From Swahili u “land, country” + Ganda, indigenous people name, which is of unknown origin. [online etymology dictionary]

Places to Meet People

Places to Meet People

Kampala Agribusiness Meetup – The Lab focuses on Agribusiness solution development and innovations that create the next competitive advantage for Uganda’s agriculture sector. With focus on the entire value chain the lab will lead dialogue on trends affecting the sector with keen focus on the role of technology. [meetup]

Kampala Climate Lab Meetup – The Innovation Village shelters a space with corresponding protocols that focuses on both mitigation and adaptation of the prevailing climate challenges giving it a bigger reason for its existence. This is a community of players with focus on cleantech product development,innovations that effectively manage the utilization of water and energy whilst ensuring the preparedness and adaptability of broader population to the effects of climate change and increased competition for essential resources, associated with unmanaged pollution and waste. [meetup]

Kampala Edtech Meetup – Are you passionate about education? The Edtech Meetup is a platform at the Innovation Village that provides an environment where Edtech ideas come to life. We are a community of edtech startups, academia, higher education, the private sector, edtech investors and supporters that meet regularly to share, grow and empower one another with the goal of coming up with solutions to challenges affecting current trends in Education within the country, region and the world over. [meetup]

Kampala Fintech Meetup – The innovation village shelters a space with corresponding protocols that focuses on building a community of players in Financial Technology solutions. By converging different players and stakeholders we shall co-create customised solutions that will eventually drive inclusion. [meetup]

Kampala HealthTech Meetup – As non-state actors we focus on creating avenues for a more shared value approach by converging the different stakeholders into dialogue. Amidst the current state of Uganda’s healthcare infrastructure, a new paradigm is emerging as witnessed by the emergence of young inspiring innovators going at it alone, how they know best. [meetup]

Kampala MEDIA MEETUP – The Media Innovation Hub is a platform that converges early stage technologies and startups in media. This will explore how people connect and stay together but will also evolve to the digitalization of content produced in different format include short movies, documentaries, animations and social media. [meetup]

NetSquared Uganda – Social changemakers and technological forerunners come together at NetSquared events to mix, swap stories and ideas, build new relationships, and reinforce the online NetSquared community. [meetup]

Plone CMS East Africa Meetup – As an Open Source Company we take great pleasured working with professional Content Management System like Plone CMS. Join to learn and exchange with experts in the region. [meetup]

How to Find a Date

How to Find a Date

Afro Romance – Uganda has a wide range of dating scenes, but sometimes it is hard to break into them. If you’re nervous about dating, why not start online with AfroRomance and make dating easy again. Now you can find the man or woman you’ve always been searching for easily, thanks to our fantastic database of interracial members – sign up today at AfroRomance! [afro romance]

FirstMet – Meeting singles from Uganda has never been easier. Welcome to the simplest online dating site to date, flirt, or just chat with Uganda singles. It’s free to register, view photos, and send messages to single men and women in Uganda! [firstmet]

Interracial Dating Central – Uganda has a host of singles ready and waiting to meet you. Sign up with us today and start meeting them. You have nothing to lose with a free membership at InterracialDatingCentral. Sign up and browse through the profiles of our many members, all of whom are looking for love with someone like you. When you find a suitable match, you have the option of upgrading your membership and taking a risk-free step towards happiness. [interracial dating central]

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Ashanti African Tours – Trek to Africa’s third highest snow-capped peak and the “Mountains of the Moon” Hike through lush verdant rainforests and the stunning lobelia gardens or one of Uganda’s three extinct volcanoes to feel on top of the world. Our hiking and walking tours can be tailored to suit all fitness levels and to include different activities, what better way to experience Uganda’s exceptionally diverse and friendly culture and people than visiting these remote communities. [ashanti african tours]

Kampala Walk Tour – Our walking tours offer a detailed, personal and friendly Kampala trip. We love to explore the city with you and for you. [kampala walk tour]

Nkuringo Walking Safaris – Nkuringo Walking Safaris specializes in guided nature walks between Buhoma Village and the town of Kisoro, in southwestern Uganda. We trek through the dense Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, home to mountain gorillas, and emerge at the charming, traditional hilltop community of Nkuringo, and vice versa. [nkuringo walking safaris]

Sputnik8 – If you’re arriving in a new city , you always want to see all the interest in few time. Our search and tour booking service help you find and buy any tour in the Uganda. [sputnik8]

Tours By Locals – Experience Kampala through the eyes of a local private guide! Browse our tour ‘suggestions’ – each can be customized just for you. [tours by locals]

Uganda Safaris Tours – Uganda Safaris Tours – Discover the Pearl of Africa; today Uganda Safaris and Tours have opened a new African Safaris chapter in world tourism and Uganda, the undiscovered pearl of the African Continent, pure and unaffected by mass tourism; is a favorite hot spot of tourist destinations for Gorilla trekking / Gorilla tourism, safari holidays, wildlife tours, cultural tours, walking & nature safaris, vacation holidays for adventure and Luxury travel packages. [uganda safaris tours]

Free Things to Do

Free Things to Do

Cross the Equator – Traveling around Uganda will serve you with crossing the famous Equator line. If you are time limited, choose the more touristic circle on the east side, but if you have enough time, rather go to the west side, as there are no shops, no tourists and no people. [nina travels]

Enjoy a diverse landscape – I almost could say, Uganda offers every landscape, you can see in Africa. Uganda has it all – jungle, savannas, lakes, rivers, mountains…The only thing it is missing is the desert and the sand dunes. [nina travels]

Enjoy the starry sky – lots of households are still without electricity and before you get nervous about it, stop and look at the night sky above you. You will be thankful, that there are still places like this in our fast developing world. [nina travels]

Explore the river Nile – it is said, that we can find the spring of the river Nile in Uganda. Visit the town of Jinja and find it here. This glorious river, which flows through eleven countries, is the longest river in the world and you will encounter it few more times during your Uganda travel. If you like adrenalin water sport, don’t miss out on the white water rafting in Jinja or see its rich animal life on its shores in the Murchison Falls National Park. [nina travels]

Go Gorillas or chimpanzee trekking – this is probably the highlight of the Uganda trip, but also one of the most expensive things to do. It is hard for me to admit, but, I did not do any of the mentioned treks – my budget was limited, very limited in fact, and I just could not afford to do it… But hey, something always needs to stay unseen for the next time! [nina travels]

Go on a safari – Safaris are probably one of the most recognizable things in Sub-Africa and I can happily say Uganda also has some amazing national parks, which are perfect for safari and also a lot cheaper than the ones in Kenya and Tanzania. The most popular and visited national park in Uganda is Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth. If you prefer less visited places, don’t miss out on the Kidepo national park. It is far northeast and just below the Sudan border. [nina travels]

Hike to the 100 meter high Sipi waterfall – if you like water and intensive green color, you should never miss out on this beautiful and powerful waterfall. Get yourself a local guide, who will cost you almost nothing and find out all about the local life in the nearby village. While hiking down the waterfall, you will be challenged by the steep leather, shaking knees and sweat, but as soon as you take your eyes on the waterfall you will know, why you are here. [nina travels]

Relax on the shores of Victoria Lake and visit the Ssesi Islands – one of the less visited areas in Uganda are also The Ssese Islands, which are actually an archipelago of 84 small islands in the middle of the Victoria Lake. The biggest island and also the easiest to reach is Bugala. You can reach it with a ferry from Masaka (totally free of charge) or from Kampala with a small local boat. [nina travels]

Rent a canoe at Lake Bunyonyi – when arriving at the Bunyonyi Lake you will think you are in some kind of a fairytale. The landscape is just unreal here. The big volcanic lake, which has more than 29 small islands, is so charming you would want to stay here longer than first planned. Rent a wooden canoe (6-10 USD/day) and enjoy the peace and quiet as it looks like the time stopped here few centuries ago. The good news is, this lake should be bilharzias free, so it is supposed to be safe for swimming. The only down side of the Bunyonyi lake is its altitude, as it can get pretty chilly and rainy. [nina travels]

See the tea plantations – not only countries in Asia are famous for their tea plantations, but you can spot many also here in Uganda. The best starting point to visit them is a town called Fort Portal. The vivid green bushes are so photogenic you would never want to leave. [nina travels]

Try the typical food – Due to lots of water in Uganda, the food is very diverse and not really as boring as you might think. Yes, the famous green bananas (matoke) are still the number one choice, but you can get all sorts of vegetables and fruit here. Due to the river Nile and Victoria Lake, even the fish lovers will not be able to complain. Try the local eateries, but be prepared to wait at least two hours for a meal, if it is made out of something else than chapati and matoke. [nina travels]

Try their Arabica coffee – Uganda grows also Arabica coffee and no matter if you like it or not, you should try it, as honestly said, this was one the best coffee in my life! [nina travels]

Visit local markets – First think which you will notice, are colors… Not only because of the colorful veggies and fruit, even the people and their dresses are something you put a shine on. Open your eyes and ears and enjoy the lively markets in all their beauties. [nina travels]

Visit the largest manyata in Eastern Africa – the region in Uganda with most manyatas is called Karamojo and not long ago, it was known as a very dangerous part of the country. When visited it, you might had not returned alive. Most of the travelers around Uganda still avoid it, but that was the best reason, I put it on my MUST to do list! The Karamojo region is a bit hard to reach if you don’t have your own transport, but if you can spare few extra days, you should not have any second thoughts. [nina travels]

Walk with the rhinos in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary – Even though you will not be able to see the Rhino in Uganda’s national parks, don’t give up to quickly. You have a pretty good alternative in the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, where 15 white rhinos are living in a big walled area. Yes, the area is unfortunately behind the fence, but that is only to protect them from the wild hunters, which killed the very last rhino in the country in 1982. Almost 20 years went by, before Uganda got its first male and female couple from Kenya again. [nina travels]

Watch the drum makers – many people connect Africa with rhythm and drums. When traveling around Uganda, especially around Entebbe, you will soon know why. There’s a special region in the country, which is famous for drums making. If you pass it, stop and see how they are being made. [nina travels]



Amakula Kampala International Film Festival – Also known as the Amakula Kampala Cinema Caravan Festival, this festival moves around the country over a course of four months, from the beginning of September to the end of November. It showcases both old and new films that feature themes of independence and fall under one of five platforms, which include African Panorama, Highlights and Tributes, Regional Views, Landmarks and Contemporary World Cinema. It also offers workshops on film training and creating soundtracks for silent films. [iexplore]

Bayimba International Festival of Music and Arts – Each September, this popular three-day festival takes place at the Uganda National Theatre in Kampala’s city centre. The festival focuses on arts and culture in Uganda and is a must for all visitors hoping to learn more about the music and art scene of the country. This festival has grown to become the country’s number one festival, in which Kampala truly comes to life. The festival brings music, film, dance, theater, and visual arts together under one roof, and showcase not only local artists but those from other East African counties as well. [iexplore]

B-Global Indigenous Hip Hop Festival – This four-day festival that happens each September was created to celebrate hip hop in Uganda. Its vision is to educate youth through hip hop culture and to teach Ugandan youth the importance of reconnecting with their roots. It brings the youth of Uganda together with some of Uganda’s hip hop leaders to promote peace, love and fun. [iexplore]

Festival on the Nile – This weekly celebration takes place at the beginning of August in Jinja, and focuses on the rich and diverse cultures of the people that live along this famous river, blended with traditional art and culture from all over the globe. It features music, dance, theater, folklore and storytelling, and food as well as live performances. It also has a street parade, children’s activities and dance workshops. It is a great opportunity to learn about the tribes throughout Uganda, and the lineup changes each year. [iexplore]

Nile Gold Jazz Safari – This one-day event happens each October in Kampala and features some incredible jazz played by musicians from all over the world. Each year there is a new list of performers, but one thing that is consistent is that the music is always fantastic. Saxophones, bass guitars, drums, keyboards and pianos play to a growing audience of Ugandan jazz lovers, and of course visitors are always welcome. [iexplore]

This Is Uganda – This annual festival is to showcase the diverse cultures throughout Uganda through art, music, poetry and dance, with an emphasis on female artists. Each December thousands come to Kampala’s Kyandondo Rugby Club to watch some phenomenal live performances. The festival also has a lounge area where festival goers can socialize, as well as booths that promote woman’s rights, education and HIV/AIDS awareness. [iexplore]

Public Transit

Public Transit

Boda Boda cycles – These can be either bicycles or motorbikes although, in the larger towns, motorbikes are more common. The name originated from when persons traveling between the border posts of Uganda and Kenya would take a bicycle taxi. The owners of the bicycle would attract customers by shouting “boda boda” (border border). The boda boda drivers drop customers at their destinations. They, however, often do not wear helmets and don’t always follow traffic regulations. [travel 2 uganda]

Public buses – These vary from large international buses traveling between Kampala and Nairobi or Dar Es Salaam to seventy-seater buses traveling between the larger towns in Uganda and to and from Kampala. Although some of the services are safe and reliable, many of the buses drive at terrifyingly fast speeds. [travel 2 uganda]

“Special Hire” vehicles – These are taxis according to the Western understanding. These can be hired to take customers to a specific destination. [travel 2 uganda]

Taxis “matatus” – The matatus are 14-seater minibuses, often white with blue stripes. They usually drive along predetermined routes and only leave when they are full. They are fast, numerous and, outside Kampala, are often overloaded. [travel 2 uganda]

Professional Groups & Events

Professional Groups & Events

East Africa Cyber Security Meetup – Learn about what Cyber Security is (and what it’s not). Join experts around the globe to understand security measures that work. Also join a wonderful group of experts to learn about Linux and CS related tools and techniques. We do not teach how to break into any network – we focus on awareness and exchange. [meetup]

Kampala R Users Group – We are the local R user group for Kampala, Uganda. [meetup]

Kampala WordPress Meetup – This group is for Tech Lovers who are using WordPress or anyone interested in WordPress. [meetup]

Python Kampala (PyKla) – PyKla is the local Python User Group in Kampala. Join us for tutorials, projects, mentoring, sprints, talks, news and community. The meetups are open for everybody and all skill levels are welcome. [meetup]

Startup Grind Kampala – Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. We host monthly events in 200 cities and 85 countries featuring successful local founders, innovators, & investors. [meetup]

Uganda- Kampala Docker Group – Meet other developers and ops engineers using Docker. Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications. Consisting of Docker Engine, a portable, lightweight runtime and packaging tool, and Docker Hub, a cloud service for sharing applications and automating workflows, Docker enables apps to be quickly assembled from components and eliminates the friction between development, QA, and production environments. [meetup]

Uganda Salesforce Developer Group – Learn about Salesforce development. [meetup]

Language Exchange

Language Exchange

Expats in Uganda – Welcome to Expats Group in Uganda. This is a dedicated discussion forum for the Kampala Newcomers community. Please feel free to ask questions and connect to expatriates in this group. [facebook]

Living in Uganda- Expat – Wishing to relocate in Uganda? This East African country is indeed an appealing destination for an expat project with its spectacular landscapes and natural wonders. It is also a culturally diverse country. Expatriates settling here to live and work will enjoy a stable economy. Job opportunities are available for foreign professionals in NGO, journalism but also in the oil sector. [expat]

Uganda Expats Guide – Expats in Uganda, a product of Lynx Media Ltd is your free practical guide to settling and living in Uganda and was founded in 2013. The Guide offers readers resourceful and insightful solutions to questions that you may come across in your daily life. The Guide covers a variety topics such as how to obtain visas, which school is the best for your child, where to go for a night out and much more. [uganda expats guide]

Your Expat Community in Uganda – Karibu and a warm welcome to our expat community in Uganda! As part of our private network of expats in Uganda, you can find answers to any questions you might have about moving to Uganda. Fear not, our experienced expat community is here to help you start the next part of your life in Uganda! You may want to ask your fellow expats questions like, “what are the schools like in Kampala?”, “what’s the healthcare system like in Uganda?”, or “what’s a safe neighborhood for a family in Entebbe?”. [internations]

LGBT Groups

LGBT Groups

LGBT Uganda – Showing your support for the LGBT community in Uganda. [facebook]



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