The Philippines was named in honor of King Philip II of Spain. Spanish explorer Ruy López de Villalobos, during his expedition in 1542, named the islands of Leyte and Samar Felipinas after the then-Prince of Asturias. Eventually the name Las Islas Filipinas would be used to cover all the islands of the archipelago. Before that became commonplace, other names such as Islas del Poniente (Islands of the West) and Magellan’s name for the islands San Lázaro were also used by the Spanish to refer to the islands. [wikipedia]

Places to Meet People

Places to Meet People

CAFE-Life-Philippines – Building boundless communities for young adults and providing opportunities for life development. CAFE Life Groups’ regular meeting place has been Starbucks. We don’t own or run this café, but we consider it as a common place. CAFE Life Group is a network, not a physical place. [meetup]

Career, Personality, Spiritual, & Social Skills Enhancement – You can call this meetup a school for personal self-development, a venue for learning and practicing principles for higher living, and a support group.  [meetup]

Davao Virtual Assistant Meetup Group – We are inviting all Virtual Assistants in Davao City to join this group. Our mission is to strengthen the ties of all the VAs in the city through meetups, sharing of ideas, knowledge and experiences. [meetup]

Healing the Mind, Body and Soul – This group is for people who are seeking enlightenment on healing and wellness of the mind, body and soul. We organize classes on meditation, healing, prosperity and spirituality. [meetup]

Manila Happy Hour Commandos – Good times, good drinks, good company….. Enjoy the thrill of seeking out the best Bars, Pubs and Clubs at the best establishments in Manila with the best company. [meetup]

Manila Meetup – Hello. I invite you to join me in a journey to form the definitive Meetup Group in the Philippines. I was born in Manila but have lived in the United States since childhood, and have traveled extensively, primarily in Europe. My primary business is in finance, but one of my hobbies is Meetup. [meetup]

Manila PubCrawl – Turn strangers into friends! Meet locals and people from all over the world in a night of pure fun while discovering great spots in Makati! [meetup]

Obra Creative Designers Community – This community is for all who are in the field of design and interested in design here in Mindanao. A community where we can grow, share and help each other to nourish our skills and talents so that we will be masters on our field. We can meet twice or thrice a month in any coffee shops. Looking forward for adventures with you. [meetup] Bacolod – Anyone who is interested in technology, business, startups; and in promoting the high-tech industry in Bacolod, Philippines (and beyond). Welcome! We will have events that will allow people to – network with tech enthusiasts and their friends – learn new things and share ideas – make social and business connections – drink and be merry (don’t drink and drive 🙂 [meetup]

Youth Assembly- Deca Homes – Let’s get together to get involve, plan a fun-filled activities in our neighborhood, like play in sports and other recreation, having an outreach and community volunteering, attract more friends, and anything else that looks like fun. We are also giving free food and drinks afterwards. [meetup]

How to Find a Date

How to Find a Date

FilipinoCupid – FilipinoCupid is a great site to find a Filipino lover. Some users found their happy ending at the site and one of them is Liza, 39, who found her prince charming through FilipinoCupid. “FC made my life perfect!I met few thorns along the way but eventually found my one great love.I’m not perfect or a super model but I found someone who helped turned my dreams into reality.I am not rich but I believe that not all Filipina’s are scammers or looking for financial stability.I love him for what he is not for what he have.Just keep searching and be honest..Good luck!” she wrote. [filipinadatingsites] – Pinalove is also efficient in getting rid of fake accounts and scammers that pop up from time to time on Filipino dating sites. This adds peace of mind to users who need not deal with the scammers. If a user suspects that a profile is fake, he or she can contact the security and Pinalove support will investigate about it. So far, users are impressed with Pinalove’s dedication to keeping their members from scammers. [filipinadatingsites] – AsianDating is a legit site and it has several success stories from its users who are very happy to find their partners through the site. Among them are Camelia and Domenico, who are already married. The pair first met in AsianDating and they became too close that they spend hours and hours on the website. Then they started to communicate through WhatsApp and Skype. They were very happy to find each other in AsianDating and recommend it to others. [filipinadatingsites] – Filipino Kisses is one of the most reliable online dating sites that will surely benefit those who are looking for a Filipino lifetime partner. The site has several success stories that will surely convince you that love and romance can exist online. Several Filipino Kisses members were already engaged and others have already exchanged their vows. All of them were thankful for the site, which paves the way for their love story to commence. [filipinadatingsites] – Christian Filipina is the best site for men who believes that he is meant to marry a Filipina. It allows members to view photos and send messages to compatible women for free. The site consists of more than 20 people around the world, which includes Romance Consultants, agile Support Staff and super tech and marketing teams. The site is also strict when it comes to verifying the member’s profile. [filipinadatingsites]

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Carlos Celdran – Walk around Manila’s ancient walled city of Intramuros with me. I will analyze Philippine architecture, culture and history as we stroll through it’s storied streets. Learn ALL about Manila literally one step at a time. [carlos celdran walks]

Filipino Travel Center – It began with a dream and a passion for travel, becoming a way of life in 1996. Combining a knowledge and love of the Philippines, Filipino Travel Center Inc. (FTC) began as a Boracay operation in 1998, expanding to a second office in Manila shortly afterwards and then a third in Angeles City in 2002. [filipino travel center]

Old Manila Walks – Who are we you ask? We are an eclectic and fun-loving bunch who walk the talk and believe that the best way to experience Manila is on foot! This belief we take into to heart and sole. At present, we are the leading tour outfit that offers specialized and bespoke cultural-historical themed tours in Manila. [old manila walks]

ProoPH – Rooted in love for the Philippines, prooPH inc is driven by the passion to uplift the morale of Filipinos by emphasizing the different aspects of our country that show what being Filipino is all about. [prooph]

Free Things to Do

Free Things to Do

A Day With The Family At Manila Ocean Park – If you are looking for something to do that will engage the whole family then a trip to Manila Ocean park will satisfy everybody. The park has more than 8,000 square meters of space to be explored. Some highlights of the park include a 25 metre acrylic tunnel that you can walk through and see the marine life from another angle. [the crazy tourist]

Chill Out For A Few Days In Boracay – The island of Boracay in the Philippines has become famous around the world for its beautiful white beaches. The island is only 7km in length and at its narrowest just 500m wide but people flock here for the outstanding beauty that the island offers. The main attraction is White Beach that has a 4km stretch of white sand that is surrounded by restaurants, hotels and diving shops. [the crazy tourist]

Climb The Tallest Mountain In The Philippines – Mount Apo stands at 2954 meters above sea level and is the highest volcano and mountain in the country. To climb the mountain you will need a permit as well as a guide but that is easy to obtain and the costs are very low. A complete trek to the top will take between one and three days depending on weather and your pace. [the crazy tourist]

Enjoy Some Activities At Burnham Park – Burnham Park is located in Baguio in the Philippines. It was named after Daniel Hudson Burnham (an American Architect who made the plans for the city.) The park has various activities that you can get involved with including a skating rink and football fields. There is also a small shop where you can rent bikes so you can explore the 32 hectares that the park offers a lot easier. [the crazy tourist]

Enjoy The Unusual Chocolate Hills – The Chocolate Hills are in the Bohol Province of the Philippines and they are a rare and fascinating site to see. There are at least 1,260 hills spread out over an area covering approximately 20 square miles. The small hills are covered in grass and as the dry season advances the grass turns from green to brown and starts to look like chocolate. [the crazy tourist]

Explore The Historical Island Of Corregidor – Corregidor Island is located at the entrance of Manila Bay and is maintained in honor of the Filipino and American’s that lost their lives defending the country from the Japanese during World War II. The remains on the island tell a moving story of the battle and a guided tour will give you all the information you could need to learn about the great history of this special place. [the crazy tourist]

Forget About The Real World At Malapascua Island – There are 7,107 islands in the Philippines so getting around them all could prove to be almost impossible, however Malapascua Island is one that you should not miss out on. This island is a tiny beach paradise that offers you seclusion and a chance to get away from everything for a few days whilst you just relax. You can rent a small beach bungalow and stop for a few days whilst you mingle with the locals and their community. [the crazy tourist]

Go For A Dive At Tubbatah – If you are into your diving then a dive at Tubbataha is a must do! This glorious dive spot was discovered by divers in the 1970’s and has become famous for its incredible coral reefs. The location is quite remote and so you would need to go on a liveaboard boat to get to the location, but once you experience the underwater sights and large marine life the trip would have all been worth it. [the crazy tourist]

Go Island Hopping From Your Base At Mactan Island – If you are looking to escape from any of the cities and just spend some quality time relaxing on a beautiful beach then Mactan Island could be what you are looking for. This beautiful island has many water sports to engage in, and there are many dive sites around that will provide you with some beautiful views of the local marine life. [the crazy tourist]

Island Hop At The Hundred Islands National Park – As mentioned earlier getting around the 7,107 islands in the Philippines is an almost impossible task so doing 100 at once is a great way to see a lot of places in a short space of time. The Hundred Islands National Park in Alamino is full of great places to explore. You can rent an outrigger and go from one island to the next, there are some with caves or hills, some can be camped on, Governor’s Island even has houses you can rent. [the crazy tourist]

Marvel At The Wonder Of San Agustin Church – San Agustin Church is located in Manila and is an incredible building that was built during the Spanish Colonial Period. The church is the third building that has been erected in this space as the first and second churches were both made of wood and destroyed by fire. [the crazy tourist]

See The Active Mayon Volcano – On the island of Luzon is an active volcano called Mayon Volcano which is also known as Mount Mayon. The volcano has picked up the nickname “Perfect Cone” due to its symmetrical cone shape. There are frequent eruptions at the volcano which lead to large evacuations of the neighboring towns as the ash and mud rains down on the people below. [the crazy tourist]

See The Beauty Of The Banaue Rice Terraces – Many people consider the Banaue Rice Terraces to be the “Eighth Wonder of the World” and it is easy to see why when you begin to look at their shear magnificence. The terraces are 2,000 years old and they were carved into the mountains of Lfugao with the use of very few tools. [the crazy tourist]

See The Effects Of Mount Pinatubo – Mount Pinatubo is situated on the island of Luzon and when it erupted in 1991 it became one of the most destructive eruptions that the 20th century saw. When the volcano erupted it spewed out millions of tons of sulphur dioxide, the effects of which were felt across the world. 30,000 people lived on the slopes of the volcano before its eruption, luckily however scientists were able to predict when the volcano would erupt and so thousands of lives were saved. [the crazy tourist]

See The Head Of All Churches – The Santo Nino Basilica is also known as the Minor Basilica of the Holy Child, the church is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the country and was built in 1965. The Spanish discovered an image of the Santo Nino de Cebu, a statue of the baby Jesus and so on the same spot they built this church. [the crazy tourist]

See The lakes At Coron Island – Just a short journey from Coron Town is Coron Island, an island that has become famous for its two lakes. To access the first lake you need to be prepared for a ten minute climb up steep terrain that is sure to leave you a little out of breath. You will have arrived at Lake Kayangan which has crystal clear water and is nestled in the walls of the mountain. You can go swimming in the lake and there is also a small wooden platform where you can leave your belongings. [the crazy tourist]

See The Most Famous Waterfall – Pagsanjan Falls – In the province of Laguna is perhaps the most famous waterfall in the country. It is a three tier waterfall that is reached by going on a river trip and most often a canoe. The falls are 91 meters high and once you have reached the top a skilled canoeist will take you back down the falls which go past 14 rapids. [the crazy tourist]

See The Shrine Of The Black Nazarene – The Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene is a Roman Catholic Church in the city of Manila. The church became famous due to its shrine of the Black Nazarene. The Black Nazarene is a statue of Jesus Christ that is said to have miraculous powers. Many people both local and foreign flood into the basilica to see the Black Nazarene and kiss his feet or wipe him with their handkerchief. [the crazy tourist]

See The Starfish At Honda Bay – If going for a complete dive is a step to far then maybe you could consider going snorkeling at Honda Bay. Located on the eastern shore of Palawan the waters are often full of starfish (Starfish Island) and they make for a beautiful view as you gently snorkel through the calm waters. You can also book tours from here or rent a boat and explore on your own. [the crazy tourist]

Spend Time At Historical Fort Santiago – Fort Santiago in Manila is a citadel that was built by the Spanish as a defense fortress within the cities walls. The fort is incredibly popular with tourists and has a fascinating story. Jose Rizal was a Philippine national hero who was imprisoned within the fort up until his execution in 1896. [the crazy tourist]

Take A Trip To Volcano Island – Taal Volcano is located on the island of Luzon and is an active volcano that has erupted at least 33 times previously. Due to the volcanoes location, previous eruptions have led to large losses of life. Now it is not possible to live on Volcano Island as the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology have declared the entire island as a Permanent Danger Zone. [the crazy tourist]

Take Great Photo’s At The Cebu Taoist Temple – The Cebu Taoist Temple was built by the large number of Chinese people that live in the temple’s surrounding area. The temple stands at 300 meters above sea level and is a large construction that can be accessed by three different paths. The temple is an active temple for Taoism and you will see many worshipers there when you visit. The temple has 81 steps leading up to it, each step represents one of the 81 chapters of Taoism scripture. [the crazy tourist]

Take In The Spectacular View From Mines View Park – Mines View Park in Baguio is home to one of the best views in the Philippines. There is an observation deck here that offers panoramic views of the gold and copper mines below you, and the mountains ahead of you. To get to the viewing platform you will need to climb up some winding steps, these steps can unfortunately get quite slippery after it rains so it is always advisable to watch your step. [the crazy tourist]

Take Some Time To Relax In Rizal Park – Named after Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines. This 60 hectare park in Manila has many ponds, walking areas and ornamental gardens. The park of course has a monument to Jose Rizal, the monument has a 46 meter flagpole at its front and is guarded by sentries. There is a lagoon in the center of the park that has the heads of many Filipino hero’s on its bottom. [the crazy tourist]

Visit Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park – If you are looking to see something a little bit special then a trip to this National Park will leave you feeling that you have just seen something incredible. The area is protected and has a cave system that is incredibly complex. There is a river that flows through the caves for 8.2km before flowing directly into the sea. The Puerto Princesa Underground River has been declared as one of the Seven Wonders of Nature. [the crazy tourist]



Aliwan Fiesta – Aliwan Fiesta is more of a competition than it is a festival. However, it has undeniably added great value to the growing interest in Philippine festivals. Although it just started in the early 2000s, it has already gained a strong fan-base nationwide with more than 5,000 young men and women from all over the country joining the competition. [insights.looloo]

Ati-Atihan Festival – This Sto. Niño festival started it all. One of the oldest religious celebrations in the country, Ati-Atihan is characterized by a parade filled with face-painted celebrants, indigenous costumes and weapons, tribal dances, and loud drumbeats. [insights.looloo]

Dinagyang Festival – Once a year, Iloilo City transforms into one big street party — streets closed, bands in all corners, overflowing food and drinks, and towering boom boxes. To cap it all off, tribes representing different barangays and high schools perform in one very competitive street dancing contest. [insights.looloo]

Kadayawan Festival – Kadayawan comes from the Dabawenyo word “madayaw,” a friendly greeting which means good or beautiful. Probably the biggest festival in Mindanao, Kadayawan has everything all other festivals have: street dancing, beauty pageants, fireworks displays, floral floats. [insights.looloo]

MassKara Festival – Colorful masks, street dancing, electrical displays and best of all… the sweet smiles of Bacoleñas! What more could you ask for? [insights.looloo]

Moriones Festival – This week-long celebration of the life of St. Longinus is what makes Marinduque one of the top destinations during Holy Week in the Philippines. Morion is the helmet worn by the centurions while Moriones refers to the costumed penitents reenacting the search for St. Longinus, hunted by his fellow centurions for converting to Christianity. [insights.looloo]

Pahiyas Festival – One of the Philippines’ most colorful harvest festival, May 15th marks that time of the year when people in Lucban decorate their houses with different-colored produces in an almost competitive manner. [insights.looloo]

Panagbenga Festival – The word “Panagbenga” comes from the Kankanaey term that means “season of blooming.” With the numerous parades of floral floats and children dressed as flora and fauna, it definitely lives up to its name, making Baguio the perfect destination for those who still have a hangover from the huge festivals in January. [insights.looloo]

Pintados Festival – Pintados is another festival in honor of the Sto. Niño (yes, this is the 4th of its kind in the list). It just goes to show how Filipinos want to be reminded to be childlike in their ways and to place hope in their children. [insights.looloo]

Sinulog Festival – Cebu also has its own version of the festival in honor of the Sto. Niño. If you find yourself attending the Sinulog Festival, “Pit Señor!” is a phrase you will hear a lot. It means “Panangpit sa Señor,” a Cebuano phrase that means to plead to the Señor Santo Niño. [insights.looloo]

Public Transit

Public Transit

Buses – Another option is to take the bus. There is a difference between buses though: First there is the luxury bus, used for longer journeys. These offer beds and business-class seats. Secondly, there are the newer, basic buses. These have air conditioning. Then there are the older, ordinary buses. These have no air conditioning. Finally, the local buses, these have no glass in the windows at all. You might get a bit of fresh air! Unfortunately, these tend to break down a lot and driving brings out the gregarious nature of the Filipinos. [just landed]

Sea travel – With its archipelagic character, you are bound to travel a lot via air or sea within the Philippines. Ferries are very popular as a cheaper alternative to flying when you need to travel around the country. There is a difference in quality, depending on how much you wish to pay. [just landed]

Taxis – Sometimes you need to take a taxi. you can get a taxi easily by just making a sign and empty taxis will use their horn to draw your attention. You may get a taxi more easily at spots such as bus terminals and the airport. [just landed]

Trains – The train system is somewhat limited in the Philippines, the only track being found on Luzon. Metro Manila has several options for rail travel however. The Philippine National Railway (PNR) consists of a single line of track. This can be found on the biggest island, Luzon, in the north of the country. It travels from Caloocan to Calamba, with many stops in between. [just landed]

Professional Groups & Events

Professional Groups & Events

Baguio Startup Businesses Meetup – This meetup is for developers and entrepreneurs who would like to learn the tenets of launching their own startup. [meetup]

Business Matching Philippines – A place where different businesses, business people, entrepreneurs & organizations can come together and connect in a healthy, growing & viable community. [meetup]

Cagayan de Oro Entrepreneurship Meetup – This is a group for anyone interested in personality development, those love reading self help books to mention rich dad poor dad, the magic of thinking big, think & grow rich, leadership mentality and many more;following book authors like Robert Kiyosaki, John Maxwell, Napoleon Hill, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn and many others . Love seeing you and have fun exchanges of ideas and promote camaraderie! [meetup]

Data Science Philippines – Our upcoming talks will cover topics such as predictive analytics, data visualization, machine learning and big data. As a technology agnostic group, you will be exposed to a range of tools such as R, Python, SAS, Hadoop, D3.js, Azure and everything in between. [meetup]

Davao Linux User Group – A group dedicated to Linux and the FOSS community. We strive to promote free software, open standards and to generally have a good time by hosting social events that educate, allow members to share ideas and knowledge and to build friendship. [meetup]

Davao WordPress Meetup – A very small community of WordPress developers, bloggers and evangelists in Davao, a lovely city in the countryside of the sunny Philippines. [meetup]

Entrepreneurs On The Move – People who has the passion to create a worthwhile career in entrepreneurship. A lot of businessmen fails in the first few years of starting their businesses because they missed some ingredients of success. This group was created to share our thoughts and ideas of marketing, sales and the character of a successful businessman. You will be amazed that other than some technical skills, there are other things within you that you need to learn, adapt or change to achieve your goals in life. [meetup]

Language Exchange

Language Exchange

BGC Ladies – This meet up is for the lady expats(or locals!) of BGC who would like to meet some new friends to work out together, go out to eat with, etc. Always up for suggestions of activities. [meetup]

Cagayan de Oro French Language & Culture Meetup – Calling all French language & culture enthusiasts of CdO! Let’s meet up et on parle en français! Looking forward to discuss cultural stuff and perhaps view French DVDs too over some French gourmet (or homemade French cuisine). This meetup will officially start this July until end of September 2016 when I’ll be home for vacation. Then, let’s keep updated with each other via FB. I’ll be back in 2017, so we’ll meet again soon. [meetup]

Davao English learning as a Second Language Meetup – For people who want to learn english speaking or improve english skills. join us now this is fun, let’s practice english together. [meetup]

Expats in Manila – A group to get together and share experiences of life in Manila and the Philipinnes as a whole….aim is to get together for some social events in and around Manila. [meetup]

Fil-Am And American Veterans Meetup – Purpose is to make a group of Amercian Expats, Fil-Ams, US Veterans now living in the Philippines for get-togethers, help, advices, and support from each other, and of course for connections. Prerequisite to join: Only those mentioned above may join. [meetup]

Iloilo Japanese Language Study Group Meetup – I am inviting everyone in Iloilo or near the city to join this group for sharing of language study tips, talk together with the language and of course, improve our communication skills. We can also create schedules for group studies. [meetup]

Manila Korean Language – Manila Korean Language Meetup is designed for all Korean enthusiast and lovers who want to learn the language, culture as well as to meet Korean friends. So come and join us! Let’s have fun while learning… [meetup]

PH Chinese Language – This is a group for anyone with a basic foundation and wants to practice their Mandarin Chinese, with an emphasis on conversational Mandarin speaking and listening. Native Chinese speakers are also welcome for language exchange. [meetup]

LGBT Groups

LGBT Groups

Gay Community (Dumaguete) – The Gay Community is open for all gays to explore, interact with others, and provide a venue for finding individual partners. [meetup]

LezDOT, Home of the Bisexual and Lesbian Family – This is a community for women who want to try something new. We will organize some events for you to meet new people. We will arrange different travel adventures, like hiking or surfing and the likes with women who understand LGBTQ community. [meetup]

Manila Gay Rainbow Mixer – Hi I’m Gary. Me and my partner Daniel are new to Manila, planning to make this a permanent home, and would like to make new friends in the area. I set-up this mixer to meet like-minded people, new or familiar to Manila, can just to hang-out over a night of wine and cocktails. [meetup]

Manila Lesbians Meetup – Welcome to Manila Lesbians! This group reaches out to lesbians in Manila who want to hang out and gain more friends in the city. 🙂 [meetup]

Manila LGBT Discourses – Yearning to create a safe space for discussions on LGBT matters. Where members will not feel obliged to say what is expected and where members can express doubts and fears without fear of retaliation or censure. But then again, while at it, still enjoy discourses on various topics like literature, films and music. [meetup]



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