From Modern Latin Croatia, from Croatian Hrvatska, probably related to Russian khrebet “mountain chain” [online etymology dictionary]

Places to Meet People

Places to Meet People

Bitcoin Group Zagreb – Bitcoin Group Zagreb is an informal gathering of Bitcoin enthusiasts from Zagreb, Croatia, offering members introduction to Bitcoin, technical support, heated discussions and cold beer. A focal point of Croatian Bitcoin community since early 2014.  [meetup]

Good Eats and Meets- Dubrovnik – What was started as a group of people breaking bread over dinners in the United States close to 10 years ago, with a handful of members that over time became the LARGEST dining and socializing group in the country, has now reached the shores of Dubrovnik. [meetup]

Internet Marketing Meetup Split – Group for all who are in Split dealing with internet marketing. Welcome everyone: professionals who work in agencies, employees who in their companies are working on internet marketing campaigns, freelancers and all who want to learn more about internet marketing. The plan is to maintain the monthly meetings, where they would be in an informal atmosphere with coffee / beer socialize and share experiences. [meetup]

Marketing Croatia – Marketing Meet Up is a meeting point for marketing enthusiasts in Croatia. One of three largest Meetups in Croatia, the goal of Marketing Meet Up is to gather all those who are interested in marketing across all channels, whether you’re interested in online or offline marketing communication. [meetup]

OpenCoffee Split – Open Coffee Split the group informal character was created to bring together people of similar interests related to the IT industry and to encourage members to informally socialize, exchange ideas, collaborate on projects and the like. [meetup]

Split Exercise Meetup – This is a group for anyone who is interested in exercising outdoors‼️ We love to meet on Marjan for different types of exercising from jogging, stairs, and group exercises!!! We welcome all fitness levels . We enjoy meeting new people and sharing the positive healthy experience of exercising with others. [meetup]

Unique Zagreb – This group is gathering people who are interested in cultural and artistic activities. Food, music, books, films,dance ….culture and art is a whole world full of varieties, Every month we will have a unique event, it could be international cooking, a film to watch in the cinema, a craft workshop, fashion design workshop, photography tour around the city, book reading, an alternative concert, and more. [meetup]

How to Find a Date

How to Find a Date – (“”) is the best (and really the “only”) online dating site in Croatia. It is not what it once was, but it still has a large membership base and will be your best online option if you are looking for love in any of the popular cities such as Zagreb. [visa hunter]

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Dubrovnik Walking Tours – The traditional and popular “Dubrovnik Walking Tours” are guided by professionals, who will give you a chance to explore and to find the very best of the City. Our tours are specially designed to ensure that everyone will enjoy Dubrovnik and that your impressions will be a lasting souvenir to take home with you. [dubrovnik-walking-tours]

Free Walking Tour – Free walking tour tailored specifically for the young and everybody who feels that way! Take a 2-hour walk with a local guide and visit all the must sees, find out where to eat, drink or go out and a lot of other fun stuff. [wayoudo]

Split Walking Tours – Your No. 1 Split tour and activity. [split walking tour]

Free Things to Do

Free Things to Do

Diocletian’s Palace in Split – Except for the Cathedral and a part of the basement halls, most of Diocletian’s Palace is a free and open-air museum and Split‘s most enduring attraction. In wandering the ancient streets that stretch out from the Peristyle (above) you may stumble on an Egyptian Sphinx, ruins of Roman temples and Renaissance churches. [croatia traveller]

Hike Mount Ucka – Looming over Opatija, the Ucka mountain range protects the Istrian peninsula from Croatia’s continental climate and provides an unforgettable opportunity to experience untouched nature. There are hiking trails at all levels but the most fit will surely want to climb to the peak for the sweeping views over the coast. [croatia traveller]

Lacemaking in Pag – Pag town is known for its tradition of needlepoint lacemaking which has been inscribed on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Heritage in Croatia. Delicate Pag lace is prized throughout Croatia and the ladies who make it prefer to go to work on stools in Pag’s narrow streets. [croatia traveller]

Marija Bistrica – A visit to Marija Bistrica on the slopes of Mount Medvenica outside Zagreb is fascinating whatever your persuasion. Not only is it one of Europe’s most important pilgrimage sites, attracting up to 800,000 visitors per year but the setting is stunning. [croatia traveller]

Museum Nights – One of the advantages of travelling off-season is that you can take advantage of cool events like Museum Night, held on the second to last Friday each January. On this special night over 200 museums and galleries in over a hundred participating towns and villages are free from 6pm to 1am. [croatia traveller]

Rijeka Carnival – The Rijeka Carnival is an absolute blast. As the most famous Carnival in the country, Croatians come from everywhere to watch and participate. Although some parties are for paying guests only, much is free. [croatia traveller]

Roman Ruins of Salona – Speaking of Roman ruins, from the 2nd to the 5th century, Salona (now Solin) was a vital part of Roman Dalmatia. The ruins are right outside of Split, making it a wonderful morning excursion. [croatia traveller]

St Blaise Festival Dubrovnik – St Blaise is the beloved patron saint of Dubrovnik whose interventions saved the city numerous times. At the beginning of February locals celebrate his name day with enthusiasm. In a city that is slowly sinking under the demands of tourism, the St Blaise festival is one of the last remaining opportunities to experience the music, food and dance that make up Dubrovnik’s unique culture. [croatia traveller]

Zadar Sea Organ – For an ancient town, nowhere is more innovative than Zadar. This sea organ was specially constructed to capture the movement of the waves and turn it into sound. [croatia traveller]

Zagreb Time Machine – Every summer weekend Zagreb‘s citizens turn the capital’s streets into a “time-machine” that celebrates Zagreb’s traditional music, food, dress and dance. [croatia traveller]



Electric Elephant – Sharing the same coastal location as Love International – the white-washed village of Tisno – Electric Elephant is known as one of the more chilled-out Croatian affairs, with DJs throwing around house, tech, balearic, disco and funk beats over five sun-kissed days. New Jersey house pioneer Kerri Chandler is the biggest draw, alongside beatmasters like Andy Weatherall, Psychemagik and electronica duo Maribou State. [timeout]

Hideout Festival – Still a young-ish gun in the ever-expanding Croatian dance festival scene, and certainly one of the most popular, Hideout has put together a thumping line-up with some of Europe’s best DJs and electronic acts. This years outing features heavyweights Jamie XX, Skepta, Andy C, Stormzy and Julio Bashmore, with tons more big-name DJs as well as plenty of underground aces on hand, and as you’d expect, most of the arenas are open-air and beachside, making for plenty of sunrise DJ sets. Expect the party-loving crowd to be whooping and grooving until, well, until they sleep in a huddle on the beach. [timeout]

INmusic Festival – The only guitar-driven festival to make the list, Zagreb’s seminal city fest INmusic promises two days of big indie fun. One of the most popular rock festivals in the region, INmusic has put Zagreb definitively on the music map: each year organisers coax the best modern rock bands, cult heros and world musicians to Lake Jarun, a beautiful venue on the outskirts of the capital. [timeout]

Love International – Nick Colgan organised the first Garden Festival in 2006, steadily transforming a drowsy Dalmatian fishing village into the festival capital of Central Eastern Europe. The decade-long Garden Festival waved goodbye last summer, but you can expect more full-on fun from the inaugural Love International this year. The Garden’s chief programmer Dave Harvey (of Future Boogie and Love Saves the Day fame) has taken over in a symbolic passing of the disco torch, showcasing the world’s finest purveyors of beats and baselines. [timeout]

Movement Festival – If raving on the Dalmatian coast sounds like an appealing prospect, and we’re thinking it does, then get yourself to this relative newcomer to the Croatian festival circuit. Movement Festival was born in Detroit back in 2000, before spreading to Turin, Italy and hopping shores to the legendary Garden site in Tisno. Following the flux of contemporary techno, there will be plenty of high quality 4/4 business belted out all weekend, with a huge techno-facing line-up including DJ legends Ben Klock, Nina Kraviz, and DJ Dave Clarke. [timeout]

Soundwave – Taking place once again at the legendary Garden site in Tisno, Soundwave is a boutique festival celebrating its 8th year in Croatia. Set in a beautiful fishing village where the Dalmatian Coast meets the Adriatic and the punters meet the Soundwaves, it’s the perfect place to relax and sightsee as well as party until the sun comes up. Musically, Soundwave is something of an all-rounder: funk, world music, drum and bass and house are given equal attention here. [timeout]

SuncéBeat – ‘Soul has no musical, geographical, or racial boundaries,’ Roy Ayers, one of the most-sampled artists in music and the ‘Godfather of Neo-soul’, once said. This spirit is also perfectly in tune with Tisno’s soulful house utopia: SuncéBeat. With promoters Alex Lowes and Dave Gardner calling time on their UK festival, the long-running house stalwart Southport Weekender, their focus has turned towards the Adriatic. [timeout]

Public Transit

Public Transit

Bus – The main form of local transport is bus (although Zagreb and Osijek also have well-developed tram systems). Buses in major cities such as Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Split and Zadar run about once every 20 minutes, less often on Sunday. A ride is usually 10KN to 15KN, with a small discount if you buy tickets at a tisak (news-stand). [lonely planet]

Car and motorcycle – Motorways connect Zagreb to Slavonia and Zagreb to Istria via Rijeka. Another major motorway heads from Zagreb to Dalmatia, with turnoffs for Zadar, Šibenik and Split; it continues in the direction of Dubrovnik, but falls short by 110km. Although the roads are in excellent condition, there are stretches where service stations and facilities are scarce. Car hire is available in all major towns, airports and tourist locations. [lonely planet]

Train – Croatia’s train network is limited and trains are less frequent than buses but generally more comfortable. Note that delays are a regular occurrence on Croatian trains, sometimes for a number of hours. [lonely planet]

Professional Groups & Events

Professional Groups & Events

Apache Spark Zagreb Meetup – Group for all Apache Spark and Big Data enthusiasts. Anyone with the mildest interest in Apache Spark and related technologies is welcome to join. [meetup]

Hardware Unity Split – Meetup has two goals. The first is to connect people with the same passion for fellowship, cooperation, fun and stimulating this sector in Croatia to increase community. This second objective, promoting and assisting entrepreneurship and startup communities primarily in the field of hardware. [meetup]

Level-Up Development – Interested in discovering the newest technology trends? Excited about meeting people that share your passion? Join a group of prospective international developers at the monthly Level Up Development meetup. Learn more about the latest web technologies and how your community is using them. This meetup is open to anyone that has a curiosity and drive to explore what is offered, from experienced developers to students. [meetup]

Mobile Monday Split – Mobile Monday is a global community started in Finland almost a decade ago and has over 60 chapters worldwide. The organization works with local and global mobile industry visionaries, and developers fostering cooperation and cross-company business development through virtual and live networking events sharing ideas, best practices and trends from global markets. [meetup]

Split Jenkins Area Meetup – Jenkins is the premier open source technology for implementing Agile continuous integration, continuous delivery, and DevOps practices. This group will connect professionals in the pursuit of sharing practices, networking, and exploring advanced topics. [meetup]

WordPress Split Meetup – WordPress Split group is intended for those who have contact with WordPress tools or plan to start using. The goal is to connect the existing community of users of WordPress, WordPress tools promoting and educating users how to use wordpress tool. [meetup]

Zagreb PHP Meetup – A monthly meetup of PHP developer enthusiasts from Zagreb and region. We started in 2011, now there around 200 members, and we welcome all new members! We have organized sessions & drinkups after throught whole year, except summers when we do only drinkups. [meetup]

Language Exchange

Language Exchange

Your Expat Community in Croatia – Dobrodošli, and welcome to our Croatia expat community! At InterNations we’re here to help you navigate your way around your new home country. Whether you’re worried about making friends, how to find a job, or where the best restaurant in town is, fear not. We’re here to put you in contact with other like-minded expats so you can figure out everything you need to know about Croatia — from Zagreb to Zadar and everything in between. [internations]

LGBT Groups

LGBT Groups

Gay.HR Portal – LGBT news, profiles, forum… [friendly croatia]

Queer.HR Portal – Daily news, articles and mingle. [friendly croatia]

Uroboros Mountaineering Club – The “Uroboros Mountaineering Club” was established in 2010 as a first Croatian and regional LGBTQ mountaineering club. The Club is opened not only to the LGBTQ community but to everyone; hikers, mountaineers, lovers of nature and healthy life. [friendly croatia]



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