Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka


Large island southeast of India (known in English until 1972 as Ceylon), from Lanka, older name for the island and its chief city, + Sanskrit sri “beauty” (especially of divinities, kings, heroes, etc.), also an honorific prefix to proper names, from PIE root *kreie- “to be outstanding, brilliant, masterly, beautiful,” found in Greek (kreon “lord, master”) and Indo-Iranian. [online etymology dictionary]

Places to Meet People

Places to Meet People

Colombo Architecture Meetup – Main purpose of this independent meet-up community is to share knowledge and experience around software architecture and design within the local geek community. Anyone can propose a topics for discussion and we will schedule what is relevant. [meetup]

Colombo Purpose of Life-Why we live- in Buddhism Meetup – Are you searching for meaning in your life? Have you ever felt happiness in your life… …never lasts? This Buddhist group has a great positive, multi-cultural atmosphere that helps people search for the answer to life’s biggest questions. Through the teachings of Buddha and historical Pure Land Buddhist teachers we understand better the direction our life needs to take in order to find the purpose of life. [meetup]

Colombo Security Meetup – The Colombo Security Meetup is the Sri Lankan Chapter of Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). [meetup]

Digital Marketers of Sri Lanka – This group is dedicated to all things digital and for all marketers to learn, share, care and help grow the digital marketing community in Srilanka.  [meetup]

eCommerce Colombo – This is a group for everyone interested in sharing their eCommerce knowledge and know-how with the community in order to nurture a knowledge base and help develop a competent talent pool. [meetup]

SLASSCOM Meetups – We collaborate in this community to promote “Engineering Excellence” and “Continuous Professional Development” of the Sri Lankan IT Industry. [meetup]

Sri Lanka NET Forum – Connect, Share and Grow all in one place! Having been segregated for the last couple of years in distinct Microsoft Technical Communities, you now have the chance to interconnect with members of ALL our technical communities under this common portal! [meetup]

TechTalk by CMS – Join our meetup group to be a part of public TechTalk organized by Content Management and Solutions (CMS). We strive to organize talks to involve developers practicing different technologies to explore and discuss current and future trends of Software Development. [meetup]

How to Find a Date

How to Find a Date

LK Dating – Find your love today, Sri Lankan Matrimony, Sri Lankan Marriage proposal and Dating. [lk dating]

Sri Lankan Lovers – We are providing free and useful services for the online dating community around the globe. We hope you appreciate the free services available through SrilankanLovers.Com [sri lankan lovers]

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Best of Lanka – For the keen hiker, there is a plethora of opportunities awaiting in Sri Lanka ‘s diverse and luscious hill country. The beautiful area of Haputale and Diyatalawa, located in the hill country of Sri Lanka , provides a base from which to try out a wide variety of hiking and trekking tours through jungle, across tea estates and up mountains. The river and numerous waterfalls in Sri Lanka are another key attraction that allows hikers and trekkers to enjoy a refreshing dip en-route! [best of lanka]

KE Adventure Travel – With its 2500 metre peaks, emerald-green tea plantations, vast forest reserves and tropical coastline, few places can rival the geographical variety of this teardrop-shaped island at the southern tip of India. Our two week walking holiday takes us ‘off the beaten track’ to discover relatively unvisited and secluded parts of this tiny paradise island. [ke adventure]

Mountain Kingdoms – Enjoy the premium accommodation of the Ceylon Tea Trails colonial-era bungalows, around scenic Castlereagh Lake, Stay in a selection of stylish boutique hotels in gorgeous Sri Lankan locations. [mountain kingdoms]

Responsible Travel – As Sri Lanka holidays start to blossom, the world is waking up to this island idyll. Its archaeological wonders of temples and ancient kingdoms; the rainforests and national parks; surfers are celebrating and honeymooners swooning. It is no longer just a place to tag onto the end of a trip to India. Theroux’s train has hit the fast track however, travel responsibly so as to help drive it in the right direction. [responsible travel]

Walkers Tours – Walkers Tours has been the leader in the tourism industry of Sri Lanka for over 45 years, organising tours for couples on holiday or honeymoon, for individual adventurers and nature lovers, for special interest and inventive holiday groups and convention delegates. [walkers tours]

Free Things to Do

Free Things to Do

Chat with locals – Striking up conversations with locals in the countries you visit is one of the best ways to learn about their daily lives, customs, beliefs, hardships and joys. You can also sometimes find out about great things to see or do that you won’t learn about in guidebooks. [lash world tour]

Climb Adam’s Peak – Adam’s Peak is Sri Lanka’s most famous holy mountains, located just a few hours from the capital, Colombo, in the south-central hill district. Thousands of locals climb the mountain as a religious pilgrimage. [lash world tour]

Enjoy Sri Lanka’s stunning beaches – Sri Lanka is entirely rimmed with beautiful beaches. Exposed to the vast Indian Ocean, most of the beaches are swept by wind and waves, making the country famous for surfing. The most popular beaches stretch along 1. Sri Lanka’s west and south coasts, below Colombo; 2. the central east coast; and 3. the west coast, just north of Colombo. [lash world tour]

Hike in a beautiful forest – Much of the hill district is covered and sculpted by terraced tea plantations. But a few regions are covered in beautiful forests. One extensive forest sits at the base of the Horton Plains National Park, which rests on top of a high plateau. Visiting famous Horton Plains N.P. and joining a mandatory guided tour is very expensive. [lash world tour]

Hike to Lipton’s Seat – Lipton’s Plantation also has another famous feature: Lipton’s Seat. It’s the spot on top of the mountainous terraced plantation where Mr. Lipton used to sit and look over his properties. It’s also one of the highest lookout points is Sri Lanka, with stunning views over the hill country on clear days. [lash world tour]

Learn all about tea and wander through terraced tea plantations – Sri Lanka’s hill district is carpeted with beautiful terraced tea plantations. Perhaps the most famous is Lipton Tea’s original plantation near Haputale, which still grows and sells a variety of teas. [lash world tour]

Visit a historic hotel or 2 or 3 – Sri Lanka has a long, fascinating history of colonization by the Brits and the Dutch. The British established and developed the country’s tea industry while the Dutch set up the stone Fort Town of Galle, on Sri Lanka’s southwest coast. [lash world tour]

Visit Sri Lankan temples– Kandy – Kandy most famous and popular Temple of the Tooth Relic, supposedly holds one of Buddha’s teeth. Hundreds of Buddhist pilgrims and non-Buddhist tourists flock there every day to go inside and peak at Buddha’s holy tooth. Unfortunately, this temple charges exorbitant fees to tourists. [lash world tour]

Walk around Kandy Lake and enjoy droves of birds and bats – Kandy is the historic seat of the ancient Kandy Kingdom. The town is set around a small, placid lake in the hills, just 2 hours inland from Colombo. [lash world tour]

Wander Galle’s fort wall and charming streets – The Dutch left behind a wonderful souvenir in Sri Lanka: Galle Fort Town. The original city is set within an imposing V-shaped stone wall that juts into the Indian Ocean, about 50 km south of Colombo. [lash world tour]



Duruthu Perahera – The culturally resplendent Duruthu Perahera marks the beginning of the Island’s Buddhist calendar. The culturally resplendent Duruthu Perahera (procession) by the Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya marks the beginning of Sri Lanka’s Buddhist calendar. It is one of the grandest pageants in the country, having begun in 1927 and since then accumulated more reverence and glamour. Duruthu, or the January full moon Poya day, was always special for the Kelaniya Temple. [timeout]

Duruthu Poya – It marks the first visit of the Buddha to Sri Lanka, in the eighth year after attaining Buddhahood. A symbol of peace, the mission of Buddha’s visit to Sri Lanka was to restore harmony. The story of Duruthu Poya is thus: the native Yakkhas tribe believed to be descendants of Ravana and his brother, were in constant confrontation with the Nagas. When the Buddha arrived in Mahiyangana, the Yakkas were ready for battle. However, after listening to the Blessed One, they became followers of Buddhism. [timeout]

Ill Full Moon Poya Day – According to the annals of history, the foundation stone for the bell-shaped stupa was laid on this poya day centuries ago. In commemoration of the landmark event, Sri Lankan Buddhists will travel to the Thuparamaya in Anuradhapura to offer flowers and reflect on the Buddha’s teachings. Among the many other significant events remembered on this day, is the announcement of the future Buddhahood of the Maitriya Bodhisatva. It also marks the first missionary activity for Buddhism undertaken by the six Arahants under the guidance of the Buddha. [timeout]

Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday – It is a day of solemnity, where the commemoration is centred on religious observances. Among the most prominent practices in Sri Lanka, is the show of devotion, as Muslim devotees, gather in large numbers in mosques to pray in unison, as men, young and old, recite the Quran and Mawlid, remembering the life and teachings of the Prophet. The reverence of the day is demonstrated by Sri Lankan Muslims through acts of charity, as they reach out to the poor in their community in remembrance of the Great Prophet. [timeout]

Thai Pongal – Temples will be festooned in flowers and Kolam designs. Worshippers will throng temples to make their offerings to the gods. Houses will be cleaned and painted. New clothes will be bought. The smell of Pongal rice will herald the festival of harvest, Thai Pongal. Celebrated by the Hindus on January 14, the festival is an important one in the Hindu calendar. Many customs are observed to give thanks and honour the sun, the rain and the farm animals who helped reap a prosperous harvest. The Pongal rice cooked in milk and sweetened with jaggery is offered to the sun in gratitude. [timeout]

Unduvap Poya – Anuradhapura, in North Central Sri Lanka, will see thousands of Buddhists pay homage to the Sri Maha Bodhi on Unduvap, the last Poya for 2016. History recalls that Sangamitta Theri arrived in the Port of Dambakola Patuna in Jaffna after a seven day journey from India with a sapling of the Sacred Bodhi Tree, the oldest tree of worship under which the Buddha had attained enlightenment. Uduvap Poya is special because of the history of the Sacred Tree that was welcomed with grandeur by the king of Sri Lanka, Devanampiyatissa, who, it is recounted, waded into the sea to receive the bowl containing the sapling. The Sri Maha Bodhi temple in Anuradhapura where the Sacred Tree stands, will be full of devotees this Poya. [timeout]

Public Transit

Public Transit

By bus – For those on a budget, buses are everywhere. They are a very cheap way to get from the airport into Colombo and it leaves from just outside the terminal. They’re sometimes crowded and uncomfortable, but they get you around for almost nothing; it costs about a dollar to get half-way across the island. [wikitravel]

By motorbike – You can rent motorbikes or join a motorbike tour from several places in Negombo. The roads are generally good, the distances not too far and you have the freedom to go where you want to. The locals are always helpful with directions. Its better to have an existing motorbike license for insurance. [wikitravel]

By train – Sri Lanka has an extensive railway system serving most major towns and cities in the island. There are special Observation cars for tourists that like to take in the scenery. Trains can be slower than buses, depending if you are on a line that offers an express train or not, but more comfortable and even less expensive than buses. [wikitravel]

Rented cars – Usually turn out cheaper than three-wheelers, and are less prone to road accidents–and are recommended by most hotels. [wikitravel]

Taxis – Taxis are a better way of getting around Colombo than three wheelers as, due to the metering, they often turn out to be cheaper. Rates are about USD0.55 and they have full day packages (approx 8 hours and 80km) for around USD40. [wikitravel]

Three-Wheeler – The most common mode of transport in Sri Lanka is a three-wheeler (Tri-Shaw). Also known as Tuk-Tuks from the noise of their horns. These operate in a manner similar to taxis, and in many situations are a convenient and highly cost-efficient way to get around. Safety is a concern however, as none of them have seat belts and they are open to the sides. [wikitravel]

Tour operators – Tour Operators are happy to get you a van and a driver who will take you all over the island but most of roads are narrow and slow, Be aware when you are calculating times because you cant drive as per the Navigator time-frame. Also remember max speed limits for highways 100kmh, Main Roads 60kmh (70kmh allowed only if clearly mentioned on the road) and 50kmh city limits. [wikitravel]

Professional Groups & Events

Professional Groups & Events

AzureIoTSquad – Azure IoT Weekend is a synchronized event that run across 11 countries in APAC. Colombo, Sri Lanka is one of the selected location. [meetup]

Colombo Artificial Intelligence Meetup – This is a group for anyone interested in understanding of the mechanisms underlying thoughts and intelligent behavior and their emulation in machines. All skill levels are welcome.  [meetup]

Colombo Google for Work Meetup – This group is for anyone interested in learning about Google’s Productivity suite. Google for Work includes Mail, Calendar, Docs products. [meetup]

Colombo Machine Intelligence – This meetup is for all researchers, industry experts, academics, students and enthusiasts who are passionate about this astounding field, MACHINE INTELLIGENCE. Want to learn more about machine intelligence theory and applications? Looking for your next research idea in AI? Looking for colleagues for your machine learning start up? Want to share your AI/ML knowledge and experience with wannabe experts? Trying to figure out best tools and and technologies for your analytics task? You think machine intelligence will be the next big thing? This is the place for you! Let’s get together and talk! [meetup]

PHP Developers Sri Lanka – This Group is about PHP development with a nice flavor of Java scripting, some Jquery and a large dosis of MySQL. To Finish it we like to add some Zend Framework or some AJAX. [meetup]

SQL Server Sri Lanka User Group – The SS SLUG has been running for 10 years, since its inception in 2007. We meet each month to share our knowledge, experiences and love of Microsoft SQL Server, Business Intelligence and almost everything data… [meetup]

Sri Lanka IT PRO Forum – The Sri Lankan community for IT Professional interested in Microsoft Technologies. [meetup]

Sri Lanka Salesforce Developer Group – The goal of the user group is to build an enthusiastic, self-sustaining Sri Lankan community that enables members to be more successful with Salesforce and connect with other developers building on the Salesforce Platform. [meetup]

Sri Lanka Web Developers – Hang out and discuss latest web development tips, tricks, hacks, and frameworks with some of the best web developers in Sri Lanka. Share and learn cool stuff and get updated on the latest developments of the market. All types of web development professionals are welcome. Come, hang out, and hear great people talk about cutting edge web development. [meetup]

Language Exchange

Language Exchange

Colombo Expat Social Meetup – This group is for expats interested in social get togethers, joining in for events, Jazz on sundys, exploring the city and getting together for a few beers every now and then. Looking forward to seeing you all at our next event! If you have just moved to colombo or been here a while, your welcome to join! Please check the calendar for our weekly meetup and special events. [meetup]

Colombo Japanese Language speakers Meetup – Let’s enjoy talking with Japanese! We can Language exchange in Colombo. [meetup]

Living in Sri Lanka – Rising from the ruins of a 26-year civil war, Sri Lanka opens up to the world­ offering foreigners and discerning expats a trip like no other. The island is blessed with natural wonders and varied geographical experiences from thick forest jungles to sultry island living. Exotic and rustic, Sri Lanka is also taking steps into becoming a bustling metropolis that will engage fast-paced expatriates. Before heading down to the beaches of Colombo, make sure to read through this important information. [expat woman]

Living in Sri Lanka- Expat – Located South to India, Sri Lanka is a real gem comprising ruins of lost cities, impressive mountains, lush forests, fine sand beaches, as well as a huge historical, cultural and spiritual wealth. [expat]

Your Expat Community in Sri Lanka – Piliganimu and enna vishayam, and a very warm welcome to our expat community in Sri Lanka! As part of our private network, you can interact with other InterNations expats about your relocation to Sri Lanka. Our expats have real life experience of moving to another country, and are happy to help you in answering any questions you might have about moving. [internations]

LGBT Groups

LGBT Groups



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