According to popular legend, however, the name Denmark, refers to the mythological King Dan. There are also a number of references to various Dani people in Scandinavia or other places in Europe in Ancient Greece and Roman accounts (like Ptolemy, Jordanes, and Gregory of Tours), as well as some medieval literature (like Adam of Bremen, Beowulf, Widsith and Poetic Edda). [wikipedia]

Places to Meet People

Places to Meet People

CPH VR AR 360 – Designed to build and foster a community of people interested in the development and application of virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 video. [meetup]

cphcocoa – We have formal meet-ups with 2-3 talks, Makers Moment, and usually free snacks and beer. Happens monthly-ish. [meetup]

Get your dream job – If you are having trouble getting a job then the NemCV process can show you in clear steps how to get from A to B: [meetup]

Malmo Internationals – “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came…” – We’ve become a very active group with a big core of friendly members. [meetup]

Malmö Night Out – Join us for the regular night out drink, every 2nd  Saturdays in a different bar in the center of Malmö. [meetup]

How to Find a Date

How to Find a Date – Launched in 1998, is Denmark’s largest dating site, with over 530,000 registered members. This site has a simple visual design, slightly dated to my eye, and an easy-to-navigate website. is not a flashy website in terms of features either, but everything looks fine and works well. It’s obvious that the people behind continue to actively support this site, with events, articles, YouTube videos and killer customer support all in attendance here. [visa hunter] – Match Denmark ( is the Danish branch of the amazingly popular dating site It is the second best online dating site in Denmark. Match Denmark started in 2002 and has around 300,000 profiles to its name. The site’s members also have access to, and can flirt with, Match members around the world, which brings the total active member pool up to over 20 million. [visa hunter] – has been online since 1999 and is a good third option. They use powerful algorithms to find you the perfect match. Their stated goal is to create relationships that flourish, year after year. Single has around 50,000 active profiles, and more than 2,500 new members each week. This site has a modern, polished design that invites you to sign up for a membership just to see more. Single doesn’t have many features, but they actually use this fact to their advantage, for this lends a simple, uncluttered feel to the entire website, and the features they do use are excellent. [visa hunter]

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Copenhagen Free Walking Tours – Copenhagen Free Walkings Tours offers a free tour of the city, every day of the year. The tours run in all kinds of weather, however with a minimum of five guests. [visit copenhagen]

Copenhagen Walking Tours – Let a licensed Danish guide introduce you to the charms of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale city. Walk through the old-world atmosphere of crooked back streets, hidden alleyways and charming squares, passing all important sites along the way. [visit copenhagen]

Nordic Noir Tours – Discover the dark side of Copenhagen and the film locations used in The Killing, Borgen and The Bridge. Hear stories about the TV series and explore some hidden and interesting spots in the Danish capital. [visit copenhagen]

Free Things to Do

Free Things to Do

Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen – In the Frederiksstaden quarter of Copenhagen, you’ll find Amalienborg Palace and its tranquil gardens by the water. Originally built as residences for the nobility, the four palaces face onto the square. The Danish Royal Family took occupancy after a fire at Christiansborg in 1794, and the palace remains their winter home. The identical palaces form an octagon, and it’s claimed the design is based on plans for a square in Paris that later became the Place de la Concorde. [planet ware]

Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen – On the tiny island of Slotsholmen in the center of Copenhagen, you’ll find the Danish seat of government. Boasting more than 800 years of history, Christiansborg is the power base of the kingdom of Denmark and now home to the Parliament, the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Supreme Court. Fans of the TV series Borgen will be familiar with the setting. [planet ware]

Egeskov Castle, Kvarnstrup – Fairy-tale Egeskov Castle lies in a beautiful setting less than 30 minutes’ drive from Odense and is the best preserved moat-castle in Europe. The superb Renaissance structure as seen today was completed in 1554 and originally built for defence purposes. Over the centuries, the castle has changed hands many times and later became a model farm. In 1959, the grounds opened to the public, and much renovation and development has taken place since. [planet ware]

Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Odense – You can’t visit Denmark without being aware of Hans Christian Andersen. His fairy tales and stories are woven into the fabric of Danish society. The museum dates from 1908 and is dedicated to the writer’s life and work with displays of artefacts, mementos, and Andersen’s own sketches and artwork. Listening posts and interactive installations bring the writer’s words to life, and the domed hall is decorated with scenes from Andersen’s autobiography Story of My Life. [planet ware]

Kronborg Slot, Helsingør – Kronborg Castle is not only the setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Consequently it scores top billing on Helsingor’s list of must-see sights. Even those with just a passing interest in the bard will surely want to visit. The imposing structure is clearly visible as you approach, so you can’t really miss it. The present incarnation dates from 1640, although several other fortresses preceded it. Serving as a garrison for a century or more, the castle was renovated in 1924. [planet ware]

Lyngby Open-Air Museum (Frilandsmuseet), Copenhagen – Just over 15 kilometers outside Copenhagen, you’ll find Lyngby Open-Air Museum, part of the Danish National Museum, and a must-see for many visitors to Denmark. Occupying 35 hectares, there are authentic farmhouses, agricultural buildings, dwellings, and mills from across the country in this “living museum.” [planet ware]

National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen – A ten-minute stroll from Tivoli Gardens leads to the National Museum (Nationalmuseet), which delves into Danish history and culture. The museum displays an impressive collection of Danish artefacts, including a 2,000-year-old sun chariot, Danish porcelain and silver, and Romanesque and Gothic church trimmings. Other collections highlight clothing from the 18th and 19th centuries as well as antique furniture. [planet ware]

Nyhavn, Copenhagen – The star of countless images and postcards of the city, Nyhavn (New Harbor) is a great place to stroll or grab a slice of Copenhagen café culture. Located to the rear of Amalienborg Palace, this was once a disreputable stretch of dockland but has been given a new lease of life with its multi-colored houses, restaurants, and tall ships (some of which are museums) dotting the quayside. [planet ware]

Oresund Bridge – Decades in the planning and often controversial, the Oresund Bridge has quickly become a Scandinavian icon. The bridge is around ten kilometers from Copenhagen, and you can either drive across or take the train. On the Danish side, it starts out as a tunnel so as not to interfere with flights to and from adjacent Copenhagen Airport. The eight-kilometer structure opened in 1999 and now links the island of Zealand, Denmark’s largest island and home to Copenhagen, to the southwest coast of Sweden, specifically to the port of Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city. [planet ware]

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen – When visiting Copenhagen, many visitors make a beeline for this iconic recreation space. Dating from 1843, Tivoli is the inspiration behind the world-famous Disney theme parks, and here, you’ll find a huge range of attractions including a roller coaster, roundabouts, puppet theaters, restaurants, cafés, gardens, food pavilions, and even a Moorish-styled concert hall. [planet ware]

The National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst), Copenhagen – he National Gallery of Denmark houses the country’s largest collection of Danish art. The original exhibits were once housed at Christiansborg, but moved to the current location in the late 19th century. A gigantic extension has not only significantly extended the space, but allows natural light to flood into the interior of the museum. [planet ware]

The Round Tower, Copenhagen – Well worth scaling for the excellent panoramic views, the Round Tower (Rundetårn) is 36 meters high and was built as an observatory in 1642. Here, you’ll find a small collection connected with the famous Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, however the highlight for most is the viewing platform reached by a spiral ramp. A glass floor hovers 25 meters above the ground, and not only can you gaze out over the rooftops of Copenhagen city, but also peer down into the castle’s core. [planet ware]



Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Scandinavia – Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Scandinavia is a film festival that takes place at Storulvån Fjällstation. [everfest]

Copenhagen Songwriters Festival – Copenhagen Songwriters Festival is a music festival that takes place at Råhuset. [everfest]

Roskilde Festival – Roskilde’s roots trace back to 1971, when high school students Mogens Sandfær and Jesper Switzer Møller joined forces with promoter Carl Fischer. Their intention was to create a festival in Denmark with the same feel as large music festivals like the Newport Jazz Festival and Isle of Wight. The first festival featured 20 bands performing on one stage. Today, Roskilde takes place on nearly a dozen stages across more than 200 acres and features 180 performers, more than 100,000 attendees and 25,000 onsite volunteer staff. Everything from rock, dance and jazz to blues, hip-hop and pop is on the schedule. [everfest]

Public Transit

Public Transit

Boat – Copenhagen harbour still operates regular ferry services linking the Danish capital to the countries near-by. Oslo can be reached by boat by the daily service run by DFDS Seaways.Furthermore, Swinoujscie in Poland can be reached 5 times a week by boat. [just landed]

Buses – Travelling within Denmark by coach is considerably cheaper than going by train and tickets do not need to be purchased in advance. It is also possible to travel to and from Denmark by coach, with services connecting it to various destinations in Europe. Eurolines offer a comprehensive list of routes. [just landed]

Copenhagen Metro – Copenhagen is the only city in Denmark with a metro network. It currently consists of 2 lines (M1 and M2) serving 22 stations, only 9 of which are underground. However, 2 further lines are being constructed along with 17 additional stations which will be in operation by 2018. [just landed]

Cycling – The culture of cycling in Denmark is comparable to that of the Netherlands, it is popular as both a recreational activity and a means of getting around. There is an extensive infrastructure in place in both Danish towns and cities as well as the countryside, with some 10,000km of designated bicycle routes. [just landed]

Taxis – Getting a taxi, as may be expected, in Denmark isn’t cheap, but you are unlikely to get ripped off as a foreigner unlike in some other countries. Due to the high fares, you will also not be expected to tip the driver. [just landed]

Trains – There are three main types of trains in Denmark: Regional (Re), InterCity (IC) and InterCity Lyn (ICL). Regional trains link local stations to the main national network. IC and ICL trains serve the same routes, ICL are just quicker and do not stop at as many stations. Ticket prices for both types are, however, the same. [just landed]

Professional Groups & Events

Professional Groups & Events

#AgilityLab Copenhagen – Our purpose it to organize great meetups about agile and lean in the Copenhagen area. [meetup]

Big Data Denmark – Big Data Denmark is a community of data scientists, software developers and analysts that meets regularly to discuss big data and data science concepts, ideas, tools, methods, models and technologies used for analyzing and processing large scale data, extracting meaning and gaining insight into data. [meetup]

CopenhagenR – useR Group – This is a useR group for people near or far from Copenhagen. Everybody is welcome no matter your level or specific interests in the R language. We hope to create a group where people can share knowledge, learn and hopefully inspire and get inspired using R. [meetup]

Docker Copenhagen – Meet other developers and ops engineers using Docker. Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications. [meetup]

Language Exchange

Language Exchange

American Moms in Copenhagen – This is a group for any American woman in Denmark who has recently had a baby (or will soon be having a baby), who would like to get together and just chat about life as a new mom, the babies, etc. [meetup]

Copenhagen International Expats Events And Free Forum – Meet other Expats,Danes and International English speaking people in Denmark,enjoy great fun events several times a month and have a open debate on whatever is on your mind. You can suggest Events and ,If you become a assitant organizer ,you can post Events yourself! [meetup]

Copenhagen International Parents Meetup – The Copenhagen International Parents Meetup brings together mums and dads from all around the world who have made Copenhagen their home. [meetup]

Kalahi Organization “Danish – Filipino Meetup” – The core to our group is to inspire, encourage, give motivation and opportunity to the Filipino community to visit different museum, Cultural & Historic Centers. In addition to this we aim to help in carrying out and promote both environmental improvement and practical conservation by educating, encouraging and to give support to the local population in environmental practice by working with statutory and non statutory agencies. [meetup]

Les Francophones de Copenhague – The Francophones of Copenhagen is a dynamic, not-for-profit association whose objective is to enable the various French-speaking people (citizens of French-speaking countries, French-speaking Danish and all those who wish to speak French) to meet. [meetup]

Mundo Lingo Copenhagen Free Language Exchange – Mundo Lingo is a sociable and completely free new way to practice another language in Copenhagen and make local friends. [meetup]

Spanish-Danish Meetup group Copenhagen – For those who are interesting in improving their Spanish/Danish… and want to enjoy a nice evening. [meetup]

The Copenhagen Danish Language Speaking Meetup Group – Welcome to the Copenhagen Danish Language Speaking Meetup Group! This group is for those who would like to practice and improve their Danish language while enjoying a nice evening. [meetup]

LGBT Groups

LGBT Groups

LGBTs in Copenhagen – This is a group for anyone who fits under the LGBT-description. Join us – it is a great new way to meet other people from the gay community. Also check out our Message Board and leave us a comment. [meetup]

Lund LGBT Social Group Meetup – This is a group for LGBTQ persons living in Lund and surrounding areas who would like to get together and socialize in the community. I started this group because there is a need for social connection between like minded individuals to get together and share ideas, experiences and what the city has to offer. [meetup]

OUT In Malmö: The Gay Social Network – The LGBTQ social group for Malmö. To encourage a sense of community among LGBTQ people in Malmö through fun, drinks and other activities. [meetup]



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