Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Named for the River Bosna, which is perhaps from an Indo-European root *bhog- “current.” As a name or adjective for someone there, Bosnian (1788) is older in English than Bosniac (1836, from Russian Bosnyak). Herzegovina a former Austrian duchy in the Balkans, from Old Serbian herceg “duke” (related to Modern German Herzog) + possessive ending -ov + -ina “country.” [online etymology dictionary]

Places to Meet People

Places to Meet People

AP Lab Tech Explorers – This is a group for everybody interested in cutting-edge technologies. If you want to learn, participate or share something cool, inspiring, new, this is place to be! [meetup]

MSCommunity BiH – MSCommunity BiH is a user group that deals with IT, mostly orientated to Microsoft technologies and products. All people and parties that are into IT for business or hobby are welcome to join. [meetup]

QA & Testing UnMeetup – Have you ever been to a conference that you boring? Lost your time listening to the topics that you are not interested? We want to change. [meetup]

Sarajevo Mobile Technology Meetup – This is a group for people interested in in mobile development. [meetup]

Sarajevo Toastmasters Club – Do you want to become a confident public speaker and strong leader? If so, Sarajevo Toastmasters Club is the place for you. You’ll find a supportive learn-by-doing environment that allows you to achieve your goals at your own pace. [meetup]

How to Find a Date

How to Find a Date

Bosnia Dating – Bosnia Dating is the leading online dating and social networking site that offers unique online dating services with limitless opportunities for Bosnia singles looking for love, dates and meaningful relationships. [bosnia dating]

Bosnian Dating – Welcome to LoveHabibi – the Web’s favorite place for Bosnian dating worldwide. [love habibi]

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Neno & friends – You are individual traveller, small or big group and you just want guide for you then private walking tour & guide is perfect choice for you. Tour can be custom made, just tell us your interests, how many hours etc. [sarajevo walking tours]

Sarajevo Funky Tours – At Sarajevo Funky Tours we do not think in the way: lets just have as much travelers as we can, and get rid of them as soon as we can. No way. [sarajevo funky tours]

Free Things to Do

Free Things to Do

Buy some cute house slippers – These little pointy-toed slippers are sold in almost every souvenir shop you pass on the little cobble stone streets of Sarajevo and Mostar. Sure, they’re touristy, but in most hostels and homes, you’ll be asked to remove your shoes at the door and it’s handy having something to slip on. You gotta love souvenirs that are useful! [gap year escape]

Dive into the Kravice waterfalls – One of the largest waterfalls in Herzegovina is a great place to hang out, swim, and have a picnic. The falls are between 25-28 meters high and the the bright teal waters are picturesque, to say the least. Tons of hostels and hotels take day trips out to the falls for swimming and cliff diving. Just make sure you plan your trip in the right season! It can get pretty chilly in the winter! [gap year escape]

Eat Cevapi! – Cevapi stands are to Bosnia what burger joints are to the U.S.A. These little minced beef links are grilled up and served with onion and a sour cream/cottage cheese-type spread on a chewy grilled flatbread. This national dish can be found on every block in fancy restaurants and hole-in-the-wall establishments alike. They are almost like mini Turkish Adana Kebaps. [gap year escape]

Eat some Surf’n’Fries – This one is perhaps just me obsessing, but I love this place! You’ll find a few locations around Croatia and one in Sarajevo. The fries are cut into long flat strips that are curled lengthwise at the edges. This makes the fries perfect for dipping and allows the fries cook to a perfect crispiness. A really tasty seasoning is used and each batch is fried to order. They also have some really interesting dipping sauces. [gap year escape]

Explore the war damage – One of the best pieces of advice we received from our hosts in Mostar was to visit the “Snipers Nest”. This building is a remnant of the Balkan wars and has pretty much been left alone for the past two decades. We climbed around at our own risk and snapped some photos of the rubble, left-behind books and papers, bullet casings, and took in the view from the roof. [gap year escape]

Hike to a high point in Sarajevo for a beautiful sunset view – There are quite a few spots around Sarajevo that offer a great view of the city. Hostel employees and locals will be willing to point you in the right direction and even lead you there personally! The photo below was taken on the East side of the city (obviously) and it took about 45 minutes to walk up to the viewing point. There are also some local buses that will take you pretty far up the hill as well. [gap year escape]

Shop for hand-made copper coffee sets – Bosnian coffee is served in hand-made copper sets. Sarajevo is known for it’s traditional artisans. You can find them pounding out designs outside of their shops in the old town center. The sets can get to be quite expensive, but you don’t have to buy a complete one. I got a little sugar bowl for about $10. It’s also a lot easier to pack in a backpack than an entire set! [gap year escape]

Sip a Bosnian Coffee – Even if you aren’t a coffee fan, you must try a traditional Bosnian coffee. The tradition is not only the drink, but what it is served in. Loose coffee grounds are brewed with water in a little copper server on a copper tray (usually accompanied by a little cube of Turkish Delight). First, skim the film from the top and let the rest of the grounds settle for a few minutes. [gap year escape]

Snap an iconic photo of Mostar’s Stari Most – A trip to Bosnia would not be complete without stopping in and visiting the little town of Mostar. Their historic bridge (“Stari Most”) was destroyed during the war, but was one of the first things rebuilt. The town still has plenty of war damage, but the tourist scene is thriving. I’d stay a night or two so you can avoid the day-trippers and really get to know the city by hanging out after-hours. [gap year escape]

Take a road or rail trip through the mountains – When we boarded our bus in Dubrovnik, Croatia to head north through Bosnia, we didn’t know what to expect from the country. One of the first things that struck us after crossing the border was the beauty of the landscape. Around every twist and turn was a beautiful lake, mountain-view, or rolling field. The countryside is enchanting. I would have loved to rent a car and stop at every little lakeside town. [gap year escape]



Bascarsija Nights  – Bascarsija Nights is one of the most notable cultural festivals to come to Sarajevo. This month-long festival is filled with 40-50 events that span anyone’s interests. Free admission and the beautiful location of this festival has added greatly to its charm over the years. Enjoy literary events, children’s programs, classical music, films, and classical opera and ballet. [discover bosnia]

International Sarajevo Winter Festival – The International Winter Festival attracts exhibits from all over the world, including contemporary artistic presentations, concerts, sculpture exhibitions, and cultural commentary. Since its first year in 1984, this festival has become an indispensable part of life in Sarajevo. The International Sarajevo Winter Festival has received one of the highest awards possible, called “Sestoaprilska Negarda Sarajeva.” [discover bosnia]

Kids’ Festival – The biggest independent kids’ event in southeastern Europe is a great destination for a family vacation. Keep the kids entertained with cartoon films, workshops, kiosks, jugglers, dancers, and magic shows, and maybe catch a show or two yourself! [discover bosnia]

Jazzfest Sarajevo – Jazzfest is Sarajevo’s jazz scene at its finest. This internationally-minded festival blends perfectly with the strong cafe culture that has regained its strength in Sarajevo. Any jazz lover should mark this festival as the perfect opportunity to experience jazz in an original, European setting. [discover bosnia]

MESS Theater Festival – This festival takes place every October, and has been since 1960. MESS, which stands for Small Experimental Stage, offers theater and modern dance performances are hand selected from all Europe. You can explore lots of creative performances that span many different cultures and languages, sometimes providing on-stage translators for specific events. [discover bosnia]

Sarajevo Film Festival – The Sarajevo Film Festival focuses on regional films, both long and short, and a variety of genres to choose from. Whether you’re a film buff or someone interested in taking in the culture of Bosnia-Herzegovina, you won’t be disappointed in this fantastic event and meeting place for artists all over the globe. [discover bosnia]

Public Transit

Public Transit

Taxis and Car Rental – Cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina are well served by taxis, but be careful not to fall victim to scams, especially when picking one up from the airport or major train or bus depot. It is best to have a map handy so you can ascertain you are being taken to the right place instead of a more expensive trip out of the way. [iexplore]

Trains and Buses – A reliable tram network serves the city center of Sarajevo, making it easy to get around. Bus lines run by small private companies travel to nearby towns and cities. Take note that if you purchase a return ticket for a line that is served by two or more companies, your ticket will only be honored by the company it was bought from. [iexplore]

Water Taxis – There are ferries between Neum and neighboring cities on the Adriatic. Inland lakes and rivers provide possibilities for boat travel between cities though many services are privately run. Alternatively, you can hitchhike your way round the country. Friendly locals will be more than happy to help you, although public transportation is still your safest bet. [iexplore]

Professional Groups & Events

Professional Groups & Events

AWS BiH User Group – AWS User Group Bosnia & Herzegovina has a mission to gather all informational technology enthusiasts, aficionados, as well as all of those who are interested in Amazon Web Services, cloud computing, DevOps and are located in our country and region. Regardless of whether you just started getting familiar with AWS, in process of education and certification, or working on Enterprise projects using AWS infrastructure, you’re all most welcome to join our group. [meetup]

Coding Bosnia Meetup Group – Coding Bosnia (CB) is a group of Java professionals who are interested in benefiting from shared knowledge in the IT industry. Through our regular meetings you can keep in touch with the latest industry developments, learn new Java technologies, meet other developers, discuss technical and non technical issues and network throughout the Java Community. [meetup]

DEV Talks with Authority Partners – DEV Talks is a one-day event designed for sharing knowledge and experience from one developer to another! It covers 2-3 advanced industry topics and serves as a platform for learning the latest in IT and engaging in discussions and networking with peers. [meetup]

Game Dev Meetup – Monthly meetup of Sarajevo Game developers. [meetup]

Sarajevo PHP Meetup – The Sarajevo PHP Meetup is the ultimate destination for all PHP developers! Once a month we meet up to talk about real life use cases, the newest and greatest trends in the PHP ecosystem and of course to have fun and network. [meetup]

Sarajevo Python Meetup – Monthly meetup of Pythonistas in Sarajevo. [meetup]

Sarajevo UX Design – This group is for anyone interested in gaining and sharing practical knowledge of User Experience Design. If you currently work as a designer, or aspire to work as one, or just want to know what UX design is all about, this group is for you. [meetup]

Sarma: Sarajevo Ruby Meetup – If you’re working with Ruby, learning Ruby or want to start learning the language, you should come for talks, lectures and networking. While the meetup is primarily targeted for Ruby programmers, all developers are more than welcome to come and share their experiences. [meetup]

Scala Bosnia – This is a group for software engineers and people from IT industry enthusiastic and passionate about Scala, Functional Programming and problem solving using some of the technology platforms that evolve around Scala and Reactive Design paradigm. We started this group to meet other Scala enthusiast and share knowledge and experience. [meetup]

Share IT – We are living in times of great changes. New technologies are emerging at an unprecedented rate creating exciting opportunities for businesses, while at the same time presenting numerous challenges. As this trend continues, organizations everywhere are feeling the impact and are learning how to adapt their business model to the new reality. [meetup]

Language Exchange

Language Exchange

International Women’s Club of Sarajevo – The International Women’s Club of Sarajevo (IWCS) was founded in 1997 to promote friendship and mutual support for women of all nationalities living in Sarajevo.The IWCS is a non-religious, non-profit and non-political organization. [facebook]

Your Expat Community in Sarajevo – Zdravo and welcome to the InterNations Community in Sarajevo! As the world’s leading platform for global expatriates, we offer a wide variety of resources to help you get to grips with relocating to this fascinating city. [internations]

LGBT Groups

LGBT Groups – – BH LGBTI info portal. [facebook]

LGBT People from former Yugoslavia – LGBT People from former Yugoslavia. [facebook]



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