The origin of the term Malta is uncertain, and the modern-day variation derives from the Maltese language. The most common etymology is that the word Malta derives from the Greek word μέλι, meli, “honey”. The ancient Greeks called the island Μελίτη (Melitē) meaning “honey-sweet” (which was also, inter alia, the name of a Nereid), possibly due to Malta’s unique production of honey; an endemic species of bee lives on the island. The Romans went on to call the island Melita, which can be considered either as a latinisation of the Greek Μελίτη or the adaptation of the Doric Greek pronunciation of the same word Μελίτα. [wikipedia]

Places to Meet People

Places to Meet People

Co-working Gozo – Hi all, we’re in the process of setting up a co-working/business centre in Victoria, anticipate launching February 2017. It will have a high speed internet connect and a comfortable modern environment to come and work, meet like minded people, network and generally get out of the house to go to work. [meetup]

Gozo Cruise and Crews – Gozo is a wonderful place to mess about in boats: blue sky, sparkling sea and over 300 days of sunshine a year. Yet Gozo does not have a culture of being on the water for leisure. Being in the water, yes: Gozo is a great diving and watersports centre, but not on the water. Now a few likeminded individuals want to meet up with people who’d like to change this situation, even if you have never sailed before or owned a boat yourself. [meetup]

Get Creative! Writer Workshops and Critique – Are you writing a novel? Scribbling short stories? Penning poetry? Then come join other local creative writers to exchange ideas, share excerpts, and get some all-important feedback on your work. I’m hoping that we can arrange a variety of workshops for writers of all levels and in any stage of the process, from creativity sessions and speed critiques to in-depth novel exchanges and perhaps even write-ins for NaNoWriMo or other challenges. [meetup]

Gozo Meet Up – This is a group for everyone living on Gozo or visiting here for a holiday. Members can keep track of what events are happening on the island, join in, meet people, make new friends and organise their own events. It runs alongside the immensely useful Facebook community group GOZONE where you can ask and share information with each other, buy and sell items, share experiences  etc. [meetup]

Malta Social – A group for everyone interested in meeting new people and having fun. We enjoy a variety of social events with regular meals out,  drinks evenings, book club, film nights, ten pin bowling and theatre trips. Plus you will have the opportunity to join local culture visits, wine tasting, local events and festivals, music evenings and other food and drink related events. [meetup]

Malta Tech Meetup – A social meetup group for the tech and entrepreneurial geeks of malta. [meetup]

Trekking Malta & Gozo – This is a group aimed at anyone interested in the outdoors, particularly trekking, walking, power training, hiking, boulder trekking, camping, kayaking and other similar activities organised both locally as well as overseas. All skills levels are welcome though a basic fitness level is desirable. [meetup]

How to Find a Date

How to Find a Date

Connecting Singles – A 100% free Online Dating service for Malta singles with loads of quality features to help you connect with friends in Malta and worldwide. Many online dating sites claim to be free, and then surprise you with charges for features such as emailing, chat, IM, etc. [connecting singles]

Date Hookup – We’re 100% free for everything, meet Malta singles today.Chat with singles on our free Malta dating site. [date hookup]

Malta Dating – Dating site was created to help people find their second half, their love and new friends. On our site you can see girls and guys from all over the world looking for new friends. At your disposal user profiles, messaging, video chat, view and post photos. [malta dating]

Meeting – The warmest and most inviting online lounge in Malta. Whether you are looking to make new friends, find your soul mate or just a date is the place for you. [meeting]

Singles – is one of the Top Dating Service providers. Thousands of successfully matched couples throughout the world are a proof of this and every year millions of new members are taking advantage of the dating opportunities that has to offer! [singles]

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Colour My Travel – Colour my Travel is an Organised Excursion Operator, licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority, that has introduced the popular and innovative concept of donation-based Free Tours to the Maltese Islands. [colour my travel]

Malta Nature Tours – Specializes in organising guided nature walks in Malta and Gozo. Identification and information about the biodiversity encountered is supplied in all tours. Small groups guarantee personal attention and a unique experience of the fantastic Maltese natural habitats. [malta nature tours]

Malta Tour Guide – During this tour I will tell you all about the Knights who built the city during the 16th century to further fortify the harbour. We will see the beautiful palazzos which line the main streets and the pretty piazzas and you will also learn about the local people going about their everyday lives, their churches and festivities. [malta tour guide]

Free Things to Do

Free Things to Do

Browse through an open-air market – Not the best Maltese market for souvenir shopping, but you’ll certainly find a strange assortment of goods that are worth a look-in. The daily market in Valletta sells anything from fake designer wear to local produce, whereas the Sunday markets just on the outskirts of the capital sells more unique knick-knacks. [wanderlust]

Explore the rugged landscape – Away from the urban areas of Malta are stretches of virtually untouched countryside just waiting to be explored. Hiking in Malta can be a riveting experience as you can stumble upon anything from abandoned farmhouses and prehistoric sites, to cave chapels and secret meeting places. Hikers can also discover some striking views, from ragged cliffs and crashing waves to hidden green valleys and barren wildernesses. [wanderlust]

Feel a different kind of heat – Although glass blowing is a relatively new Maltese trade it has already become a cherished craft among locals and tourists. At the Mdina Glass factory in Ta’Qali Craft Village visitors can see glass blowers perfecting their craft and can also purchase finished products, ranging from pendants and vases, to complex sculptures. [wanderlust]

Gaze through nature’s window – Hop aboard a ferry to Gozo and find your way by foot to Dwejra Point where you can witness one of Malta’s famous natural phenomenons. The Azure Window is a scenic arch formed by years of erosion from waves crashing against its rocky façade. It is a beautiful sight and acts as an ideal frame for that perfect picture. [wanderlust]

Marvel at Mosta’s miracle – Built in 1860, Mosta Dome has two claims to fame. The first is that it claims to have the fourth largest dome in the world. The second is that in World War II a bomb pierced the dome and thudded to the church floor, luckily it failed to explode sparing the lives of the 300-odd parishioners attending mass at the time. [wanderlust]

Mingle at a village festa – If there’s one thing that Maltese people love to do, it’s party. Every parish has its own festa celebrating the day of its patron saint. The streets are adorned with colourful banners and bright lights, and on the eve of the festa fireworks echo through the streets as families and friends celebrate with music and food. [wanderlust]

Snorkel in the shallows – The Mediterranean waters surrounding Malta are home to a wonderful array of marine life and snorkelling can be a great, budget-friendly alternative to diving – all you need is a mask and snorkel. You can pay for a guide, but if you are a confident swimmer there is no harm in venturing off-shore on your own. [wanderlust]

Stroll through the Silent City – Get a taste of true, traditional Maltese charm by visiting Mdina, the country’s original governing city. The labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets within the walled city exude a charm and medieval undertone that act as a temporary escape from the modern world. [wanderlust]

Unwind on a sandy beach – A holiday in Malta would not be complete without a day spent lounging on one of the many beaches littering the island’s expansive coastline. Summer crowds swarm to Malta’s most popular sandy beaches often making the experience uncomfortable rather than relaxing. For a more secluded scene venture off track to Selmun Bay, a beautiful sandy beach that never gets crowded. [wanderlust]

Walk along Sliema’s promenade – This long, wide stretch of coastal pavement can make for a lovely stroll in the evenings after a delicious Mediterranean meal. You’ll see people of all shapes, sizes and ages enjoying the cool breeze as they watch the sun set over the frothing waves. [wanderlust]



Malta International Arts Festival – The Malta International Arts Festival is a festival comprising of a wide variety of art forms, such as theatre, dance, music and art. Venues include the Mediterranean Conference Centre, the MITP Theatre the Spazju Kreattiv at St. James Cavalier in Valletta and others. [visit malta]

Malta International Fireworks Festival – The Malta International Fireworks Festival is an annual event organised by the Ministry for Tourism and the Malta Tourism Authority. This spectacular event, which takes place at the end of April to commemorate Malta’s accession into the European Union on 1st May 2004, is held in Valletta’s Grand Harbour and other locations. The festival includes fireworks displays designed by foreign pyrotechnic companies as well as some of the best local fireworks factories. [visit malta]

Notte Bianca – Notte Bianca is an annual event that takes place in October and lights up the cityscape of Valletta with a spectacular nocturnal celebration of people, culture and arts. The streets and cultural venues in the Maltese capital play host to a motley assortment of entertainment. State palaces and museums open their doors to delight patrons with visual art exhibitions and theatre performances, while the open-air streets and piazzas showcase some of the finest local and international musicians and dancers. [visit malta]

The Malta Jazz Festival – The Malta International Jazz Festival takes place in July of every year. A line-up of top international and Maltese artists present an eclectic mix of jazz styles from the current musical scene. JazzfestIn the past, world famous artistes have performed to numerous crowd s under a summer star-lit sky during this festival. Such names as John Scofield, Al Di Meola, Chick Corea, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Cubanismo, Petrucciani, Betty Carter, Joe Zawinul etc have performed here. The beauty of the Grand Harbour by night is truly magical and tremendously evocative. One shall quote Mike Stern himself, who said while playing for his audience at this venue: ‘I have never played in a postcard before’. The festival takes place over three nights at Ta’ Liesse in Valletta. [visit malta]

Public Transit

Public Transit

Bicycles, scooters and motorbikes – Also available to rent. It should be noted that there are limited bicycle lanes on major roads. [angloinfo]

Bus – Bus services are relatively cheap and efficient. Malta’s bus system has experienced some problems in the last few years and has changed ownership three times since 2011. [angloinfo]

Car Hire – Also a popular option for visitors to the islands and there is a wide range of companies in Malta providing car rentals. Vehicles are right-hand drive and driving is on the left. [angloinfo]

Taxis – Taxis are available throughout Malta and Gozo. Most public taxis are white and have a registration plate with the first four letters reading “TAXI”. Taxis in Gozo have red and white taxi signs on the door. [angloinfo]

Professional Groups & Events

Professional Groups & Events

Malta DevOps Meetup – This is a group for anyone interested in DevOps, Systems Administration and modern infrastructure administration in Cloud environments. [meetup]

Malta Microsoft Data Platform User Group – Malta Microsoft Data Platform User Group is a group open for everyone that would like to talk and hear about the Microsoft Data Platform tools and services and wants to be connected with the other developers on Malta. [meetup]

Malta Puppet User Group – You’re invited to our meetings, whether you’re new to Puppet and want to learn more, or you’re an expert with scores of modules to your name. [meetup]

Malta Startup Community – We run events for early stage technology startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. [meetup]

Network of Young Professionals and Active Citizens in Malta – Are you a young professional/entrepreneur/active citizen seeking to improve yourself, expand your network, develop your skills and make a difference in the community along the way? Through our events we provide developmental opportunities that empower young people (18 – 40 years) to create a positive change. We are also part of an international organisation and therefore the networking opportunities are infinite. [meetup]

NG Malta – Do you work with Angular, or any modern JavaScript framework and would like to share experiences or knowledge? Then this is the meetup group for you, please join. [meetup]

NodeJS Malta – A dedicated meetup for people with NodeJS skills, or an interest in NodeJS, in Malta. [meetup]

SEO Meetup Malta – Brainstorming about SEO and Online Marketing, possible partnerships and business ventures. [meetup]

Language Exchange

Language Exchange

246 Expats Malta – 246 Expats Malta – the original expat social event group in Malta – we have been in existence since 2009. If you’re looking to meet new friends, our social group is the right place for you. We bring together Expats from all over the world; people who have moved here from abroad or travellers who are on a journey. [meetup]

English Speaking Events Malta – We will arrange meet ups around Malta so that everyone can practise their English together. Meet new people, practise your English and have fun! [meetup]

Expats Malta – To enable expats – of all nationalities – to make more friends and business connections; enjoy varied social events and adjust and integrate successfully to life in Malta! [meetup]

Locals & Xpats- Bringing Cultures Together – A group of friendly and easy going people to meet around a tea, coffee or whatever drink to discuss whatever comes to mind. An sociable way of making new connections. [meetup]

Malta International Dining Club – Do you enjoy eating out, good food and meeting new people? do you like to try new restaurants? If so then this group is for you. Join us to explore the many restaurants Malta has to offer, whilst meeting new friends. [meetup]

LGBT Groups

LGBT Groups

Gay Malta – To reach out across all the colours of our Rainbow and beyond whilst promoting further growth in our Communities and creating opportunities for giving back to society. [gay malta]

Malta Gay Rights Movement – MGRM strives to achieve full equality for LGBT people in Maltese society; a society that enables people to live openly and fully without fear of discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. [malta gay rights]

We Are- The University of Malta LGBT Society – An organisation for LGBTQQI and Straight-Allies! Based in Malta for youth & students by youth & students! [facebook]



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