]

Free Walking Tours Warsaw – Our free walking tours are designed especially for individual travelers and small groups of friends probably the best tours in Poland. [free walking tour]

Katowice Adventure – We are fully licensed and experienced incoming tour operator in Katowice. We offer wide choice of tours, transfers and activities not only in Katowice but in all major cities in Poland. Moreover we are able to organize almost every service of this kind on your request in almost every place in Poland. [katowice adventure]

Stay Poland – It cannot be denied that most people visit Katowice for business purposes, but if you are interested in industrial heritage then you should seriously consider coming too. Katowice is easy to get to, thanks to the number of low-cost, direct flights. [stay poland]

Free Things to Do

Free Things to Do

Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum – One can hardly call it a tourist attraction. Nor should you go there just because it befits to do it. The 3 million victims of the largest of Nazi Germany’s concentration camps don’t need high attendance records. What they need is a moment of reflection on what happened and what should be done so that this tragedy never occurs again. [open travel]

Białowieża National Park – One of the last bastions of tranquility in Poland, Białowieża National Park protects a tiny bit of a much bigger forest which straddles the border between Poland and Belarus and is the last remaining part of the extensive primeval forest which once spread across the European Plain. This magnificent cluster of gigantic, age-old trees and a major bison breeding center is a paradise for hikers, Nordic walkers, and whoever enjoys a quiet time out, with soothing vistas, sharp smells and myriad noises bombarding the senses. [open travel]

Bieszczady National Park – If it’s camping or endless hiking that you’re looking for, this is the place to be. This largest mountain national park in Poland is part of Europe´s largest primeval beech forest, and a well-groomed network of trails provides splendid opportunities for all sorts of outdoor endeavors. [open travel]

Chopin’s Manor House in Żelazowa Wola – Żelazowa Wola, March 1st, 1810. Little did Mr and Mrs Chopin realize that one day their newborn son would change the shape of music and his name would be known to virtually everyone in the world. The village may not be easy to track, but those who want to find out what lies at the heart of Polishness will certainly not regret a Sunday visit to the manor. [open travel]

Church of Peace in Jawor – The origins of the church in Jawor date back to 1648, when on the basis of the Peace of Westphalia the Lutherans in the Roman Catholic parts of Silesia were allowed to build their Evangelical places of worship. Of course, the construction fell subject to tough restrictions, and the church not only had to be erected outside the city walls and built from nondurable materials, but also stay clear from resembling a traditional sacral building. [open travel]

Dluga Street (ul. Dluga) – Lined with outstanding Renaissance buildings, outdoor cafes, and shops, the elegant Dluga Street, together with the Long Market, once formed the Royal Route and was inhabited by the city’s most prominent figures. Today it is the favorite meeting point of tourists and local residents alike. Revealing its well-groomed facades during the day and crowded with groups of visitors eagerly taking pictures at the beautiful Neptune’s Fountain, at night those two bustling arteries of Gdańsk turn into a historical stage for a modern spectacle of light and music. [open travel]

Dunajec River Rafting – Undoubtedly, this region is both a feast for your eyes and a place that allows no boredom. Set among limestone cliffs plunging into the water, the river will make you drift leisurely past abundant vegetation, scenic highland views and the Niedzica Castle towering over an enormous water reservoir and a dam. The Dunajec, which flows smoothly in a ravine among rocks, turns suddenly a few times adding a thrill to the rafting. [open travel]

Jaskinia Niedzwiedzia (Bear Cave) in Kletno – In your search for underground adventures make for the biggest and most spectacular cave in the Sudety Mountains. Discovered by chance during marble exploitation, the cave is commonly regarded as a prime tourist attraction thanks to its water formations that never cease to grow. High chambers, underground rivers and waterfalls as well as colorful stalactites and stalagmites are a feast to not only a speleologist’s astounded eyes. [open travel]

Jewish District (Kazimierz) – Kazimierz, the UNESCO World Heritage Jewish Quarter of Krakow, definitely lures with its unique atmosphere of Bohemia artistic life and mouth-watering local dishes. Once an autonomous Jewish town and major European center of the Diaspora, it still echoes the intricacies of Christianity and Judaism in its numerous monuments. [open travel]

Książ Castle – Perched on the hill top, the Książ Castle impresses with its majesty and amazing structure. Erected in the 13th century and then repeatedly destroyed, rebuilt and reconstructed it is now highly treasured as the Pearl of Lower Silesia. A visit to the interiors is a definite must for the stylishness of the chambers includes splendid mirrors, antique chimney pieces and gilded chandeliers. [open travel]

Lazienki Park – Once you’ve had a good look around the Royal Castle and before you get drawn into the lively atmosphere of Warsaw’s Old Town, make sure you spare enough time for Łazienki Park. Spread over 74 hectares, it is a favorite Sunday refuge for the capital’s residents and an all-year tourist attraction. Takes its name from the Palace on the Water, originally built in the 17th century as a bathhouse, today the park is sprinkled with palaces, mansions, cafes, restaurants, lakes, and theaters. [open travel]

Malbork Castle (Muzeum Zamkowe w Malborku) – No sooner had the Grand Master Siegfried von Feuchtwangen decided to move the Teutonic Order’s headquarters to Malbork in 1309 than it became obvious the castle did not measure up to its new role. Since then, it was continually rebuilt and enlarged to end up as the most impressive brick castle in the whole Northern Europe. [open travel]

Masurian Lake District – Arguably one of the most enticing tourist areas in Poland, the Mazurian Lake District is a place where one can experience the extremes. Cut off from land, subject to the power of water and wind, you find meaning in silence, solitude and natural hierarchy. But when the night comes and your boat rocks in the harbor of a bustling port town, the uproar of collective singing and all-night revelry remind you that it’s good to be home. Of course, this duality is not reserved for sailors. [open travel]

Old Town of Krakow – Citizens or foreigners, everybody loves Krakow, and its Old Town in particular. The flower sellers, the myriad buskers, the quaint pubs, and the maze of cobblestoned streets seem to exist in age-old harmony. Even the crowds are not much of a nuisance. [open travel]

Palace of Culture and Science (Palac Kultury i Nauki) – This gargantuan tower rising from the center of Warsaw may not be the most attractive monument to see in Poland, but the story behind it makes it an inseparable part of the country’s history. The mostly abhorred gift from the USSR to the People’s Republic of Poland, the Joseph Stalin Palace of Culture and Science was the tallest skyscraper in central Europe when completed, and is still one of the tallest in the continent. [open travel]

Panorama of Raclawice Battle (Panorama Raclawicka) – Called the city of one hundred bridges, Wrocław itself should be somewhere on top of both history buffs’ and urban revelers’ must-do lists. Yet much as it is beautiful and entertaining, it is something else that deserves special attention here. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to the mediocre gray rotunda to marvel at the colossal panoramic painting depicting the Battle of Racławice, during the Kościuszko Uprising. [open travel]

Pauline Monastery in Częstochowa – The Pauline Monastery on the Jasna Góra Hill is undoubtedly one of the three major Roman Catholic pilgrimage center across the world. It enshrines the miraculous icon of the Blessed Mother and Child Jesus, which came to symbolize the spiritual core of the nation and whose holy quality is embraced in myriad legends. The most striking example of an event when the Black Madonna came to the aid of her people was recorded in1920, when the Soviet Russian Red Army gathered on the banks of the Vistula River with the intention of conquering Warsaw. [open travel]

Polish Jura Chain (Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska) – Get ready for multiple attractions as the area of Jura abounds in things to do. For those who opt for a little bit of physical workout, the region offers numerous biking trails and rock-climbing spots both for beginners and more experienced climbers. Hiking? No problem! The tracks will take you among limestone rocks, remnants of 14th century fortifications built upon rocky hills as well as rich fauna and flora. [open travel]

Słowiński National Park – Embracing the most pristine part of the Baltic southern coast, its forests, plant cover, miscellaneous fauna and inspiring landscapes, the Słowiński National Park has been drawn on the World List of Biosphere Reserves, and one can hardly wonder why. The park is perhaps most famous for its picturesque sand dunes, the biggest in Europe, which change shape, grow, and move with the wind. [open travel]

Southern Pier (Molo Południowe) – Gdynia is a relatively young, but quickly developing port city with plenty of modern highlights for tourists to enjoy their time around. Yet the place that lures people of all ages is the Kościuszki square with the ORP Błyskawica destroyer and the Dar Pomorza sailing frigate moored in the dockyards. A guided tour of both is a must, and if weather permits, you may also embark on the “Viking II” tourist ship, which takes passengers for sightseeing cruises around the Bay of Gdańsk in the daytime and serves as a boat-restaurant at night. [open travel]

Tatra National Park – With its headquarters in the bustling town of Zakopane, Tatra National Park is where the most precious, natural Polish riches find tranquil refuge. Embracing the only mountains of alpine type, which rise steeply from a high plateau and extend for approximately 64 km along the Slovakian-Polish border, the park features a diversified relief with height differences up to 1,700 m, mesmerizing streams, marvelous lakes, and myriad species of fauna and flora. [open travel]

Town Square – Old Town – „Stopped the sun, moved the earth, Polish nation gave him birth”. So goes a Polish nursery rhyme dedicated to Nicolas Copernicus. To be precise, the famous astronomer was born in Toruń, a nearly eight-hundred-year-old city designated by UNESCO as the cultural heritage of mankind for its outstanding medieval layout and soul. [open travel]

Warsaw Rising Museum – Visitors freeze on hearing the sounds of battle and heart beats emanating from the central highlight of the museum – an ordinary wall that in its mediocrity aptly captures the brute force and the human dimension of the Warsaw Uprising. [open travel]

Wawel Royal Castle (Zamek Krolewski) – A visit to Krakow is not complete without due attention paid to Wawel Royal Castle. The seat of Polish royalty between the 11th and the early 17th century, the complex is an adequate reflection of the city’s excellence and image before King Zygmunt III decided to move the Polish capital to Warsaw. A guided tour through the exquisitely decorated Renaissance interiors is an experience steeped in history and legend. [open travel]

Wieliczka Salt Mine – Feeling like exploring something? If yes, head for Wieliczka, the famed Polish salt mine. Not less magnificent than the Egyptian pyramids they say, the mine opens its subterranean realm of labyrinthine passages, underground lakes and enormous caverns right in front of your eyes. Let yourself marvel at the rich ornamentation in the salt rock as well as salt sculptures and even chandeliers filling the chambers with dim light. [open travel]



All Saints’ Day – All Saints’ Day is accompanied by the beautiful tradition of decorating cemeteries with thousands of glowing candles. On this night, the worlds of the living and the dead come closer to one another. Poles honor their deceased family and friends with memories, church services, and, of course, the flickering candles that brighten graveyards all over Poland on November 1st. [go east europe]

Drowning of Marzanna – This pagan farewell-to-winter tradition occurs on Death Sunday, before Easter. An effigy of Marzanna, the goddess of the winter seasons, is taken to the riverbank and thrown in the water. Participants watch her “drown”; with the passing of Marzanna, the ills of winter are forgotten and spring can return with warm weather and natural bounty. [go east europe]

Easter – In Poland, Easter traditions are both symbolic and fun. Blessed food, decorated eggs, church services, Easter palms, and seasonal markets help to mark this springtime celebration of faith, joy, treasured customs, food, and family. [go east europe]

Juwenalia – Juwenalia is a student festival that occurs in May or early June. This event is marked by colorful parades, contests, games, and parties. Juwenalia is an annually anticipated event and has its roots in medieval times. [go east europe]

St. Andrew’s Day in Poland – Andrzejki, or St. Andrew’s Day, is a traditional holiday that occurs on November 29th. It’s an evening of superstition and fortune-telling. On this night, young women can predict who they’ll meet and fall in love with! [go east europe]

Wianki – Wianki is a pagan festival honoring the midsummer solstice. Krakow’s Wianki celebrations are second to none, and they include concerts by big-name performers, fireworks displays, and an annual market. [go east europe]

Public Transit

Public Transit

Bus, Tram & Trolleybus – Polish cities offer excellent public transport. Every large and medium-sized city will have a comprehensive autobus (bus) network, while some cities will also have tramwaj (tram) and trolejbus (trolleybus) systems. Warsaw is the only city with a metro. [lonely planet]

Taxi – Taxis are easily available and not too expensive. As a rough guide, a 5km taxi trip will cost around 20zł, and a 10km ride shouldn’t cost more than 35zł. Taxi fares are higher at night (10pm to 6am), on Sunday and outside the city limits. The number of passengers (usually up to four) and the amount of luggage doesn’t affect the fare. [lonely planet]

Train – Poland’s train network is extensive, easy to use and reasonably priced. It’s likely to be your main means of transport for covering long distances. That said, service to many smaller cities has been cut back in recent years, which means you may find yourself relying more on buses or a combination of bus and train. [lonely planet]

Professional Groups & Events

Professional Groups & Events

Chillout Meetup – Chillout… in this atmosphere of professionals in our group we are talking about technologies, novelties, projects and direction as it seeks IT. Our community brings together experienced developers, architects, designers, testers, and young enthusiasts discovering the secrets of the profession. [meeup]

Code Pizza – We are a group of enthusiasts with diverse interests and skills. The purpose of our meetings is to exchange knowledge and experience between developers and lovers of new technologies. [meetup]

Docker Warsaw – Meet other developers and ops engineers using Docker. Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications. Consisting of Docker Engine, a portable, lightweight runtime and packaging tool, and Docker Hub, a cloud service for sharing applications and automating workflows, Docker enables apps to be quickly assembled from components and eliminates the friction between development, QA, and production environments. [meetup]

Gliwice Software BarCamp – Gliwice software BarCamp is a grassroots initiative aimed at focusing specialists associated with the process of creating software for free exchange of experiences, mutual learning and inspiration to take on new challenges. [meetup]

Konferencja Quality Excites – Quality excites (QE) is a nationwide conference on the quality of the software that gathers professionals in the practice of using the latest technologies and working methods. The main purpose of the meeting is to exchange knowledge and experience, which will enable knowledge of innovative concepts, allowing you to create high-quality products. [meetup]

Software Architecture & Design Debate – We invite everyone interested in Software Architecture, we believe that every engineer have influence on system design. [meetup]

Startup Founder 101 – At Startup Founder 101, aspiring and early-stage startup founders meet once a month to hear candid talks by successful local entrepreneurs. Learn the best practices, strategies, and mistakes to avoid from those who have been there, done that. Then, if you’d like, you can share your ideas and plans in a relaxed setting to get personal and professional feedback. [meetup]

Warsaw IOT Developers – The idea is to share the ideas, experience and knowledge about development of the M2M application. We would like to cover programming devices and m2m platforms that can shorten development of applications for end customers. [meetup]

Language Exchange

Language Exchange

Expat Meetup Warsaw ( Locals and Culti’s Welcome ) – The Expat Meetup Group Warsaw exists for the sole purpose of casual get-togethers in a friendly environment where everyone feels welcome. The Meetups are all about meeting people in a laid back and social atmosphere.  It doesn’t matter if you just want to have a drink with some people, if you want to make new friends or if you like discovering new places to go – this group is for everyone. [meetup]

Need A Native – We are inviting you to come out and meet fellow language learners. You’ll chat with people just like you, who want to sharpen their skills and prepare for new adventures that lie ahead. In addition, we can help you find the right native teacher to elevate your skills. Our events provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere to get chatting away for hours. [meetup]

LGBT Groups

LGBT Groups

Lambda Warszawa Association – We help people who find themselves in difficult situations because of sexual orientation and gender identity. [lambda warszawa]

LGBT Business Forum – LGBT Business Forum is a Polish foundation, working to raise awareness and promote LGBT diversity in the workplace, and was established in May 2012 by a team with extensive experience in the private and public sectors. We provide the LGBT Business Networking Platform to organizations which allows to exchange best practices and so through diversity leverage business results. [lgbt business forum]

Spotted : LGBT Katowice i okolice – Community for LGBT in Katowice, Poland. [facebook]



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