Capital of Bosnia, founded 15c. and named in Turkish as Bosna-Saray, “Palace on the (River) Bosna,” from saray; the modern name is a Slavic adjectival form of saray. [online etymology dictionary]

Places to Meet People

Places to Meet People

AP Lab Tech Explorers – This is a group for everybody interested in cutting-edge technologies. If you want to learn, participate or share something cool, inspiring, new, this is place to be! [meetup]

MSCommunity BiH – MSCommunity BiH is a user group that deals with IT, mostly orientated to Microsoft technologies and products. All people and parties that are into IT for business or hobby are welcome to join. [meetup]

QA & Testing UnMeetup – Have you ever been to a conference that you boring? Lost your time listening to the topics that you are not interested? We want to change. [meetup]

Sarajevo Mobile Technology Meetup – This is a group for people interested in in mobile development. [meetup]

Sarajevo Toastmasters Club – Do you want to become a confident public speaker and strong leader? If so, Sarajevo Toastmasters Club is the place for you. You’ll find a supportive learn-by-doing environment that allows you to achieve your goals at your own pace. [meetup]

How to Find a Date

How to Find a Date

Bosnia Dating – Bosnia Dating is the leading online dating and social networking site that offers unique online dating services with limitless opportunities for Bosnia singles looking for love, dates and meaningful relationships. [bosnia dating]

Bosnian Dating – Welcome to LoveHabibi – the Web’s favorite place for Bosnian dating worldwide. [love habibi]

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

BH Spirit Tours – Having personally experienced what our beloved country has been trough in the past times, we decided to make a small step to recovering its unique spirit by focusing on incoming tourism in BiH. What lead us to tourism business was the pure love to our homeland, and it turned out to be a real success. [bh spirits]

Insider – Sarajevo Insider was first established as a team of highly trained professionals who are well in touch with the tourism industry, and have been in the tour operation business for over 15 years. Equipped with vast knowledge and endless love towards the country and its amazing history, we present our country and city with passion, professionalism and enthusiasm. [insider]

Sarajevo Funky Tours – At Sarajevo Funky Tours we do not think in the way: lets just have as much travelers as we can, and get rid of them as soon as we can. No way. [sarajevo funky tours]

Free Things to Do

Free Things to Do

Grab a local brew – Head to Pivnica HS, a large beer hall (which also serves food) to sample some local freshly brewed beers. Pivnica HS is located just a block or so outside Old Town and next door to Sarajevskaya Brewery. [free things to do]

Indulge in Ćevapi – Yum.  Ćevapi is minced meat formed into cylinder sausage shapes served with fresh bread, raw onions and kajmak (similar to sour cream).  Do not let yourself leave Bosnia & Herzegovina without trying this local delight!  As an added bonus, you’ll get a huge portion of this deliciousness for just a few dollars. [free things to do]

Learn About the Region’s History – The scars of the recent war are still very evident in the city, so I’d recommend “The Complete Sarajevo War Tour” with Toorico Tours to learn about the siege of Sarajevo.  Our tour started at the Tunnel Museum where you can explore a portion of the tunnel that was used to supply Sarajevo with food and arms during the three year siege. [free things to do]

Learn How to Drink Bosnian Coffee – Sarajevo certainly has a coffee culture – everywhere you stroll, the sidewalk cafes are packed with locals enjoying their coffee.  But, as an American, I was initially confused as to how to “properly” drink Bosnian coffee.  So that you can avoid the same initial panic that I had, here’s a step by step guide for you. [free things to do]

Partake in a Unique Dining Experience – In the heart of Old Town you’ll find “To Be or Not To Be”(Cizmedziluk 5), a cozy restaurant with only two tables.  During our visit, the woman who took our order subsequently retreated to the tiny kitchen (which was approximately four feet from us) and cooked our meals from scratch. [free things to do]

Peruse the Coppersmiths’ Shops – As you might expect, Old Town caters to tourists and you’ll have your pick of shops to purchase beautiful hand pounded copper souvenirs.  However, a discerning eye can tell that not all of the goods are created equal. [free things to do]

Sample some Rakia – Rakia (or fruit brandy) is widely considered the national drink in Bosnia & Herzegovina. You can sample many different flavors of this local favorite in most any restaurant or bar in the city, but beware, rakia packs a punch! [free things to do]

Stay in Style – While in Sarajevo, I stayed at the modern and stylish Hotel Bistrik.  Hotel Bistrik provides all the comforts of home, just a few steps from Old Town.  The rooms are contemporary and welcoming, and the staff was more than helpful. [free things to do]

Stroll around Old Town – Walk over the Latin Bridge towards Bascarsija Square (also known as Pigeon Square), which is a great starting point for exploring Sarajevo’s Old Town.  The historic Old Town is welcoming and charming, and had similarities to one of my other favorite European cities. [free things to do]

Take in the City’s Views – Head up to the Yellow Fortress for sweeping panoramic views of Sarajevo. [free things to do]

Visit my Favorite Bar in The World – Whoa – quite the lofty accolade to be handing out, isn’t it?  Well, it’s true.  I found my favorite bar in the whole wide world while in Sarajevo.  Whether you fancy beer, wine, a cocktail or just coffee, you have to stop by Zlatna Ribica (Kapitol 5) for a drink. [free things to do]

Visit the Olympic Bobsled – The Sarajevo bobsled is often seen as a depiction of the juxtaposition of the city’s recent history.  Sarajevo was flourishing in the 1980’s and hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics, only to find itself in the midst of conflict a decade later during the Bosnian war. [free things to do]

Visit the Place Where WWI Started – In 1914, Austria’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were shot dead in Sarajevo.  The assassination, which began the First World War, is marked with a stone plaque. [free things to do]



Bascarsija Nights (July) – Bascarsija Nights is one of the most notable cultural festivals to come to Sarajevo. This month-long festival is filled with 40-50 events that span anyone’s interests. Free admission and the beautiful location of this festival has added greatly to its charm over the years. Enjoy literary events, children’s programs, classical music, films, and classical opera and ballet. Check them out at [discover bosnia]

International Sarajevo Winter Festival (February/Winter) – The International Winter Festival attracts exhibits from all over the world, including contemporary artistic presentations, concerts, sculpture exhibitions, and cultural commentary. Since its first year in 1984, this festival has become an indispensable part of life in Sarajevo. [discover bosnia]

Jazzfest Sarajevo (November) – Jazzfest is Sarajevo’s jazz scene at its finest. This internationally-minded festival blends perfectly with the strong cafe culture that has regained its strength in Sarajevo. Any jazz lover should mark this festival as the perfect opportunity to experience jazz in an original, European setting. [discover bosnia]

Sarajevo Film Festival (August) – The Sarajevo Film Festival focuses on regional films, both long and short, and a variety of genres to choose from. Whether you’re a film buff or someone interested in taking in the culture of Bosnia-Herzegovina, you won’t be disappointed in this fantastic event and meeting place for artists all over the globe. Visit [discover bosnia]

Public Transit

Public Transit

Bus 31E – (three per hour, 6.30am to 10pm) Vijećnica to Dobrijna (for Lukovica bus station). [lonely planet]

Car – Central Sarajevo isn’t driver-friendly and hotel parking is very limited (and usually payable), but a car makes it much easier to reach the surrounding mountain areas. [lonely planet]

Taxi – Taxis from the central ranks (Latin Bridge, Hotel Kovači etc) often want to fix a set fee. For reliable on-the-metre fares (2KM plus about 1KM per kilometre) call Paja Taxis. [lonely planet]

Tram 1 – (every 12 to 25 minutes) Starts at the train station then does the same loop as Tram 3. From the train station you could alternatively walk to the nearest Tram 3 stop in about seven minutes. [lonely planet]

Tram 3 – (every four to seven minutes) From Ilidža passes the Holiday Inn then loops one way (anticlockwise) around Baščaršija. Last tram back to Ilidža departs Baščaršija around midnight. [lonely planet]

Trolleybus 103 – (roughly every six minutes till 11pm) Runs along the southern side of the city from Austrijski Trg en route to Dobrijna (35 minutes). Handy for East Sarajevo bus station and the airport. [lonely planet]

Professional Groups & Events

Professional Groups & Events

DEV Talks with Authority Partners – DEV Talks is a one-day event designed for sharing knowledge and experience from one developer to another! It covers 2-3 advanced industry topics and serves as a platform for learning the latest in IT and engaging in discussions and networking with peers. [meetup]

Game Dev Meetup – Monthly meetup of Sarajevo Game developers. [meetup]

Sarajevo PHP Meetup – The Sarajevo PHP Meetup is the ultimate destination for all PHP developers! Once a month we meet up to talk about real life use cases, the newest and greatest trends in the PHP ecosystem and of course to have fun and network. [meetup]

Sarajevo Python Meetup – Monthly meetup of Pythonistas in Sarajevo. [meetup]

Sarajevo UX Design – This group is for anyone interested in gaining and sharing practical knowledge of User Experience Design. If you currently work as a designer, or aspire to work as one, or just want to know what UX design is all about, this group is for you. [meetup]

Sarma: Sarajevo Ruby Meetup – If you’re working with Ruby, learning Ruby or want to start learning the language, you should come for talks, lectures and networking. While the meetup is primarily targeted for Ruby programmers, all developers are more than welcome to come and share their experiences. [meetup]

Share IT – We are living in times of great changes. New technologies are emerging at an unprecedented rate creating exciting opportunities for businesses, while at the same time presenting numerous challenges. As this trend continues, organizations everywhere are feeling the impact and are learning how to adapt their business model to the new reality. [meetup]

Startup Founder 101 – Startup Founder 101 brings together aspiring and experienced tech entrepreneurs to discuss, meet, and collaborate to build great new startups, and to push the local startup ecosystem forward. [meetup]

Language Exchange

Language Exchange

International Women’s Club of Sarajevo – The International Women’s Club of Sarajevo (IWCS) was founded in 1997 to promote friendship and mutual support for women of all nationalities living in Sarajevo.The IWCS is a non-religious, non-profit and non-political organization. [facebook]

Your Expat Community in Sarajevo – Zdravo and welcome to the InterNations Community in Sarajevo! As the world’s leading platform for global expatriates, we offer a wide variety of resources to help you get to grips with relocating to this fascinating city. [internations]

LGBT Groups

LGBT Groups – – BH LGBTI info portal. [facebook]

LGBT People from former Yugoslavia – LGBT People from former Yugoslavia. [facebook]



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